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Lightprayer 21

Sah Vay


This is a Lightprayer to be done in the evening. The specific time of the day for some Lightprayers is necessary because the energy-frequency(vibration) of that specific Lightprayer involved, is only suitable for that part of the day.


Lightprayer, only in the evening


1.     Be relaxed and visualise(!) a Golden Cup at the right side of the head and a Blue Cup standing between your feet.

2.     Breath-in deeply and while breathing-out slowly on the sound of Sah, draw the Golden Cup downwards alongside your body till beside your feet, and the Blue Cup upwards through your body till standing on your head.

3.     While doing this, from the left side is radiating a ray of white light into the world.

4.     Breath-in on the sound of Vay, the Golden Cup filled with our vanities, is drawn up and the Blue Cup filled with white light is drawn down through our body and ends between our feet. The left side is closing.



This Lightprayer needs some practice before you “master” it. This is the essence of the Law of Interference. We send our vanities up, like pride, selfishness, and many other of our personality aspects, in order to be able to receive in replacement the White Light of Wholeness.

One Cup going up, One Cup coming down. The colour of the Cup of Vanities is golden and stands for eternal Wisdom. Our Maker will judge what we have sent up and will send back this White Light of Wholeness straight through our body. Mankind has many vanities and denying this is the most striking one. The vanity to belong to a certain gender, nationality, race, and again and again emphasizing the importance of the uniqueness of the human race.


Doing this Lightprayer in the deepest of our inner world, we shall gradually start to realise that we are all children of one Creator. All humans are equal but not equal in creation.

This characteristic not being equal in creation, is the Path to be realised on Mother Earth and should be transformed into Wholeness. There is no importance whether we are important people in this life or not. The essence is we should be dealing respectfully with this life and other lives. and the possible happenings and encounters with other living creatures.

This is just as important for a king as a beggar and has the same importance in Wholeness.

To bring Wisdom to Mother Earth and send our vanities up is the basic transformation procedure. Do not underestimate the influences in doing these Lightprayers on your feelings deep down inside you.

Lightprayer   22

The Rhythm of the Name


In our lives, there is an overwhelming need for protection and what could be better protection than security supplied by The Ultimate Source.

In the Lightprayer The Name, it is explained that this Name stands for the Key of Transformation of our DNA. Our karma has been laid down in DNA and with this we are connected with our other evolutionary developments.

This Lightprayer is a service towards others who in our opinion needs this protection. The main protection is our trust in His Policy.

This protection is not necessarily meeting our demands and could even be a contradiction.

To ask protection for yourself and other individuals (do not forget your enemies) and other living creatures like plants animals or invisible creatures. Do we really know what protection we need?


Lightprayer, can be done all day


For living beings

1.     Visualise(!) a Silver Cup, big enough to contain a number of persons you want to protect. The Cup might be “endlessly” big and of a bright silvery colour, the symbol of contact and perfection.

2.     The silver cup is as tall as your shoulder height and the silver light is enveloping all living beings you have put inside.

3.     Breath-in deeply and breath-out slowly on the sound of Deay-Ay-Ay and build a blue triangle around the Silver Cup. On this sound a blue ray of light comes on the right side of the Cup, passes under the Cup and appears on the left side of the Cup going back to the Source.

4.     The ray of Light comes from the Source and goes back to the Source and the Cup with the containing beings, is surrounded in a blue triangle without top. Bring this ray of blue light three times down.

5.     Breath-in on the sound of Thu (8 seconds) like Thu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u and draw a ray of white light from the left of the Cup, over the Cup, to the right side entering Mother Earth.

6.     Breath out on the sound of Thu (8 seconds) like Thu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u and visualise(!) the same, now starting from behind you over the Cup to the other side into Mother Earth.

7.     Repeat 5 and 6 after each other, till the sound Thu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u is slowly “dying” away (generally after having done this for about 3 or 4 times). The Cup is now totally enveloped in white light in His Name and will provide the protection that is needed.

8.     The sound TH is uttered in silence.

Do this Lightprayer at any time you want, but certainly in the morning.


For moving and/or non-moving objects

Protection for moving and/or non-moving objects, big or small, like cars, airplanes, ships etc.

1.     Breath-in deeply and start breathing-out gradually on the sound of Deay-Ay-Ay and draw not a triangle but a blue line that is able to envelop the moving object with great speed.

2.     This blue line comes down on the right side of the moving object, “digs” under it and is coming up on the left side going back to the Ultimate Source. Do this three times.

3.     Act like the same way on basis of an breathing-in and breathing-out on the sound of Thu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u, first from right to left and the second from behind you over the object visualising the white arcs of protection. Do this 3 or 4 times until it stops.

4.     The Th is uttered in silence.


For non-moving objects

1.     visualise(!) yourself in front of the object

2.     breath-in and breath-out gradually on the sound of Deay-Ay-Ay and while doing this draw the blue triangle around the object, like done before.

3.     Breath-in on the sound of Thu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u for the white arcs of light and draw these from left to right and from behind you over the object disappearing into Mother Earth, like done before. Do this 3 or 4 times till the sound “dies” away.

4.     Th is uttered in silence.



To call for protection can be applied in two ways: 

- out of your own will

- on basis of the principle, not my will, but Thy Will prevails.

In doing the Lightprayers, this last principle is always the only universal possibility for Wholeness.


Rituals, dogmas or other ways having certain patterns, we do recognise and might turn people into fanatics. Changes we mostly do not want, except the changes that are giving us apparent benefit or so we might think.

From time to time, incredible and shocking manifestations take place in the world, with unmatched force and so unexpected. We could not foresee these, so we think, but is this really true?


Change is the base of everything and even we might think otherwise, we cannot plan. We know that in our deeper self, and that is the reason why we always want protection. We want the “now” going on forever. This goes for people in our world experiencing the “good” side of the line of material welfare. They do not want to give up anything. Winning seems the only way to hold on to what they have.


From the point of view of our deepest feelings, winning is not so important. How do we handle the core of our inner truth towards our planet Mother Earth, and everything that is alive.

The great value of the Lightprayers, exclusively working in the interest of Wholeness, are not – in the original way they were meant to be used – subject to emotional thinking patterns guided by Mankind. Although it is basically impossible, emotional feelings should be excluded.


Lightprayers   23 and 24

Hi You Mer


The moment has come to stop the Lightprayer The Throat, done in the afternoon and to start using the Light-Sword.

Having reached this point, you have received enough receptivity of His Will. By now, you should be prepared enough to experience the truth about yourself. We are on Planet Earth to face these facts and not because of all the wonderful stories mankind is telling and weaving around and about him.

We are the “highest in range” of the ruling impulse governing DNA and should realise our responsibility towards Creation and All that lives and grows.

We should not place ourselves on a pedestal being a superior creature but should visualise(!) our real place in our Creation, a part of the world of Wholeness. We are fully subjective to the Immanence of God’s Laws. These Laws are being broken or put aside through transcendent happenings and our behaviour, which our free will is causing.

Let us practice this Lightprayer in sequence of the Equilibrium of the Name.


Lightprayer, only in the afternoon


First part

1.     Visualise(!) a ray of white light above your head being the Will of God in all component colours.

2.     Visualise(!) still standing with hands up, palms forward, being in total submission.

3.     Visualise(!) at some distance, straight in front of you, a razor-sharp subdued Golden Light, coming from the Source going into Mother Earth. You only can visualise(!) this razor-sharp edge.

4.     Breath-in fast and draw this Golden Light towards you cutting you into two parts alongside your spinal column on the sound of Hi You. When saying Hi the light cuts into you and on You the total operation is done. Both sounds and movements are happening so fast that it seems everything happens simultaneously.

5.     Breath-out on Mer and while doing this, the white ray of Light changes into an amethyst-coloured ray going into your head and body. This ray of amethyst being the transforming light can penetrate deeply into all your “hidden “areas of the spinal column. You have given your full consent, out of free will.

6.     Do this three repetitive times.


Second part

1.     Do the same actions as you did in 1 till 4 included, but on an out-breath something else will have to be visualised.

2.     The first time (actually the 4th time) on breathing-out on Mer, your hands are stretched sideways, the white ray changes into amethyst light and penetrates into your spinal column.

3.     At the same time a mat Golden Light is flowing along the arms and flowing out your hands and fingers, all over Mother Earth.

4.     The same as under 1/3 of part B, but along the arms etc the Devine Breathing is flowing like a white mist all over Mother Earth

5.     the same as under 1/3 of part B, but alongside the arms etc is flowing a mixture of Breath and mat Golden Light all over Mother Earth

You have now completed totally 6 actions of Hi You Mer.



You might be able to understand your deepest inner-balance of certainty in order to be able to dare to perform such an action and show the world who you are.

You are starting voluntarily an intensified move towards the transformation process of being an instrument in God’s Hands.

You might notice (not necessarily) after some time, another view on Creation will arise.

We have chosen life on Mother Earth out of free will, to perform here what we have been taught in the 7-Spheres. We should never be forced to do anything. Do not forget that fear is also a force. You might be able to compare this to the following:

 “we must eat on Earth, because we have a body, and you are doing this out of free will, but you have to eat”.

The same applies for our breathing. You have to breathe otherwise you die. We cannot live without breathing.

In doing this Lightprayer the same concept applies for cutting you through and become an instrument in the Hands of God.


Lightprayer   25

The Cross of Breath


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Be relaxed and stretch out your arms sideways being a lively cross.

2.     Be tuned into The Ultimate Source consciously. Empty yourself totally by breathing-out very thorough.

3.     Breath-in deeply and thoroughly His All-Embracing Breath.

4.     Draw this Breath of Unconditioned Love through the head and body filling you completely.

5.     Breath-out fully and visualise(!) His Breath going all over the world through your hands and along your arms radiating out His Perfection.

6.     You are able to receive again.

7.     You might visualise(!) in His Radiation all your loved ones (do not forget your enemies) and they will receive this if this is in their interest and the interest of Wholeness (not my will, but Thy Will prevails).



This is a simple but very effective Lightprayer and very well-known in this world. On various places on our planet, you will find Jesus standing like that. This is the basic idea of our Creation.

There is quite some misunderstanding about the interpretation that we are created according to the image of God. People think, God looks like us, but endlessly grander. An idea to think about is that God created us according to His Image meaning what we should be like in order to be able to fulfil our prophecy.


The first interpretation has had dramatic consequences for humanity. Mankind created a Godhead (Deity) with human emotional feelings. A great and important Personality, a perfect Man, with a long beard of wisdom, a white robe and a sceptre in His Hands. We cannot imagine the Godhead otherwise, because if we do not agree with this image, we reject a part of His Perfection.


The institutions have produced a Godhead with great restrictions fitting into the pattern of thinking of the followers. This has produced a lot of fear instead of respect. When something happens which we do not like or we cannot understand, we disengage believing in this created human Godhead. We are set back to our restrictive thinking.

After His Image means:

In Creation, a so-called highest being had to be created who was capable to receive and transmit the Force of God and to radiate this Almighty Force all over the planet. Our head is the antenna of entrance for these impulses coming directly from The Ultimate Source. The Force going alongside our spinal column into Mother Earth, and alongside our arms and hands all over the world.


In previous pages these aspects were extensively discussed.

Mankind is the walking cross on Mother Earth to spread out His Word (Radiation) into all directions. Evangelising is certainly not meant here. The way institutions are trying to promote their religion is mostly on basis of fear.


To be the intermediary of bringing God’s Power to this Planet for everything that grows and lives and being the instrument of Transformation in the Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) is the birth-intent and task of all individuals of the human race.

To pray for the Transformation-Force and help bringing this Force to Mother Earth for all living beings, visible and invisible should be the main interest we can and might have.

Lightprayer   26

AH Moo


Approaching the “final” stage of the first part of the Lightprayers should result into some considerations:

·       Have you indeed integrated all the Lightprayers into you bio-system and are you indeed capable to do these within a timespan of 10 to 15 minutes without shortcuts or forced behaviour? It might even go faster in the future.

·       This means you are doing these Lightprayers everyday and you are specially aware of the fact that you do not create all kinds of pictures and have experiences like you would have if you do these Lightprayers in the paranormal or astral way. If you have these experiences, continue these Lightprayers until these happenings are gone and you have become a real instrument in the Hands of The Source.


Lightprayer, only in the morning


This Lightprayer might be done just once a day, concluding the Lightprayers of the first part in the morning.

1.     Visualise(!) in front of you, the impressive radiation of the Image of One of the Celestial Messengers known in this world and to Whom you feel connected. This might be Jesus, Buddha, Pacal Votan, Krishna or Others.

2.     Your hands are still filled with Light of the Lightprayer, Rhythm over the Head. Stretch out sideways your arms, handpalms to the front.

3.     Breath-in on the sound of AH, visualise(!) coming out of the right hand a very bright white light flashing out into the radiation of the visualised Celestial Messenger. At the same time your hand is shooting forward pointing at this radiation.

4.     Be now totally silent and motionless and concentrate in full submission on to this radiation.

5.     Breath-out now slowly on the sound of MOO and the left hand shoots forward. The left pulse crosses over the right pulse and the hand palms are pointing downwards.

6.     Turn both hands inward and then upward, so that the hand palms are positioned just in front of our face. Spread out both pulses and your hand palms stay just in front of your face.

7.     You are standing there with bent arms like you are reading something in your hands. While your left hand shot forward, the radiation coming out of this palm is fusing with the white ray of Light coming from the right hand.

Now Be Alert. The Law of Action=Reaction in radiation will apply. There might be something happening to you – a deep inward feeling of the meaning of a word – like a message.


This will only happen not because you want this, but when the Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) conveys a message to you. Do not lose yourself in projections of your own making, but be submissive to God’s Wisdom.



This Lightprayer is the ultimate moment of inner-knowledge and might tell you in a flash a lot about yourself and may be whether you are already fit making the next step.

Do not be distracted because of ambition that you have to carry on, but feel deep inside whether you are ready and able to make the next step.

This Lightprayer is very, very old and was used in the old times by the priests to be led into the direction, God wanted them to go.

Hardly anything can be said about it, but when you do this Lightprayer you will experience, an experience beyond explanation of words.

This is the end of the first phase of Lightprayers.

Final Conclusion of the first Phase


In the Bible, the Fall or Original Sin of mankind is the main subject. In this first phase of the Lightprayers a lot of attention is spent on this. There are many interpretations of this event, and we could add another one.

With the Fall or Original Sin, it is not mainly meant that mankind has done a lot of misdeeds (and of course did), but mankind has chosen for his own way and because of this choice committed all these sins that are conflicting with the Wholeness of Creation. Mankind chose to go his own way, contrary to his birth-intent.

Before incarnation, the one to be born into this world chooses his parents who are fit to supply him the necessary DNA. The birth-intent is a sacred vow and should play the main role during lifetime on Mother Earth.


The soul is entering into the required body, works through all the stages of becoming adolescent. Because of the influence of the free will, this birth-intent will change gradually and the view on life on Mother Earth is adapted.

Mankind keeps his connection with The Ultimate Source, God, The Father, but judges personally about the situation of the “deeds” good or bad. These interpretations are very much connected to Zeitgeist. Mankind gets another view what life is all about and is striving mainly for happiness. In this striving, mankind will not very easily do or act something that is conflicting his personal interest of becoming happy. Even if it would be excellent for The Wholeness of Creation.


The direct influence of The Ultimate Source entering through the Fonticulus(Fontanel) is disconnected. The individual disconnects himself of the main interest of the living Creature that gave him life, Mother Earth. The feet will also be disconnected from the Leylines of Mother Earth and mankind has become an individual unit.


That is the actual position of mankind at this present moment. The first Lightprayer is the start of the way back and in itself a choice of immense importance. Very gradually the Forces of The Ultimate Source will guide this individual back to realise Wholeness again. He will become connector of Heaven and Earth creating an interference of the Law being “So Above, so Below”.

In reading the book of introduction, you might have understood what the distractions are and how turbulent this Path might become.




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