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The Second Phase; so Above, so Below


We are starting to exercise now the Universal or Cosmic Lightprayers.

To do theUniversal Lightprayers is a way to start to understand what praying for the needs of this Creation means. We have no idea what these needs really are. We become active instruments in the Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness). Our body will be an acupuncture-needle. We train our body. Our body is “used” by The Planetary Hierarchy through these Lightprayers for bringing His Force to this world, in an effective way.

- The following questions might be asked:

- Did I fully absorb the Lightprayers of the first phase into my body?

- Do I still believe doing the Lightprayers is an essential thing of my being?

- Did I notice some definite change within my pattern of thinking?

- Am I really prepared to continue The Path?

- Do I sincerely want to be an instrument in the Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) and do I want to be committed as an acupuncture-needle?


It is of great importance that these questions are sincerely answered and cleared inside you. Do not be too hard on yourself. Every individual has doubts, that is very human. To continue the Path is a sign of being prepared to empty the Cup.

Will you decide whether you will commit yourself towards Wholeness or going your own way.


It is clear that you will continue the Lightprayers of the first phase and add the new ones of the second phase everyday.

Think of a plane on an altitude of 10.000 meters, it cannot stop his engines and stay in the air.

There will be an added factor in guidance. Up till now you were connected to The Figure of Light of Wholeness but from now on also directly with the Cosmic Christ/Buddha that will support and use us directly from “Heaven”( Lightbeings of Wholeness, The Planetary Hierarchy).

The universal or cosmic Lightprayers have a great power. You can handle these because your body has been prepared in phase one by The Figure of Light.

Your subconsciousness will start to shift into a different thinking pattern. Thinking on an earthly “realm-basis” will be transferred into a much wider perspective towards universal “reality”.

You will gradually start to realise that “life and death” is just a shifting pattern ruled by The Law of Interference.

It is time to start the Universal or Cosmic Lightprayers.

Lightprayer   27

Cosmic Breathing


Lightprayer, for the whole day.


1.     Visualise(!) The Heart of the Cosmic Christ like a grand Wheel, turning to the right with great speed and radiating out an intense ruby-coloured light.

2.     Visualise(!) your heart like a small wheel turning to the right with similar speed and rhythm, also radiating out ruby-coloured light

3.     Breath-in and visualise(!) how this in-breath goes into the Figure of Light of Wholeness at your feet and draw back this inhalation back into your heart

4.     Breath-out now and visualise(!) this exhalation going diagonally into the still spinning around Heart of the Christ. Send at the same time all people selected by you within His Care. This might be family, friends, do not exclude your enemies and other living creatures like animals.



There are two remarks to make:

The spinning around Heart of The Christ is to be considered a field of energy of harmony in Wholeness in His Name. Jesus represented this, whilst being on Planet Earth.

This Lightprayer is a service to humanity in Wholeness and cannot be done for yourself. You might hope and pray somebody is doing it for you, giving you in His Care in this way.

This Lightprayer like all Lightprayers might be done for all God’s Creations, so not alone for mankind, but also for animals, plants and all that lives and grows, visible and invisible.



It is of great importance that we subconsciously accept that we are all God’s children, irrelevant of which race, gender, colour or culture we belong to.

This is not applying only for people. We also have to respect all other living beings, visible and invisible.

Our view on life should change realising that one is there to serve the other. This includes mankind who should not place them above this Law of the Universe.

Lightprayer   28

The Lining of Gold


Lightprayer, can be done all day


Lightprayer can be done during the day, but preferably in the morning

1.     Stand or sit with arms stretched up over the head, handpalms pointing towards each other

2.     In a flash the two top of the two little fingers are lightened up by a tine bulb of golden light.

3.     Breath-in and visualise(!) the Golden Light is flashing up your arms crossing at the nape of the neck, and flashes into the head on ear level

4.     Runs around in the inside of the head spinning around contrary towards each other and making 11 circles each(in total they cross each other 23 times)

5.     Before completing the 12th circle (24th time crossing ), both rays are fusing into each other and become one ray leaving the top of the head back to The Ultimate Source

6.     This breathing-in lasts until the two rays become one and leave the top of the head while breathing-out.



The head is lined with the Golden Light of Wisdom on the inner side of the head. This is needed because our head has two brain halves being in interference with each other and all the time creating a certain frequency or vibration in the brain.

The result is that messengers(neurotransmitters) are sent inside our body causing a certain chemical action or reaction. This action or reaction has great consequences for our emotional status. Amongst the results are some of the most famous chemicals like dopamine, serotonine, melatonine and many others, bringing us into a certain state of mind. Do not underestimate this process because all our emotional reactions are a result of these. The lining in gold takes care of it. Stabilisation in wisdom is the result.


There will be another attitude on life when doing this Lightprayer in combination with all the others. A change of view on life that might hardly be understood by other people, will be the result. It will only happen when you are actually doing these Lightprayers every day.


Lightprayer   29

The Golden Pyramid, Pi-Yu



Lightprayer for morning and afternoon, not at night


1.     Visualise(!) a pyramid of Golden Light having a triangle foundation and is located totally inside your head. The base of the triangle has three points, one at each temple and the third in the middle of the head. The apex of this solid triangle is at the top of the brow.

2.     Breath-in on the sound of Pi-Yu and draw the pyramid through the head until the back point of the base is at the back of the skull, and the apex is at the Fonticulus(Fontanel), the egoic centre or antenna of receptivity. This covers the crown of the head. The pyramid is still inside the head.

3.     Breath out on the sound of OO (OOOOOOOOOOOOO) and send the triangle up out of the head.

4.     As it ascends the point drops through the base and is earthed into the universal heart. Still breathing-out on this sound, the base is still ascending, put on this base all your emotions like fear, jealousy, self pity, resentment etc. and let it ascend to the Father, The Ultimate Source.

5.     As it reaches Him, He is transforming these feelings and sends His gifts down the cone like courage, compassion, understanding, gentleness and others. You are continuing your out-breath on the sound OOOO. Everything will be transformed and returned to you through the cone.



The pyramid is the ideal transport vehicle of energy, and in this case the pyramid with triangle sides(standing for Trinity), is used.

Our life is ruled by emotions. Although emotions belong to human life and is as essential as breathing, it is important to understand that emotions are just reactions of the brain. These are our reactions towards earth conditions and have actually nothing to do with eternal life.


Our emotions need to be transformed into feelings for Wholeness. We are starting the process through the Lightprayers. We cannot suppress our emotions. It would result that tension inside us would just mount up and finally detonate and tearing us apart inside. We should not cry out our emotions. These are energies and we would pollute Mother Earth. These energies will regroup somewhere and radiate out to the surroundings (spiritual pollution).


If we remove something from our inside, something else has to be restored back. Otherwise we create a vacuum.

Transformation is the solution. Fear is transformed into Trust. This is the essential meaning of this Lightprayer. The way it is done, is your individual process ruled by your DNA, under Guidance of The Lightbeings of Wholeness.

Lightprayer   30

The Rhythm of Forgivness

Lightprayer for the whole day


1.     Stand straight or visualise(!) and breath-in deeply.

2.     Do the Lightprayer The Name ( no16) up till the sound of Thu (u-u-u-u-u-u-u), but when the white light is to spiral out from your spleen (left side), you draw the white light again into your body.

3.     Breath-in on the sound of Th (silently) and see how the white light flashes to a point on the right side immediately under the right arm, then to the top of the left shoulder and next to a similar top on the right shoulder.

4.     To the left ear, through the head to the right ear, to a point on the inside of the head, halfway between the left ear and the top of the head and then to a similar point on the right side.

5.     All is done, still breathing-in and the white light was all the time inside the head.

6.     Breath out now through the Fonticulus(Fontanel) and see how the flash of white light is spiralling back to The Ultimate Source.



This is the Lightprayer of Forgiveness and this means a lot more than we think. In our daily world we say so often: “I have forgiven you”, but we forget to mention and to realise that this is only for that moment. In most cases of forgiveness, when there is anger or any other type of turbulence, the old “pain” is dug up again.


We cannot forgive and forget, these emotional feelings are staying in our “life-system” and from time to time, we are expressing these memories. “Love your enemies” so Jesus says and the church is preaching it. An attentive listener and spectator knows however that this is impossible in the practice of daily life. That is why the world is like it is. It is our system. This thinking and acting pattern is connected to the frequency(vibration or realm) of our life on Mother Earth.


The concept of this Lightprayer is, to bring this meaning into our subconsciousness. Our dedication to want to meet this demand is of direct influence on our karma. The possibility is, to be able to transform this karma with the Help of The Planetary Hierarchy ( The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).

In our Lightprayers we can meet these terms only by doing these in full submission to His Name.

The result will be that the polarities - positive and negative - will gradually vanish and the various different manifestations will be seen in the real perspective.

Only saying this without supporting this in silent action has no meaning and can be labelled hypocritical.

Lightprayer   31

The Golden Cord of Truth


Lightprayer for the whole day


This Lightprayer is for yourself, not for others.

1.     Stand relaxed or visualise(!) being relaxed.

2.     Breath-in on the sound of Fa and visualise a Golden Cord straight above you, coming down entering your head at the Fonticulus(Fontanel) and flashing down the spinal column.

3.     Breath-out on the sound of Ther and various rays of coloured light are coming out from different points of your body, rhythmically moving forwards and backwards from inside the body to the world outside.

4.     The various points the coloured light is coming from are:

- the throat, radiating a ruby-coloured ray of light

- the universal heart is filled with crystalwhite Light in all silence, no movement at all

- the Solar plexus is radiating out an emerald ray

- the lower part of the body is radiating a bluebell coloured ray



What is Truth? No man is able to answer in words or any type of wording. Only through radiation on the physical level, it might be expressed, but human beings cannot perform this on command. Jesus could not answer the question of Pilate because Truth is Wholeness.


In our world, everybody has his own truth and that is why the world is, what it is.

There is only but one Truth like there is only one Path. Everybody has got it laid down (written) in his own body through His DNA. Expressing this might only be done by total submission in His Name. A submission that might be full of loving care, but also could be causing pain to face facts about yourself.


This Lightprayer is done with colours, no so-called chakra colours, but colours of The Devas, The Hierarchy whom we should live in Symbiosis and Eternal Silence.

A silence so often misinterpreted by people hearing “no sound”, but a silence being Harmony in Wholeness that also might be “heard” and experienced in a hectic place like a football stadium. 

Lightprayers   32 and 33

The Golden Cone of Confidence and The Ray of Abundance


Lightprayer, in the morning


1.     Visualise(!) a cone inside your body, composed of solid golden light, embedded in the left side ( between the pelvis and the centre of the body), the receiving end facing outwards and the point deeply positioned inside the body. The opening is just below the skin.

2.     Breath-in deeply on the sound of Fa and visualise(!) a ray of brilliant hyacinth blue light coming straight from the Father into the cone, completely filling it.

3.     Visualise(!) at the same time a ray of the colour of damson juice and draw this inside your right pelvic area.

4.     Breath out now on the sound of Ther and visualise(!) how the head and body is filled with a mixture of these rays and God’s Breath.



These two Lightprayers have to be done simultaneously.

Through receiving trust, abundance will be yours to have. This should not be considered in the range of fulfilling a human need. It is acceptance of the Guidance of our Celestial Beings of Wholeness Who knows what we should be and receive?

Mankind knows almost nothing about his real needs. These could only be realised through our sincere submission to His Almighty Will.


Trust is transformation of fear. This transformation is a higher frequency(vibration) brought to us only on our honest and sincere request for Wholeness by The Planetary Hierarchy ( The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).

To exorcise fear is impossible. It would create emptiness, a vacuum. It will be put behind a closed door through human control. This goes also for what mankind calls, evil. In the past ages, it could not be transformed because the time and the power of energy was not there.

Through the intermediary of the Lightprayers and the present power-availability under Guidance, it could be done. Eternal Truth in His Name could be established on Planet Earth.


The Universal Heart (Point 0) is filled with silence. This is the receptive point of the Cross that we are. The point where our emotional feelings are to be transformed in feelings of Wholeness and where human turbulence will be transformed. This Lightprayer is not the result but the Path. The Path leading into Truth when this present life will be ended.

Lightprayer   34

The Rhythm of the Blood


Lightprayer. For the whole day


This Lightprayer might be done all day at any time and is the radiating energy of the Blood of The Cosmic Christ.

1.     Breath-in and while breathing-out, draw the blue triangle on the back of the head like in the Name on the sound of Deay-ay-ay. Do this three times.

2.     Breath-in again and draw from left to right over your head while breathing-out on the sound of Thu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u, a wide arc of white light.

3.     Breath-in again and from behind to your front, over the head, while breathing-out on the sound of Thu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u a similar wide arc of white light. Do this four times. These preparations are extra-emphasizing His Care.

4.     Visualise(!) AN ARROW of white light coming from The Ultimate Source penetrating into the skull in the Fonticulus (Fontanel).

5.     Breath-in deeply when this arrow enters the head and visualise(!), how a Golden Spiral of Light flashes through the trunk of the body to the base - no further - in twelve golden spirals.

6.     The twelfth golden spiral explodes while you are breathing-out and the golden particles will be splashed into your blood circulation.



Everything is resonance and thus rhythm. Our total being is ruled through rhythm. To get a new rhythm, an explosion is inevitably necessary. Repeating this explosion everyday is absolutely necessary, because humans very quickly fall back into their old pattern of rhythm. The blood is the decisive factor what we are. That is why it is needed that the rhythm of the blood must be changed to harmonize into the new world of Wholeness. The red blood cells (lowest chakra – Earth) and the white blood cells (upper chakra – Heaven) will be united through the Light of Wholeness.


This is the Realm where harmonized Light of Wholeness of which Dark and White Light is an integrated part (and open to us all), welcomes us. When the MerKaBa unites Ka (Kingdom of the Dead) and Ba (the 7-Spheres, the world of the soul) it has become such a powerful Force in our blood. It will be the transporting vehicle on the borderline of Life and Death and will bring us through the blockages of the reincarnation cycle, into the world of Wholeness.


Only when the time is “right”, His Divine Love will draw us (like a magnet is attracting a nail) out of this world of polarities, into the Loving Care of the Father. The WHITE ARROW is the Thunderbolt of Wholeness that will start a new life in us, like a Comet brings new life on another planet, according to astronomy.

Lightprayer   35

The Phya-Nay


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Breath-in and thenbreath-out on the sound of Phya while visualising a flash of white light (white mixed with blue tints) coming in diagonally from right above.

2.     Still breathing-in on the sound of Phya, this flash enters the head through the Fonticulus(Fontanel), going alongside the spinal column. The light is splitting up in both legs and flows through the feet into Mother Earth.

3.     Visualise(!) how this light reaches the waters deep inside Mother Earth, still breathing-out.

4.     Breath-in on the sound of Nay and visualise(!) a tiny little bubble of pure energy sparkling up with great speed out of the water, shooting up through Mother Earth into your feet, into the legs, through the body into the head, leaving through the Fonticulus(Fontanel), back to The Ultimate Source.



The human being is the connector of Heaven and Earth like outlined in our blood.

So Above, so Below, but not like, we might think, in equality but in a difference of frequency(vibration). The basic foundation is the same but with a “different dressing”.

The application of the Staff of Hermes is laid down fundamentally according to this principal. We are getting to understand gradually a different insight on the Law of Interference that will bring us into a different realm.


Mother Earth needs us to receive spiritual energy. When more people would be ready to be prepared to work like this, less crop-circles would appear and finally would totally disappear. The Force with which we should do this Lightprayer is equal to the Force to stand up for our birth-intent that brought us to this Planet.

There will be the time that this Force will draw us through all the 7-Spheres and completion and liberation will be there. The start of a new beginning in Wholeness will be a new quest for us to experience. The Guides of Wholeness will lead us through this process in this realm on Earth, but our free will should and must not be enslaved.

We shall have a choice of our own, every day, during our existence on this Planet. Some human “spiritual” leaders are forgetting this – for their own well-being(and their dominance and might?). This is absolutely unforgivable and in direct conflict with The Will of Our Creator.


Lightprayer   36

The Shroud


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Breath-in and visualise(!) while breathing-out that a white light is flowing on the back of your head down, till the tailbone (coccygeal vertebra).

2.     Still breathing-out the white light flows on from the tailbone over the back till the knees and following the curve of the body.

3.     From the knees down the legs passing under the feet soles and up to the front of the ankles.

4.     Breath-in now and visualise(!) the white light going up to the knees, following the curve of the body to the throat, along the face and brow.

5.     The white light is closing in on the “incoming” white light, where it started, the crown of the head.

6.     You can do this Lightprayer as much as wanted. When done for the last time that day it will be sent to The Ultimate Source.



Out of our total free will, we put at the disposal of The Planetary Hierarchy ( The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) our “imprint in light” being our radiation and showing the (for us) unknown result what our intentions really are. Only these Celestial Beings of Wholeness are allowed to guide us on that basis in His Name. There is no way of knowing how far we have advanced on the Path.

This question will never be answered by these Beings.Walking The Path, there is no progress, Just dedication and submission!


Lightprayer    37

Sideways Breathing


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Visualise(!) , sit, stand or lie with your arms along your body and be relaxed.

2.     Breath-in deeply through the top of your head and this breath spreads all inside your body, along the skeleton till the feet.

3.     Breath out sideways, simultaneously through head, trunk and feet.

4.     This Lightprayer might be done as many times as you want, but once at least six times at a row.



This is a step further on developing spiritual breathing, still based upon dualism, breathing-in and breathing-out.

This spiritual breathing will develop into a “mono-respiration”, but this will take place when we have left the frequency(vibration) of Mother Earth to another realm (only God knows which one).


Lightprayer   38

The Egg of Breath


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Breath-in and visualise(!) a “mist or haze” being God’s Breath coming down from the top of the head, curving down the back of the body, running through the Figure of Light and flashing back over the breast, to the top of the head and closing in at the start.

2.     Breath out now and see how your breath fills the gap between your body and the “eggshell” your built around your body.

3.     Do this in total 6 times (1 and 2) and this gap is now filled with your energy.

4.     Do now the Cosmic Breath for all living beings, friends and enemies. When you are breathing back into the spinning around Heart of the Cosmic Christ.

5.     You use the built up energy in the gap, like an energiser.

6.     This energiser is the “outburst” of the deepest thoughts in your heart.



You might also be able to do this Lightprayer as follows:

Draw the outline(eggshell) in running through the Figure of Light of Wholeness of Light, around the whole of Mother Earth and coming back on the other side flashing over your feet, legs, breast, and back to the top of the head.

In that way you committed yourself to be one with Mother Earth and filling the “gap” with your breath.



The Cosmic Egg is a very well known symbol, all over the world. The egg is the base of new life and preparation of something new to come. At a certain moment the Force has been built up and through an explosion, a new beginning might start, like a breakthrough, a kind of quantum leap.

Bear in mind that you are only taking the initiative but the Guidance is in the Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).

Lightprayer   39

The Screw


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Breath-in deeply and visualise(!) a glistening steel-coloured cap fitting on the top of your head. This is the top of a screw that will spiral upwards to the Ultimate Source fitting exactly inside the “Body of God”.

2.     Know that the energy is spiralling up and down along the now visible screw, through the trunk of your body at the same time.

3.     Breath out fully and visualise(!) that the cap of the screw returns to the head and when it touches the head, the energy is pouring again through the body and is leaving you through the feet.

4.     While this happens, the left side opens up like a tunnel radiating out green light of enjoyment and then closes again.

5.     The flame of compassion flashes from the left foot and a ray of purpose, coloured indigo-blue, comes out of the right foot.

6.     Be now very quiet and silent and you might become aware of the point of the screw emerging from the body between your legs, dropping a seed into Mother Earth, between the heels.



This Lightprayer brings more “space” into our life, because our consciousness is widened. The dogmas that are ruling our existence will be punctured and will explode like a balloon, one by one. We shall experience that holding on to human virtues is dominating this Creation and we should transform these. This does not mean at all that everybody might just do what he or she wants, on the contrary. It will place our human virtues in a wider perspective. Our present virtues like culture, race, gender and others are just dualistic principles.


This phenomenon we also see happen in nature, through hurricanes, tornados and other vortexes of energy. The principle of a drilling machine penetrating through the toughest layers and causing a kind of residue. It will drill through the deepest layers of blockades deep inside us and the new beginning will be dawning.


Our new beginning must start on Mother Earth and planting the seed is the symbol. 

This seed will start growing when we have made up our mind and actively and determinedly shall walk the Path. The sign will be that doing the Lightprayers will not be a burden anymore to meet every day, but a joy.

A natural intuitive wish belonging to the very essential fact of our life(birth-intent) on this Planet.


Lightprayer   40

The Endless Eight (The Lemniscate)


Lightprayer, only for the afternoon


Lightprayer might only be done in the middle of the day.

1.     Be relaxed, arms alongside the body.

2.     Breath-in deeply and visualise(!) a ray of white light coming down from The Ultimate Source, in a curve from the left side touching Mother earth just beside your right foot .

3.     Breath out now and visualise(!) that the white light circles from that point behind your feet to a point just beside your left foot.

4.     Breath-in now and send the white light up to the right side upwards, back to The Ultimate Source crossing the ray of white light coming down.

5.     Breath-out now and visualise(!) the ray of white light making an arc into the endlessness of the Source around Heaven.

6.     You have made now the Heavenly Arc, So Above, So Below, presented through the sign of the Lemniscate.



One of the biggest misconceptions of mankind is, whilst on Planet Earth, that Heaven as they call it, is the better place.

In this case, Heaven might be the 7-Spheres where our soul(Ba) is residing while trained for the next incarnation. More likely however, people think the Kingdom of the Dead(Ka) is where you might meet all your relatives, friends and all your enemies again (!!!???). In both places we shall become aware – within another consciousness - that we again missed our chance to enter the World of Wholeness, to be liberated from the eternal reincarnation cycle.


The circumstances in both places are different and cannot be compared to living on Mother Earth. In a sense of speaking, the feeling will not be so different. We have followed our free choice which was most of the time not in harmony with what we should have done on Mother Earth. In both these places, the Law of Obedience has to be followed laid down in the Law of Radiation.

A.    There is forced submissive “behaviour” through magnetism.

B.    The same is asked of us on Mother Earth, but now of our own free will.

C.    The secret of a happy life on Mother Earth is being fully devoted and submissive how senseless or painful this might seem. Being devoted to our birth-intent and work freely in silence without any fanaticism for the Totality of Creation.


In our present life, the lemniscate seems to be a powerful sign for Christians. Some of the traditional or fundamental Christians are using a lemniscate as a fish and hold this for the Sign of Christ. To their thinking the idea of Mother Earth being under the sign of Pisces going into Aquarius is considered diabolic. The institute they have joined or belong to tells them.


Jesus Christ talked a lot symbolical about fish and bread, and He nurtured thousands of people. People still think that He literally fed these people with fish and bread. He really did feed them spiritually with The Light He radiated. He came under the Sign of Pisces (Fish)) and His Radiation was their Daily Bread. Thousands more could be fed, because His Light was Overwhelming and in Abundance.


Leaving this world – Mother Earth – we should not consider this a solution. It might be putting an end to suffering or it might be the opposite. The last possibility would be totally incomprehensible and unacceptable for people in general.

It has a certain similarity with The Law of Karma. Karma has been laid down in our DNA on Mother Earth and becomes visible through radiation. Our only possibility to break the cycle of reincarnation is to be submissive and obey while executing our birth-intent through working for The Wholeness of Creation.







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