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The Third Phase; The Magnet

Have you absorbed Phase one and two?



Lightprayer   41

The Bulbs of Light


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Breath-in and visualise(!) under each arm, and in the pelvic cavities of the hips, a bulb of ivory coloured light.

2.     Breath out and visualise(!) these four light centres glow and they energise both the areas concerned and suffuse the chest and the abdominal cavities of the body.



To visualise these aspects has to do with neutralising the gravitational pull of Planet Earth. It will not happen that we are to take to the air or anything like that. We shall feel less influenced by the thought that our soul is imprisoned in our body on Mother Earth.

That is based upon the “old pattern of thinking” in the old days. Spiritual people thought that the soul was more important than the reincarnation itself. It was just significant to feed and protect the soul. Earthly behaviour like enjoying life was not the way.

In present days we should realise that body and soul are both part of Creation, and that either one is no better. We should become conscious that in our birth-intent we might only work for Wholeness in which both body and soul are an integrated part.


Lightprayer   42

The Peacock Light ---I


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Stand or lie down and visualise(!) both handpalms up, the fingers facing inwards, at about ear level.

2.     Visualise(!) while breathing-in a deep blue light (like the colour of the peacocks throat) moving as follows:

- from the little toe of the left foot, running rapidly over the 5 toes,

- to the big toe of the right foot, and over these 5 toes to

- the little finger of the right hand, and over the other fingers to the right thumb, to

- right ear and through the head, leaving the left ear to the left thumb and over the rest of the left hand fingers, to the right temple

- visualise(!) the peacocklight going around the nose and eyes, every time back to the right temple.

3.     Do this 3 or 4 times at your own pace.

4.     Visualise(!) while breathing-out how the peacock bluelight is returning to The Ultimate Source and visualise(!) how it makes contact.



This peacock blue light is a very exceptional light. It is not known what exactly is the meaning of this colour You find this colour in lots of religious buildings all over the world, especially in the various stained-glass windows of churches, temples and mosques and other religious buildings.


This type of colouring dates back to the old ages, the times of the Pharaohs and was called Lapis Azul. Religious jewellery was very often made in this colour. After the Crucifixion of Christ, it was used very intensely, both in the Middle East and European holy buildings. You find – even within the religious culture of native people- this colour. Indians painted very often a mask on their face like this Lightprayer, and in a similar colour.


When you are doing this Lightprayer, you will notice you are totally embraced by this special spiritual light. One of the aspects is definitely the vibration of Divine Love, a kind of Love that is still not very much known on Planet Earth. A Universal Love having all the aspects mentioned in the Lightprayer called The Necklace, we shall see somewhat later.

Lightprayer   43

The Solar Plexus Discs


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Visualise(!) (while breathing-in) and draw through yourself, horizontally, at solar plexus level, a sequence of coloured discs, moving from sun – at the front of your body – to moon – at the spinal column. This is inside the body.

2.     The sequence is as follows:

- Breathing-in:

      from front to spine: Sun – peacock – ruby – emerald – amethyst – Moon

      - Breathing-out:

      from spine to front: Moon – peacock – ruby – emerald – amethyst – Sun


This Lightprayer is most of all a spiritual experience of being silent and watching the beautiful colours. In nature you might see sometimes the same happening, especially when there is a lot of mist or haze in the air.



The Law of Interference is working between Sun and Moon. In lots of spiritual places you will find these indications, especially with the Mayas and other ‘Nature People”. In South America you find this in lots of places like Chichen Itza and many others:             The Temples of The Sun and The Moon

But this is certainly not restricted to Latin America, also in many other places in the world, the same concept is or was worshipped.

The essential meaning of this concept is:

1.     a certain frequency(vibration) of spirituality is ruling this believe being worshipping the astral or paranormal realm, where ancestors, passed family and elemental “gods” are worshipped. This belief is based upon the world of Ka, “The Kingdom of the Dead”.

2.     The known worldreligions – especially those established after the Crucifixion of Christ – consider this type of worshipping diabolic or occultism, as they call it.

There is no denial about the fact that the Influences of Sun and Moon is working and noticeable in life on Planet Earth.


The frequency(vibration) of this type of life belongs to the reincarnation-cycle. Our birth-intent is transformation of this cycle. The difficulties are to do so and resist these influences of Sun and Moon(maya).

We have to submit ourselves to Celestial Guidance of Wholeness. It is not an easy task to stick to “The Path” being on Planet Earth and transform body and soul into Wholeness. This can only be done in total submissive devotion to The Ultimate Source.


None of the worldreligions ruled by the present existing doctrines and governed by the respective clerical authorities will be able:

a.      neither to complete this task

b.     nor change anything for the “better” on Planet Earth.

The Force needed for this transformation into Wholeness is lacking because of the political role the religions are playing in this world. They just offer their followers an emotional picture caused and put into reality by the meditative methods of praying.


The force of a transporting vehicle needed to meet and transform the conditions of our reincarnation-cycle is now available – through the Lightprayers – within reach for everybody to do and to have:


a.      This will be without any institutional guidance.

b.     Not through self-realisation.

c.      Only through experience in total submission, when the time is there.


If you are prepared to accept this, you might realise that the New(Old) Age methods and thoughts are just delaying this process, simply because they are old and ineffective.

Mankind is nostalgic and for that reason holding on to these delaying procedures of The Old Days.


Lightprayer   44

The Finger Discs


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Up the middle fingers of both hands horizontally, with fingertips facing one another, but not touching.

2.     While breathing-in, visualise(!) discs of colours as follows:

a. moving from tip of the right middle finger to the base of this finger

b. Sun – Peacock – Ruby – Emerald - Amethyst

c. when the amethyst appears at the base of the right finger

d. visualise(!) at the same time immediately how the whole of the left finger is suffused with moon coloured light

3.     While breathing-out, visualise(!) discs of colours as follows:

a. moving from the base of the middle finger of the right hand to the top

b. Sun – Peacock – Ruby – Emerald – Amethyst

c. when the amethyst appears at the tip of the left finger

d. visualise(!) at the same time immediately how the whole of the left finger is suffused with moon coloured light.



This Lightprayer has a similar meaning as The Solar Plexus Discs Lightprayer.

In nature, this Lightprayer is very often to see especially when it is very sunny and hazy at the same time.

The more often you will exercise this Lightprayer, the more you will experience deep inside the real meaning of what life is all about.

Lightprayer   45

The Peacock Light----II


Lightprayer, for the whole day


This Lightprayer consists of four parts, like follows:


In the spine

1.     While breathing-in, visualise(!) a flash of white light within the head from the throat area to the front of the forehead.

2.     From here the flash pours out of the forehead as an arc of white light and flashes down into the base of the spinal column.

3.     When entering the base of the spine, the white light becomes peacock     lightblue and travels up the spinal column to the point within the head, where it started


On external surfaces

1.     While breathing-out and the peacock blue light has returned to the head area, where it started

2.     Visualise(!) a wave of peacock light flows from the forehead, turns back over the head, and completely envelops the whole surface of the body, leaving only the face uncovered.


In nose and throat

1.     While breathing-in, visualise(!) a peacock light inside the head, at the base of the throat

2.     While breathing-out, visualise(!) the light spreading fanwise behind the skin into the whole face area, especially at the back of the throat and behind the ears and eyes.


Inside the body

1.     Visualise(!) a peacock blue light within the body, right under the skin at hip level.

2.     While breathing-in, the light is spiralling round and up like a lasso from the left to the right (counter-clockwise), just beneath the skin. When the light reaches the level of the ribs it becomes a very small and intensely vibrant vortex, which very rapidly is spiralling straight up the chest, throat and head and is coming out of the top of the head, while breathing-out.



The peacock blue light is encircling all our inside and outside and especially the energy-centre on our spinal column, the chakras are activated and then the tornadolike Force is spiralling up, back to The Ultimate Source. The meaning of this Lightprayer is far beyond our present status of understanding. Very little can be said about it.


Lightprayers   46 and 47

The Golden Breath and The Ruby Tongue


The Golden Breath

Lightprayer, for the whole day


Exercise this Lightprayer especially in the morning

1.     Visualise(!) while breathing-in that the forehead is filled with His Golden Breath, like a mist.

2.     Draw this breath throughout the whole head and visualise(!) how this breath fills the whole of the top area of your head and breath-out.


The Ruby Tongue

This Lightprayer has to be done in combination with The Golden Breath


1.     Visualise(!) while breathing-in a tiny ruby tongue or torpedo with two covering wings of energy, the colour of a filament, and watch this tongue penetrate the forehead at the level of the root of the nose.

2.     It flies horizontally beneath the lower surface of where The Golden Breath is.

3.     Visualise(!) while breathing-out, it touches the pituitary gland.

4.     When it does, the wings drop off and their tips contact the inner sensitive membranes of the ears.



We first enlighten both our brain sides with the Divine Golden Breath-inside the top of our head. Our brain-frequency(vibration) will be changing and the messages (neurotransmitters) will be sent through our body. It will cause different chemical reactions in our body and especially in our blood. When this change is happening, a ruby tongue spinning around like a torpedo penetrates into our head through the third eye (implant of the nose).


The two wings drop off and melt with the membranes of the ears. This is when you will start changing in listening to people speaking. Whether they are telling the truth or anything like that. The inner-hearing will be developing up to the level of clair-hearing. There might be created a very important side-effect.

You will feel the tone of the sound and will already react on that. You will react to the subconscious meaning more than to the so obvious clear reality of word-meaning. People might start to not understanding your answers since the answers are based upon a different reality, another realm.


Common people will not appreciate this since it might be very confronting for them. It might work on their deep hidden fears. It is of importance that it happens with you. Do not start to see it as something very extraordinary. Being clairvoyant, clair-hearing and clair-feeling is nothing special. Everybody can learn that. It just belongs to another realm within our reincarnation-cycle. It should not be admired. It is more a setback, than anything else.

Lightprayer   48

The Rod of Uprightness


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Visualise(!) while breathing-in, energy flowing along the outer sides of the lower jaw, magnetising in its course all the conditions of mouth and throat.

2.     This energy passes to the back of the head and a rod of energy is formed outside the body, parallel with the course of the spine. It is not rigid, but supple, made of unbreakable but flexible energy.

3.     While breathing-out, visualise(!) from shoulder level, energy streams out on each side, like wings with an upward lift.

4.     This rod is the spine of the Soul Body, and is like a harness for the physical spine, acting as a magnet to keep it upright and has an upward “pull”.

5.     This energy rod has “no colour” as the usual ones, but it might be described as an electric filament, like what you see in an unlit electric bulb, smoke grey.



If we want to break through a barrier both physically and spiritually, we have to tighten our spine, but with certain flexibility. A suppleness that will be able to cope with eventual resistance without any damage.


The so often seen Jesus hanging with His Head Down is an interpretation based upon human reality that “man wants to live and not to die”.

The Resurrection showing Jesus with straightened Back and Head up going to His Father, is a more realistic perception, but does not fit in with the pattern of thinking of mankind considering dying a loss and not a new beginning.


When shall this change into the understanding that dying is also a new beginning?


It would transform an enormous quantity of phobias(mankind is possessed with) into trust. It would change the sense and responsibility of our present life entirely.

We should be more alert on the fact that “deeds and misdeeds” are the result of the Law of Interference. It should not have the result fearing punishment in a later life. The driving and inspiring factor should be to take responsibility for everything that lives and grows, in harmony with The Wholeness of Creation.

Lightprayer   49

The Axe Blades


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Visualise(!) while breathing-in a thick rod of energy coming inside vertically through the head, in front of the spine up till the navel.

2.     Visualise(!) while slowly breathing-out that the rod widens to become two deep blades of thin steel-coloured light, crossing each other at right angles. One is as big as “side to side”, the other one as big as “front to back”.

3.     Finish the breathing-out with a short push of final breathing and visualise(!) that the two steel blades simultaneously are cutting the body downwards, right through the pelvis area. The cutting might be compared to what an “onion-chopper” (used in housekeeping) is doing.



This Lightprayer is dealing with our world of sexuality.

Sex is an absolute must in our world otherwise there would be no possibility of reincarnation. The soul that has to live up and transform karma on Planet Earth needs a body. Our world is created on this principle. The receiving part is laid down in the female body and the giving part is laid down in the male body. When these two fuse together, the new body for an incarnating soul is starting to grow. Only this principle is valid in this cycle. Other accepted facts in our society of today are just based upon emotional facts.

What the axe blades are doing is bringing sexual freedom and ending sexual slavery.

Proceeding with this Lightprayer will end slowly the bondage of sexual appetite.

Lightprayer   50

Living Water


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Visualise(!) holding up the left hand with palm facing outwards.

2.     Spread out the fingers as follows:

3.     Little finger   extended upright

4.     Third finger bent and vibrating

5.     Second and first fingers – touching one another upright

6.     Immobile thumb extended. The top of the thumb lights up with a little 12-pointed star

7.     Still visualising this position, take an in-breath and see the living water, like clear crystal, coming in through the moon disc in the spine (level of the Solar Plexus).

8.     Repeat this in-breath three times and each time the living water is coming in a little further 

9.     The water is quite still and motionless all the time, like the water in a cave deep in the earth, where water is never touched by any sound or imbalance

10.  Visualise(!) at the centre of this pool, a small shining diamond of light.



The living water in silence and harmony that comes alive through our actions for Wholeness. The human being is the connector of Heaven and Earth. Through actively doing the Lightprayers, Wholeness is energised in our dualistic society.

All living creatures are to be activated, not because of some human goal, but in Universal Devotion to Wholeness in His Name.


In this Lightprayer, the sun and the moon are playing an important role on basis of the Law of Interference.

The way the hand is positioned is of real importance because of the radiation and such hand positions you see very often in the “spiritual history” of mankind.

Lightprayer   51

The Necklace


Lightprayer, for the whole day


This Lightprayer is done preferably in the morning so that all characteristics will be with us for the time of the day.

This Lightprayer can be done also in the evening before going to sleep, so that all qualities of the various cubes can be absorbed by us slowly and we might make contact with the various Members of The Planetary Hierarchy ( The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).

1.     Exercise the Lightprayer The Name.

2.     Visualise(!) around the neck a necklace of twelve cubes of clear crystal. Inside every cube, there is a brilliant circle of sapphire blue revolving in its centre.

3.     Breath-in and start mentioning the qualities one by one as given on the drawing, starting with:

4.     Michael-Submission-Divination-Continuity-Fellowship-Revelation-Gabriel-Manifestation-Tolerance-Stability-Fortitude-Universal Love and breath-out.


The necklace runs from Michael, right on the Universal Heart (Point 0) over the right shoulder, down the back over the point between the shoulder blades (Gabriel) and further on over the left shoulder closing in on the starting point.

It is possible to do your own arrangement.



The necklace is playing an important part in our daily life. Think of all the authorities that are wearing the various necklaces around their neck as token of the authority.

Every crystal cube being part of such a necklace represents a certain resonance.


Our head, to be precise our brain or mind, is the steering-mechanism of our body and thus our deeds. It is surrounded and influenced by the qualities we give in sincerity to these cubes. The radiation of the cubes is directed to our head and our deeds will be influenced, if we are sincere. If we are not, we shall know intuitively.


It would be a real human interpretation (paranormal or astral) to interpret the various qualities and what effect they have or might have. The major importance is the effect of the Law of Interference between Michael and Gabriel (movement and sound, causing transformation).

Movement in itself means nothing, but through the help of sound (both movement and sound are vibrations), there will be change. Sound or vibrations are creating the Force to be able to transform one frequency(vibration) into another. When we had ears to listen, we might be able to hear silence.


There is no silence meaning no sound, because silence is a vibration(sound) creating harmony in The Universal Creation of Wholeness. 


With these ears we could understand what harmony is all about, not on basis of the known sounds in our restrictive world, but the deep vibrating sound of Creation.

Between these two poles of development according to the Law of Action/Reaction, evolution will take place and the mentioned qualities will be an integrated part of the Universal Love making this all, possible.


The so often admired human emotional love – very often mostly self-interest – is not playing a decisive role. The Universal Love recognising “not my will, but Thy Will prevails”, which might be even sometimes very painful, is the coherent factor.


We shall gradually start to understand more about Wholeness and this insight will create a different attitude. A different look on life. A view that will not be restricted by Death, but will be surpassing our human understanding of the world of Eternity.


You will have an inner-truth realising you are part of the Wholeness of Creation and you will accept also that responsibility. Not through a shining armour but through inner-action in His Name.


A decisiveness that will be fed through dedication for the spiritual needs of all

Living Creatures. To found an institution is the human way of dualism. Such an action should be based upon the Organism of our Creation, The DNA and can be performed through doing the Lightprayers under Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).

Lightprayer   52

The Solar Plexus Breathing


Lightprayer, just in the morning


This Lightprayer should be done only once in the morning, immediately after the Necklace.

1.     Visualise(!) at a point just below the ribs, a pool of glowing brown light, like luminous, chest-nut-coloured earth, going right through the backbone. It does not move or expand, it is just completely still.

2.     Breath-in 5 times in succession and each in-breath passes through the pool to the backbone and the returning out-breath is absorbed in the stillness of the pool.

3.     Breath-in three times through the Universal Heart (Point 0) between the breasts:

- the first one goes right through the back, and breath-out sideways at the back.

- the second one goes halfway, and breath-out sideways in the middle.

- the third one goes just under the skin, and breath-out sideways at the front.



This breathing is a part of the development of spiritual breathing.

It is a perspective on the way to Wholeness.

These spiritual breathing-methods might be of value in the “after-death life”. You are exercising this in this life everyday, it will be noticeable. Your radiation or vibration will be changing.

Lightprayer   53

The Threefold Breathing


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     While breathing-in, visualise(!) a ray of amethyst or transmuting Light coming diagonally to a spot in the spine between the should blades. You feel this spot to be entirely glowing.

2.  Still breathing-in from this spot, draw this ray through the chest coming out through the Universal Heart (Point 0) in the chest in three rays.

3.  Breath out now and see how these rays are pointing out into the world coming out of this Point 0.

- on the left side (emotional heart) is for Love and bluish

- in the centre is for Power and is white

- on the right is for Wisdom and golden



The Templers did this very powerful breathing. They were the spiritual militia of Christ and had a red cross on their back and chest, exactly placed at the spots this Lightprayer is indicating. The spot of Point 0 of the Cross was exactly on the two spots (Point 0) on the back and the chest. They, indeed, radiated out this Power in His Name over Mother Earth. Their foundation in Jerusalem was building a composition of resonance-lines all over Israel. It is still very noticeable.


At first a respectable, spiritual organisation, it became soon a centre-point of human force of power and might. Whether this was for “right or wrongdoing”, everybody must make their own conclusion.

It is always the same thing and the pitfall of mankind. If you force “gooddoing” on people, it will, after some time, be transformed into “harmdoing”.

We are created having a free will to say “no” or “yes”. All religious movements on our Planet Earth should respect this.

Lightprayer   54



Lightprayer, for the whole day


The frequency or vibration of silence on Planet Earth is made of a light and intensely dynamic substance. It is coming in from outside ourselves and is like a very strong luminous concrete and/or “plastic”. It is the Law being realised on Mother Earth:


“Be still and know that I am God”


1.     While breathing-in, visualise(!) this Light coming into through the top of the head filling completely your body from skull till the base of the trunk

2.     It is moulded throughout our heart and organs and frees the mind of the isolating powers being mostly emotions of fear, hate and many others.

3.     We shall be stabilised in His Name like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and many others were. This silence is His Support and all the knowledge we need, and is represented by the saying:

“I am that I am”



This is a Lightprayer to do and to experience. There is no need for explanation.

Final conclusion of Phase 3


You have completed doing 54 Lightprayers and these should be done everyday.

This will probably not be difficult for you, because you are still very enthusiastic, otherwise you would not have come this far.

Doing these Lightprayers will be on a repetitive basis. You might have accepted to do these on a daily routine-base.

Although there is “no goal”, being human we do have goals, so the inevitable question will arise in due time:

 “Did practicing these Lightprayers daily, meet your human expectations? Will you continue doing them forever”?

A clear and practical human answer is not possible within the context of Wholeness. We do not know what Wholeness is and cannot grasp the wideness and variety of this concept.

You will have, however, an inner feeling. That personal feeling will be the only decisive factor whether these Lightprayers are integrated within your being and your possible continuation.




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