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Part 3…Walking the Path in Submission


In the beginning - organism


It is of utmost importance to start thinking in energy-frequency(vibration). Through the whole contents of this book, this was made clear. This is of paramount importance.


In the beginning of creation, The Ultimate Source radiated out a life-supportive impulse on to Mother Earth. An impulse, an energy-frequency(vibration), a spiraling force called the Elohim. A Force breaking through barriers of lower-frequencies and building up into a frequency corresponding to the receptivity of our Creation. These belong to the Law of Photo-Synthesis of man, animal and plant kingdom. Man plays a decisive role and is the crown of this creation. This is the last phase before completion and must fully act out total free will.


This individual lives in harmony or at least tries to, with all living and growing creatures on Mother Earth. A most important factor, not to be overlooked, is that species should live to serve the next step of evolution. There is no excessive pollution of nature. This individual takes care, within the possibilities of existence, without becoming a fanatic and is treating Mother Earth with respect.

He considers himself part of nature in the physical world and do not want to control and manipulate the economic potentials of Mother Earth.


The world we know out of the days of Shamanism avowed by so-called “nature-people or native people” like the Aboriginals or Indians, but within the possibilities of modern times. That does mean, we do not have to live like the oldies”. This is impossible because of the great number of people living on Planet Earth. We must, above all, respect Her Entity.


On a spiritual basis, it looks quite the contrary. Man considers himself part of Mother Earth physically and spiritually, but nevertheless tries to manipulate mostly his way.


Many so-called “nature or native people” are offering life creatures – even humans – initiated by the dominating priests. The spiritual view is mostly based upon “adoring the ancestors”. The Kingdom of The Dead plays an important almost decisive part in their tribal lives.

The Kingdom of The Dead is earth-connected. Someone who knows how to do that, can “easily” take up contact, and even can arrange certain manifestations.


The conclusion is that progress of evolution both physically and spiritually is dependent upon an advancing higher frequency(vibration) in time and place, influencing the consciousness of man. In former times. Mother Earth was physically unpolluted, but spiritually very much so.

Still in our days, we have the heavy burden of after-effects laid down in the morphogenetic fields of resonance. The effects are very much experienced by man, aware or unaware.

The inspiring impulse coming from the Ultimate Source is fortified by the manifestations of known and unknown Universal Avatars like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and many, many others.


The receptivity of the individual towards His Creator is rising. Very slowly, the unavoidable truth is awakening: there is only One Wholeness and One Creator. The Avatars are talking about this, with infinite respect, whatever Name mankind gives Him.

The Personification of the Godhead(The Man with the White Beard) is on the decrease. People are realising that His Spirits are not kept in one person, but inside everything that lives and grows, visible and invisible. There is a nostalgic longing for the multilateral aspects of nature.


In medieval times a certain mutation took place. The Renaissance is starting. Man is, without knowing, entering a new phase in evolution. They are discovering the third dimension, seeing perspective (depth). The consequences are enormous. Besides the changing belief in The Godhead, there is an advancing development of science, based upon transcendental laws.

Religious institutes have been founded prescribing to people who God is.


They also tell in what way and manner this Godhead should be contacted and through what kind of prayers.

The Creator is enshrined in thinking patterns, created and developed by committees of the respective institutes. They consider themselves experts and are “in direct contact” with Him.

Most of all, they want to be spoken to with all kinds of titles and be treated with the highest possible respect. They have forgotten that “their” Manifestation of Spirit on Earth, The Universal Avatar, talked, ate and slept with common people in the field.



These institutes are getting more powerful all the time, and create a lot of dominance over the world. Their appointed Godhead is clearly described, a Man with a Long White Beard, dressed in a White Robe, sitting on His Throne and thinking in Wisdom about the well-being of Creation.

The various evangelists of the respective institutions are spreading this picture. Since this is a very consumable product, it attracts a lot of followers. The respective institutes - in their various Holy Books - enshrine the dogmatic Godhead and create an unbelievable separation in His Universal Messages.

Free will and free choice are getting restricted within the boundaries of the teachings of these institutes. The institute has become the Godhead. So they think and act accordingly.


On a physical level, there are quite some developments. Groups of scientists are doing research in various earth conditions and aspects. Very slowly, the knowledge on this material level is growing. Some of the conclusions are contrary to the spiritual beliefs about the Wholeness of Religion in Creation.


In various spiritual movements it is growing and growing. One of the main scientists, Newton (but also others), is basically the fundamental breakthrough. Transcendental laws of nature are considered and applied mechanically. These scientists have a lack of knowledge. They are unable to understand the Wholeness of Creation.

The separation of science and religion has become fact.

What scientist thought to be scientifically proven in 1000, turned out to “not true” in 1100, and so on and so on.

Very gradually the brain or scientific knowledge is considered sole truth and The Ultimate Source, The Godhead, enshrined within The Creation of Wholeness, has become a distant legend.


Institutions now in existence, have laid down The Godhead into human ways of thinking and behaving. Some of these institutions have fixed the Universal Laws of Transcendence and Immanence into restrictive human formulas. These thoughts were spiritual pollution and did not pollute Mother Earth physically.


In the mid 1950¢s, science taught that atoms were the smallest part of an element and undividable, the moon an unreachable goal. Science is starting at the end of the 19th century, to apply his acquired technical knowledge on to earth matter.


The human formula, initiated by the brain is applied into matter. Elements are joined to make all kinds of things. A start of the industrial revolution and the beginning of physical pollution. Through multinationals and others, the individual becomes encased in an increasing desire for material luxury things, a longer life and more happiness.


On a spiritual level, the religious institutions are dominant. On a physical level, the economy becomes dominant through hidden persuaders. Mankind becomes trapped in his own restrictive creation. The label is progress.


Then, some “discoveries” are made and there is a discussion about New Age. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, impulses are radiated out to Planet Earth.

Mankind should realise they are trapped. New ways should open up and transform the various dogmas and progress to a New Covenant should be made possible.


Mother Earth is getting polluted and new impulses should cultivate the idea bringing man back to his roots, Mother Earth, The Wholeness of Creation.

All the separating ideas on religious (spiritual) and physical level developed by institutions should be united again. This should be centred on the basic idea, there is only Wholeness in Creation. No one is better than the other neither in religion nor on the physical level.

We are all children of The All-Embracing Ultimate Spirit on the Path of evolution, back to The Ultimate Source. We only have to retrace our steps.




A number of gigantic conflicts on Planet Earth (world wars) have created space for change. Science develops very well, economic institutes are flourishing as never before. Breakthroughs are appearing, mostly in the religious institutions in the West.

 Man is not fully willing anymore to be dominated and dogmatised again by the humanly created Godhead and starts a quest for New Ways of Religious Thinking.


The institutions had forbidden – without giving a reasonable explanation – to get involved into an astral or paranormal way of contacting The Godhead, through entities. According to the Law of Interference (Action=Reaction), there comes a “delayed” process of discovering this paranormal realm. Again, there are created all kinds of spiritual movements based upon human restrictive thinking.

It is called The New Time or The New Thinking. Unfortunately, it sets back the human evolution many years. The individual thinks to be able to go his own free way, but is dominated by the polarities of good and evil, or positive and negative.


Both sides are ruled, not only through Zeitgeist on Planet Earth, but is also highly dependent upon social-surroundings, nationality, gender and all the existing morphogenetic fields of resonance. The New Time or Age is a return of the Old Things like Dogmas, Fear, and choosing for Long Life Happiness. Mankind is entangled again in his own creation.


A life-long happiness where mankind is the centre and animals and plants are used for his own benefit, like pleasure, human healing and creating a human comfortable surrounding.


This New Age apparently looks new and shiny, but the methods are originated from an old and different energy-vibration. A frequency dating back to many hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years ago. The ruling new(!) frequency gives these old methods a certain higher effect and is enslaving (again!!) mankind into maya.


In our time, the DNA is “discovered”. The knowledge about this “phenomenon” is extending. Medical and Bioscience, especially the pharmaceutical industries are throwing themselves on to the codes of Creation in order to satisfy the needs of mankind(alone or also their greed?). Unfortunately, the rights of animals and plants are downgraded, almost minimized, in the name of healing mankind.

On the spiritual level, there is hardly any interest with exception of a few interpretations.

The meaning of DNA and where it comes from, is hardly realised. The uniqueness of the DNA of every individual in a spiritual way of speaking is neglected. It actually does not belong to the consciousness of our time. Our DNA proves that all known living creatures are interconnected.

All is One, and One is All, but we fail to see our position. Mankind might be on the brink of a breakthrough but will it happen? Shall we overcome our inconsiderate motives?


In the first part of the twentieth century, The Planetary Hierarchy has brought keys to Planet Earth through Olive Pixley. Mankind will be offered the possibility –when the required energy-frequency is there – to choose freely for these keys, the Lightprayers. The breakthrough of dogmas and the realisation of transformation is now within his spiritual possibilities.. By doing the Lightprayers, transformation of spirituality will start growing and will bring mankind into a total different view of what life is all about.

A changed idea of The Ultimate Source and liberated from all dogmatic teachings of The Institutions. To realise, it is like an organism growing inside. An organism of wisdom, mankind is a part of Creation, an instrument in The Hands of The Beings of Light in Wholeness, in God¢s Name.


This organism will be able to grow silently until the time is there that this changed “view” will be laid down in a morphogenetic field. Just then, The New Age will have started and this new life will be far beyond the dreams of human restrictive thinking.

When you decide to walk this Path, do not think progress is measurable on existing human logic. From time to time, you will notice certain effects, which will be judged according to

your human experience being good or bad.


It is important not to be distracted and just to continue doing the Lightprayers. Do these Lightprayers every day, but do these in harmony without any obligation to exact clock time, but to rhythm of time. There is not any necessity that you would have to master these Lightprayers within a certain time span.


Take your time and only when you are ready take the next one into your programme. There is no hurry; you must decide freely what speed of learning and absorbing is comfortable for you.

The proposed method involves physical body and spiritual light body (soul).

The Light we are connecting ourselves with, is the Light of Wholeness coming from The Ultimate Source and travels with the Speed of Light.

This Light of Wholeness is (day)light and (night)darkness in harmony. Visualising light as daylight solely is dualistic and subject to human control.


There are used light colours belonging to the Spectrum and corresponding with the colours of our 7 main-chakras, but also to the Deva-energies.. The universal interpretation is however different. This is always the sum of the Total. An example might be clarifying.

The “normal” procedure is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, amethyst, and white in Oneness becoming transparent. If yellow is visualised, the frequency(vibration) of red and orange is also contained inside.


That is the Law of Transformation. There is only yellow, because red was transformed into orange, and orange was transformed into yellow, so the three frequencies(vibrations) are transformed into one frequency.


Everybody might have a personal connection with the Ultimate Source through the Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness). We do not need a “master” on Planet Earth to give us instructions. There are no masters on Planet Earth. Masters are just created by people. One of the most important individuals of all times, Jesus, said; “what I can do, you can do and when the time is there, you can do more. Do not ask Me, it is My Father that is doing the Works”.

This life is subject to two absolute realities; we are born into this life and we leave this life.

Anything else can be influenced by our free choice, to do or not to do.


Every individual on Planet Earth can connect himself with Wholeness. You only need to ask. It is not permitted to influence anybody - for whatever reason - to accept this connection. Only through his or her free will, it is possible.


If you decide to start The Planetary Hierarchy will guide you doing this method. This decision will take place based on what follows:

 “A people saved by The Lord, the Shield (of Light) of your help and the Sword (of Light) of your triumph” (Deut. 33:29), the dualistic Armour of Light as presented by Michael in a variety of happenings on Mother Earth.


The Shield of Light is Guidance in Universal Love for The Wholeness of Creation. This Shield will help you to go through the changes. Sometimes some suffering is the consequence to become the servant of The Sword of Light of Wholeness, while meeting the dogmas of human thinking.

These dogmas shall be cut through and the New Covenant will be able to be established. It will be liberated from the old thinking patterns of human nostalgia and aspiration for power.


This development is done through a triangle action-reaction relationship:

A.    God, The Father, The Ultimate Source, Creator and Central Point of endless


B.    The Figure of Light, The Guider of The Light leading to Wholeness in His

Name, your Companion at all times. This Figure of Light is your Connector with Mother Earth and also your Anchor helping you not to get confused by all the distracting entities and elements of the astral realm.

C.    The individual, you being the questioner and servant in doing the Lightprayers and guided on basis of your DNA-Code. An imprint in you. based upon the Totality of DNA of this Creation.


You might call it the classic form like expressed in the Bible:

A.    The Old Testament, The Father

B.    The New Testament, The Son

C.    The Holy Spirit creating the New Human Being under The New Covenant.


We should not forget that All is One and One is All.

Man should realise that being incarnated on Mother Earth, is an educational process, but not the way we experience this on Earth. An educational process to be taught and experience that there is only Eternal Life in Devotion and Submission.

We should see unite Heaven and Earth here through uniting Body and Soul in Spiritual Totality corresponding to the ways of the New Covenant.


To become a walking manifestation of this New Covenant, being available to work in His Name as an instrumental servant in The Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness or any Name you might give to these Lightworkers of Oneness).

To become an acupuncture needle in Their Hands, so that harmonising of turbulence into the Silence of Wholeness might become fact in a New World. A New Life will become possible.


The Lightprayers should be done everyday to train the body and build up the connection with The Planetary Hierarchy. That connection will become, consciously and subconsciously, a relationship of continuity and stability in The Name of Universal Love. These Lightprayers are consisting of 4 frequencies(vibrations) being sound, colour, movement and breathing. These are subject to constant change of Guidance and are done for All that lives and grows, visible and invisible.


Doing the Lightprayers. you will gradually notice some unexplainable change in your body. Some extraordinary experiences might also be happening. Please, do not be distracted because of these facts. These are “side-effects”. Unfortunately, very often seen as the main thing. Just continue doing the Lightprayers and if you do not notice anything any more, it does not mean you are not on the right track. Results like these so often admired by people, are neither the goal nor the idea of these Lightprayers.


The Light of Wholeness guided by The Planetary Hierarchy is sent into the areas of your body where mostly needed for opening up to the keys of your DNA. The exercises are easy and short. These are contemplative, which is something else than meditative. The Lightprayers are done by the speed of Light; your brain is not able to interfere. In meditation, your brain in interfering.


When starting the Lightprayers, your brain will try to interfere and very often will succeed. If you pursue your efforts and increase the speed of doing these, you will be doing the Lightprayers on basis of your cell memory. Be aware however that you will not slip back to the “brain speed”. From time to time, do the Lightprayers on basis of a lower speed just to do some possible corrections. Our instincts also work, and the result is very often that we choose the way where the resistance is less strong. We are guided and the visualisation is done on basis “I think in His Name, so it is truth, and I accept in trust and universal love the results coming to me”.


These Lightprayers are done in the 3rd and 4th dimension, The Earth and 7-Spheres Realm. Because of this, various developments are happening.

The inner-organs of the human body are connected to certain areas on the foot sole and our soles are connected with Mother Earth.

The idea is that the energy-lines of our body, ending and closed in our soles, must be re-opened. Then, our body energy can freely float into Mother Earth. The same principle applies for the head. We have to open ourselves for new impulses coming in. We should not be closed off like so often symbolically is done through wearing a kind of religious “cover”.


In doing the Lightprayers, two effects will happen:

1.     we build a new morphogenetic field of Wholeness

2.     we build a new energy-field within our body, and our organs will be renewed because of changed energy flow.


The Lightprayers are done and divided in various stages:

1.     The first phase is to work on you. The foundations of the new temple (the body) will have to be built very firmly. It is of utmost importance to do the Lightprayers in the beginning very thoroughly and not too hasty. Do not push yourself too much or at all, to master all 64 keys quickly. This is a type of eagerness and greed. It might result that the foundations of the temple, we are, will not be based upon stability, continuity in His Trust and Universal Love.

2.     The second phase will have to be started, after you have managed to do all the Lightprayers of the first phase in tranquillity and balance with the mentioned speed or at least in accordance with an increased speed beyond the control of our brain. These Lightprayers are expanding the consciousness. Not the knowledge but the subconscious insight into the Wholeness of Creation.

3.     The third phase is helping you to get detached of earth life as we know it, and getting prepared for the eternal life, the resurrection.

4.     The fourth phase is the “closing stone”. These “last” ten Lightprayers are “filling up the gaps” in the reconstruction of the human being, to be guided into The New Covenant.


In daily practice you might proceed as follows:

Take the firm decision to do these Lightprayers and spend each day about twenty minutes, about 10 minutes in the morning, about 5 minutes in the afternoon and about 5 minutes in the evening before going into bed or even in bed.


Practice in this time span, what you might be able to do.


In the beginning, this will not be very much. Start with the first one and exercise. When there is time left, and you have practiced the first one enough, without too much thinking, proceed to the next one.

In the first phase, you stick to the arrangement as given in the book.

It will start with a morning exercise, again with a morning exercise, again with a morning exercise and just stick to doing these morning Lightprayers, until you reach a Lightprayer stating evening Lightprayer. Then you do the morning Lightprayers in the morning, and the evening Lightprayer in the evening, the same day.


You just continue this arrangement and add, every time when you want, a new Lightprayer and just continue this process. Then there comes a moment you reach an afternoon Lightprayer, and you also start doing this Lightprayer in the afternoon, that same day.

The result will be that a certain rhythm will arise, doing the Lightprayers in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

Some Lightprayers can be done all day. The best for rhythm is to do these in the morning, since the effect will be with you during the whole day. If you think it necessary, you might redo these Lightprayers on various occasions, the same day.

The rhythm will grow and you might or might not become aware that this rhythm will be with you the whole day. It will change your life. Do not get fanatic and do not try to evangelise and influence other people to join you. If they ask you, you can tell them, but respect their decision not to join you or having different ideas.


Doing the Lightprayers you will take up contact with The Planetary Hierarchy at least 3 times a day, and this will grow into the said 24-hours contact for the rest of your life.

You do not need to think or push yourself, it will automatically happen or not.


Phase 2, 3 and 4 do not need to be done in sequence, but you will notice that in practice it will work more harmoniously. It is recommendable to do all Lightprayers that can de done in the morning, actually at that time. You might do some of these extra during the day, but do not over exaggerate. The enthusiasm of the beginning will fill the vacuum gap we all have or had, at least at the beginning. You will surely not be able to continue this and holding on doing the Lightprayers for the rest of your life, if starting that way.


The pattern at the beginning is meant to be followed during the first year or so.

Variety is of course possible and dependent upon everybody’s difference in rhythm.

Being prepared to do 64 Lightprayers every day, is already a breakthrough in your thinking pattern. When you hold on too much in the beginning, you might probably not reach the point doing this. Do not think this is a must, because doing the first one connecting yourself with Wholeness is already a decisive choice during the procedure of your total reincarnation-cycle.


Try to do the Lightprayers in a relaxed manner, but accurately and without tension. Have no fear you may do something wrong, since you are guided, but do not fall into the human tendency of carelessness. Stay alert. Your personal contact is an individual experience. The Lightprayers are a method of the living experience and the inner knowledge will grow accordingly.

What might have been formerly a mystery will grow into clarity. You will start to know yourself like you might never have seen yourself . You will become what you really are.


A certain suffering might happen because of facing certain aspects within yourself,you never thought you had. Every human being has secrets inside himself, who were considered impossible before. These “symptoms” will gradually disappear, like fear, unfounded hopes, but also suffering. Especially sufferings of despair, heartache and grief.

The Planetary Hierarchy (The Light beings of the Buddhist or Christ Consciousness)will not let you down and help you if you ask for help.

There will be body reactions, because the body will change, especially the bloodstream.

The present human being has a lot of blockages. The Light of Wholeness will very gradually dissolve these. There is no way knowing how long that takes. It is not necessarily or logically without pain or grief.


To become aware, an eternal life really exists. We shall have to release our family and loved-ones . Many other aspects will be part of this process. You will be supported fully and shall have the strength to act, in the name of universal love for all living creatures, visible and invisible.


The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness is Light of Wholeness, (day)light and (night)darkness in harmony. Institutions seem to claim this as their sole-right, but this is far from the actual truth of Creation. Institutions are institutions and consequently rigid and dogmatic.


People lead institutions. They think in patterns of their time and/or are dogmatically connected to the interpretations of their basic rules of the foundation or their institution. To believe in Him must be based on an organism growing inside you.


Growing because you ask Him in all freedom to be guided and nurtured through the belief you will receive.

Institutional religion is of the past. Belief is growing through prayer in freedom from the heart and not through exterior enforced dogmatic rules controlled by humans or initiated by might.


When you start doing the Lightprayers, you need your brain to be able to get these down to a fine art. They will be gradually absorbed into your biorhythm. When you do these Lightprayers regularly, the speed of doing these will increase. The speed will increase and will exceed the possibility of being controlled by the brain. Mental thinking has become in effect. The result to which the brain had decided and the decisive willpower to do His Will has led the individual.

Then this phase will be subjective to the growth of spiritual mental realisation. Everybody should experience this to be able to understand.

Time will tell and lots of patience will be needed, not for obtaining or gaining result but to experience the ultimate submission in devotion inside, when the time is there.


The Planetary Hierarchy controls the light-intensity of radiation to the intensity, every individual is able to receive. This is different for everybody. This intensity will gradually grow. Nobody needs to be scared to do these Lightprayers, but you must be connected to the Ultimate Source and ask for guidance everyday.

Doing the Lightprayers is easy and workable. The essence is that you stick to these rules and comply with the given description, because now and then, there might arise a slight deviation.


There is also a “human” way to do the Lightprayers. Choosing this path is the renowned shortcut that humans like so much. There are no shortcuts in spiritual evolution, but we have to be taught and experience. This “human”way is selecting the Lightprayers you like and leave out the ones you do not like. You do these only from time to time, but not on a regular daily basis. If you do these Lightprayers the “human” way you will be kept within the astral or paranormal realm. The liberation from the reincarnation-cycle will not be realised as previously written.


We know the famous words; “ mankind considers, but God is commanding” or the other way around; “God knows, but mankind knows better”. On Planet Earth, God seems to be far away. Man forgets that God is immanence, and The Law of Action/Reaction.

We find out much, much later. To every individual – no one excluded – the third dimension is dominating our life(the brain). This even applies for people calling themselves highly spiritually involved. We activate our spirituality on basis of a humanly shaped thinking pattern.


Why? Our submission in devotion is relatively easy if we act accordingly to our own shaped ideas. Do we really know what spirituality is? If new ways are knocking on our door - more within the concept of reality of spirituality, but totally different from our traditional standard ideas - are we prepared to change? On the borderline of life and death, we shall know. In our life we stay guessing, and only our trust in His Name and Universal Love should be our constant stronghold. The God¢s manifestations on Planet Earth are not always understood. The opposite is mostly true. We have to accept the “apparent” plusses and minuses because of His Love. This is hardly acceptable to human standards.


Mankind has created a human image of The Godhead on Planet Earth. The Man with the White Beard and dressed in a White Robe, being very wise and allowing in His infinite Wisdom everybody who is “saying” to work for Him, all kinds of “goodies”. These “followers” use all kinds of interpretations and creations of their own to impress people.


This has led Our World into the shape we are facing now.

This is a ridiculous and unacceptable perception and a classic example of human dogma. In our days, there is a unique chance to transform this human creation into God’s reality (?). We should lock into The Buddhist or Christ Consciousness and work.. We should be instruments in The Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy.

The Lightprayers are done in various parts of the world. The number of participants is growing like an organism, because there is no central control or anything like that. Just some motivated people distributing freely these Lightprayers, for every one to be able to do if they choose to do so.


The Lightbeings of Wholeness are in charge and no one on an earthly level. It is there for all mankind, not just for the so-called chosen ones, but for the good and the bad. Think of the story of the Prodigal Son, who came to believe.

Nobody can judge how much Light of Wholeness he or she needs. We do not know the sense of Creation and we shall never know in this realm.


It is of some importance to know the following:

When you decide to start doing the Lightprayers, this decision can only be based upon the fact that this Light will be received in Universal Love and Total Submission in Devotion. We do not need to fear for the unknown because The Planetary Hierarchy, The Lightbeings of Wholeness know what they do. We should give these Beings our full trust.

The firm belief in God, The Father, The Ultimate Source, Creator of Heaven and Earth, is guiding the teaching process in Light done by these Lightbeings. That is the unavoidable truth of our existence on Planet Earth.

To compare this method with other methods is not sensible. It is very recommendable to really consider starting this method and if you do, to comply with the given approach.


It is of utmost importance to realise in what way morphogenetic fields, resulting from human patterns of thinking, are influencing our modern society. History repeats itself again, is a highly existing reality based upon these energy-fields. When you do the Lightprayers, we are confronted with the radiation. The Light of Wholeness will penetrate through our dogmatic thinking patterns creating a situation we do not always like. A detoxification will take place through neutralization of the effect of radiation resulting into withdrawal symptoms and visible for our surroundings through dissimilar behaviour. Most of the time, this will not be understood and certain reactions will certainly be the result. You might describe this process as follows:

transformation of the normal and generally accepted thinking patterns into non-dogmatic individual behaviour.

This will undoubtedly be noticed because the ruling patterns will not be applied.

You will have the need for “strong legs” and being determined to do His Will through the Lightprayers. The Planetary Hierarchy will unite all these patterns, stripped of all racial, nationalistic and other dogmas, into a new morphogenetic field of energy enabling all people to join.


It is time to start doing the Lightprayers and please, keep this in mind:


·       do the Lightprayers in sequence (phase 1)

·       do not do only the Lightprayers you like

·       take your time to learn a Lightprayer thoroughly, the rhythm must be fully embedded in your biorhythm, before starting a new one. Do not be hurried and do not push yourself to hurry.

·       try to do the Lightprayers, you already do, faster, without a “short-cut”.

·       all Lightprayers can be exercised through visualisation(!), (I think so, so it is, you do not need to visualise(!) any image or anything)

·       do the Lightprayers everyday

·       do once a week the Lightprayers very slowly in order to do some corrections. Do the breathing, movements and so on, so that any “short-cut” will be corrected. The human memory is in the biorhythm and it works to strengthen that memory in your cells.

Good luck with your quest into a new consciousness.




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