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Lightprayer   55

The Silver Ray of Initiation


Lightprayer, for the whole day 

1.     Breath-in on the sound U (OOOOO) and visualise(!) a silver ray above your head, covering your head completely and penetrating into your head and your body.

2.     Breath out on the sound of Mer and visualise(!) that this silver light is covering your bones like honey frost. It is penetrating the whole of your bone structure and lubricating all our joints.



Silver is the metal of contacting like verbal communication. It connects mankind with his surroundings. There is a saying: “Speech is silver and silence is golden”. Here it looks like speaking is less valuable than being silent. This judgement is based upon the human form of worth in value, like money. Spiritually the meaning is different. Silver and Gold have the same value. The usage is different. Sometimes we have to speak and sometimes we have to be silent. This silver ray is penetrating deeply into our system and the result will be, when the time is there, 100%.


Lightprayer   56

Duality(Positive and Negative)


Lightprayer, the whole day


1.     Breath-in and visualise(!) from both upper sides of your head (left and right), there are coming two rays. From the left it is coloured deepblue and from the right it is coloured lightblue.

2.     Breath out now and visualise(!) how these two rays are meeting each other on the top of your head and shape up a helmet of light. Send this helmet of light back to The Ultimate Source still breathing-out.



This Lightprayer shows us that duality of our brainpattern has to be transformed and must become Wholeness.

Through the Law of Action/Reaction, our brainhalves are shaped up into a certain frequency(vibration) and this vibration is rooted in the astral or paranormal world.

Just complete Submission to what is, that is and praying in silent action for Wholeness is the Salvation.


The rules of our world are dualistic and everything is dealt with on this basis. That is the reason why nothing is changing in the pattern of this world, only the wrapping, the outside presentation, is different, the result will always be similar.

Good versus Bad. The problem is, what is good and what is bad?


The Zeitgeist, influenced by time-consciousness, human-religion and many other aspects, rules the interpretation. Only praying in silent action for Wholeness for everything that lives and grows can break this circle of imprisonment.

Lightprayer    57

The Lightfigure of Energy


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     While breathing-in on the sound of Fa, visualise(!) in the centre of the Solar Plexus a little disc of Light in the colour of elephantine-grey.

2.     Visualise(!) at the same time a diagonal line running from your Solar Plexus to the Lightfigure of Energy. This Lightfigure of Energy is located at right angles to the Head of the Figure of Light of Wholeness.

3.     Still breathing-in, visualise(!) a flash of Light – elephant-grey – coming from the Solar Plexus of the Lightfigure of Energy to your Solar Plexus.

4.     While breathing-out, visualise(!) on the sound of Ther how this ray of energy penetrates inside your body and revitalises all your organs with new and refreshing life-energy.



This is the reconstruction of your body to hold on to the Path you have freely chosen. Not for proving your rightness, because this might only be done in Total Submission.

As long as The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) has contacts on Planet Earth out of their own free will, there will remain “openings” in the layer of the morphogenetic field of dogmatism.


Unstoppable, there will be radiated religious energy into our world, uncontrolled by institutional religion. We should not only think of institutions being the known and recognised institutional worldreligions. Also the fast developing sects and cults, where some charismatic leader with some exotic name is in charge, belong to this institutional dogmatism.

Lightprayer   58

The Chest and Solar Plexus Breathing


Lightprayer, for the whole day


Put both your handpalms on each other on the Solar Plexus and visualise(!) this chakra (energy-field) is spinning around in great speed.


1.     Visualise(!) in the centre of the chest (on the breastbone, between the left and right breast, point 0) a spot of liquid light, stretching out inside your body up till your spinal column and having the shape of two fingernails.

2.     This is an energy-field of total silence and is radiating a mix of known and unknown colours.

3.     While breathing-in on the sound of Fa, visualise(!) a golden ray of light, entering your body through your hands on the Solar Plexus up till your spinal column.

4.     While breathing-out on the sound of Ther, visualise(!) this golden ray is coming back from the spinal column and is leaving your body through your Solar Plexus (and through your hands).

5.     Do this 5 times.

6.     While breathing-in on the sound of Fa through the Point 0, visualise(!) this golden light entering your body up till the spinal column.

7.     While breathing-out on the sound of Ther , visualise(!) this golden light at the side of your body.

8.     Do this three times as follows:

a. the first time, the golden light leaves the body-side close to your back

b. the second time, the middle of your side

c. the third time , the side close to the front.



The Golden Light enters through the point of emotion (Solar Plexus), the spot where our emotional feelings are centred (turbulence).

The golden ray will pierce the Universal Heart, The Point of Silence, and the spot of Eternal Life in Harmony, when the time has come.

Lightprayer   59

Michael’s Light


Lightprayer, the whole day


1.     While breathing-in, visualise(!) a ray of Light Lightyellow like mimosa, entering your feet and filling up your complete body.

2.     While breathing-out, visualise(!) this mimosa light is intensifying and in particular within your joints and neck.

3.     Breath-in again on the sound of MI and visualise(!) the backside of your neck is opening up and a ray of lemon light ( the same substance you see when having pressed a lemon into a glass, containing all kinds of pieces of fruit flesh) is entering into your neck.

4.     While breathing-out on the sound of CHAEL visualise(!) this light spreading out inside your whole body and radiating outside into the world.



The Name Michael stands for Change and Transformation. This ray of a very softly toned yellow colour has an incredible power. Only doing this Lightprayer makes you understand how powerful this is. It cannot be understood by the brain but only through a deep inner feeling of Wholeness, that is and always will be.

Lightprayer   60

The Crown of Coronation


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Visualise(!) yourself being a cross, arms spread out sideways, feet closed together, muscles of legs and knees relaxed (dangling).

2.     While breathing-in on the sound of Fa, visualise(!) a ray of Light (elephantine-grey) piercing through your hands and feet.

3.     While breathing-out on the sound of Ther, visualise(!) a Crown of Thorns on your head, spinning around with great speed and radiating out bright white Light. All of these numerous little dots of white light are shooting out making contact with The Ultimate Source.



You do not need to have a lot of imagination to understand, this is the Crucifixion of Christ. Thousands of books are written about this subject, but always the suffering was the central point of attention. Mankind is tied to the cross of his own belief and rightness. This Lightprayer is a trial to change this dogmatic pattern and getting to know the real purpose and background of our being here on Mother Earth.

Lightprayer   61

The Unicorn


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Put your fingertops of the left hand against those of the right hand and while making a quite shrill tone of voice, flutter your tongue in your mouth as quickly as possible, like the wings of a bird. Watch the nightingale when singing. The tongue is fluttering very quickly.

2.     While breathing-in, visualise(!) a ray of Light entering your mouth, coloured ivorywhite and changes into the colour of the holy golden maize tasting very sweet. This Light fills your mouth and throat completely.

3.     Visualise(!), still breathing-in, a white light is rising upwards with great speed (like a hurricane)inside your body and is leaving your brow. This white light is radiating many brilliant colours, known and unknown.

4.     Visualise(!) while breathing-out how a unicorn spinning around is shaped on your brow and consequently flashes back to The Ultimate Source.

5.     The brow is closing but right under the skin a sign as big as a penny, is formed like a burning fire, radiating out both inwards and outwards of your head.



The Unicorn is a phenomenon of unprecedented purity in fairy tales. A kind of idyllic purity and apparently unreachable within our world. It must, however, be possible to establish this kind of purity also in the realm we are living in now.

Do not look for the Unicorn outside you, but inside you. Hope you will be the manifestation of that Unicorn one day on Planet Earth. It will not be an easy task, because according to human expectations, this life would mean “happy living on forever”. The contrary might be very possible, because it will attract a lot of jealousy, aggression and other very human characteristics. To become a Unicorn is hardly possible in the dualistic world we live in. Being a Unicorn is total submissive dedication and devotion to Wholeness.

The fluttering of the tongue is tuning in into the frequency(vibration) of the Unicorn and tasting the holy maize is the nourishment for this development.


Lightprayer   62



Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Stick up your left hand, palm towards you, fingers closed and thumb stretched out.

2.     Put your right forefinger in front of your left hand palm, just in the centre of the place where the fingers are embedded, but do not touch this palm.

3.     Make 29 circles with this right forefinger without touching your left hand.

4.     Breath-in now on the sound of A and touch with the nail of your right forefinger the centre of your hand palm.

5.     Still breathing-in on the sound of A, you join left and right hand palm together, while thumbs touching each other and are kept stretched out.

6.     You absorb the radiations of both hands and are joining Earth (right) and Heaven (left) together.

7.     While breathing-out on the sound of Men , stretch out your arms and join the hands above your head. Still breathing-out on the sound of Men, bring the hands in “praying position” in front of your chest, where Point 0, the Universal Heart is located.

8.     Stay motionless for some time while your elbows are against the side of the body like “little folded wings” and radiating out light.



You might have no problem to recognise the Universal Prayer. Many forms of praying done in various religions in various cultures are originating from this Lightprayer.

It just will lead to nothing to try to explain this Lightprayer. Only doing it will start to give you insight and you will finally become the prayer itself.

Lightprayer   63



Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     While breathing-in, visualise(!) in your ears a network of tiny white lights radiating out and being a force field.

2.     While breathing-out, visualise(!) how all these tiny white lights are connected with The Ultimate Source.

3.     While breathing-in again, visualise(!) in your right eye a lightblue coloured light and in your left eye a deepdarkblue coloured light.

4.     While breathing-out, visualise(!) both your eyes are directed at the point of your nose. Start “withdrawing” this look by following the nose line to the point where the nose is embedded in the head.

5.     Visualise(!) a white cross entering from above inside your head radiating out completely throughout head and ears.

6.     Be motionless for some moments after completion.



A book might be written about this Lightprayer, but if so, it would be only a restrictive human story. The silence her, is not the silence “hearing no sound” but the harmony of soul and body deep down inside you.

This type of harmony has little to do with “no sound”. If we had ears to hear, we could hear that “human silence” does not exist. This is the harmonizing factor not to be distracted of the real sense while we are on this Planet.

Doing this Lightprayer is a very old ritual and depicted on many old paintings of Nature People when they look cross-eyed. They are doing the “Maya-Look”, looking into other previous lives (the third eye). In this case, we take the steps that these impressions, which are still in our mind, are to be transformed into harmony of Wholeness.

You might be aware that this life is the sum of all previous lives. Separation of this sum only leads to maya or illusive reality.

Lightprayer   64

The Resurrection


Lightprayer, for the whole day


1.     Visualise(!) in your brow, throat and solar plexus a bright white light radiating out intensely like three embedded diamonds. These spots are making a very forceful and stable but flexible energy-field around the upper part of your body, both in and outside.

2.     Do the Lightprayer “The Name” .

3.     Visualise(!) the necklace as follows:

a.  Front – Michael           Rightshoulder – Continuity (Determinedness)

b.  Back – Gabriel                        Leftshoulder – Stability (Harmony)

4.     While breathing-in on the sound of Fa visualise(!) in these cubicle spinning around crystals a sapphire blue light, spiralling upwards and uniting above your head building a blue helmet of sapphire blue light, inseparable from the head.

5.     Still breathing-in, this helmet is radiating out 8 rays of light that are shaped into blades like those of a helicopter. These blades are spinning around a ruby-coloured centre in great speed and are consisting of all kinds of colours of Light, known and unknown, radiating out into the world.

6.     While breathing-out on the sound of Ther, visualise(!) how these blades increase in speed, your body is filling with golden light and you are lifted off this Planet …. 


A New Beginning On The Spiral Of

Evolution Will Begin


This is the “final” Lightprayer – the closing stone – that will be effectively starting a new life under a New Covenant. You might be realising that The Universal Love of Wholeness is represented in these blades. The Law of Universal Love will attract us through the barriers and blockages of the reincarnation-cycle and we shall be liberated of this cycle.

We have become Wholeness, a total different reality.

Final Conclusion


When you have reached this page, you might have read all the Lightprayers and the given explanations.

Do not think, however, that merely by reading, you have either absorbed all the Lightprayers into your subconsciousness or in your biorhythm.

The idea is - without any force or goal through simple daily exercise - to bring these Lightprayers into your cell memory banks.

To do these 64 Lightprayers every day seems to be an enormous task, but it is an every day’s new experience.

Do not think you can control these Lightprayers, because that would be a great mistake.

The Celestial Messengers, The Beings of Light of Wholeness, will guide you every day in a unique way.

This is the necessary belief that cannot be imposed. It should be given freely by every individual who made this commitment.




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