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Doing the Lightprayers Groupwise


The Lightprayers might be done individually at any place where you are. A group, no matter how many people are participating, might also do them simultaneously.

The last group “option” causes a total different energy-stream. An intensity of energy you will never achieve doing the Lightprayers individually.

Groupforce in Wholeness is the Force that intensifies the Force of Transformation.

There are, however, a number of essential differences.



When you do the Lightprayers individually, you might achieve a harmonious going together between the physical and the spiritual breathing and visualising the movement, colour and sound as given.

This might take time and will take some exercising-practice and it will result into harmony.

Doing these Lightprayers groupwise, there is quite a difference.

The number of people does not matter so much. We have to consider that everybody has his own breathing and biorhythm. Every one starts in a group on his or her own rhythm. Then, finally the rhythm is changing into a group rhythm.

No one can describe how this could be, because this can be different for every group and it just happens.

At starting point, everybody starts and when doing the Lightprayers, the speed might change. The group will – out of free will - adapt their rhythm to the group rhythm and speed. If not, it will be not harmoniously.

The big question:

are we prepared to surrender to the group who are doing these prayers in the Name of Wholeness under Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).

There might arise a difficulty that breathing-in takes longer than doing the whole Lightprayer groupwise. If you try to follow the individual speed and rhythm, you might be starting hyperventilation. That is not the intention.

Instead, you should harmonize the breathing-in and out with the group and just let yourself float along with the group by just thinking the Lightprayer and not physically doing it.

You will notice, when all people are willing and knowing, a very well and pleasant feeling of harmony will be the result. The inhaling and exhaling functions are of a very different category compared to the same procedures in methods of the old days, like Yoga, Tai-Chi and others.


Doing the Lightprayers

When doing these Lightprayers individually, you might visualise(!) these with the speed at your own pace. Visualise(!) means : I think this way, so it happens this way, I have full trust in the Guidance of the Celestial Beings of Wholeness.

You might just think all the movements, sounds, colours and breathing and it happens in His Name.

When doing the Lightprayers in a group, a group speed will be the result as described above. This speed might be much faster than you are used to.

The solution is to increase the speed of your thinking pattern and adjust yourself to the groups breathing.

It might take some experience in doing but with good will, it is very quickly to realise.

The group is taking care of the speed. It develops automatically.

Not all the Lightprayers are easy in the beginning to do in a group, but after some time, there should be no difficulty. Especially an experienced group will be able to do all the Lightprayers in this group rhythm.

Some Lightprayers which could be started with are:



The way to perform

1.     Sit or stay in a circle, left hand –palm upwards - holding the right hand of the person next to you (receiving) and the right hand –palm downwards – holding the left hand of the person next to you (giving).

2.     Somebody is telling what Lightprayer is going to be performed and how many times.

3.     In practice it works like follows:

a.      First of all, everybody has to do The Ritual Light to be connected to Wholeness.

b.     It is a closed circle, hands joined together like stated.

c.      The one that is starting mentions the Lightprayer and says how many times it should be done.

d.     Start to hum on the sound of OHM

e.      The starter mentions the Lightprayer again and says how many times it should be done, e.g. three times.

f.       The starter performs and everybody in the group joins in. When the starter has done the Lightprayer three times, he squeezes with his right hand the left hand of the person next to him or her.

g.      This “next” person does the Lightprayer three times and everybody of the group is joining in. When finished squeezes the left hand of the next person and so on.

h.      When all of the group has had a turn, the starter says, “One More Time”, the whole group joins in and then all join in humming “OHM”, till this stops.

i.       Then the next Lightprayer might be mentioned and so on, and so on.



There might be done as many Lightprayers as wanted, by as many people as wanted in the group.

Of course, the whole thing might be visualised as written but it will take some time before it might be done harmoniously in a group that way.

With some Lightprayers, the speed increases formidably, especially The ELOHIM.


The ELOHIM is a “barrier-breaking” Lightprayer and develops great Force.

All Light prayers might be done in a group. One takes sometimes more practice than others.

In a group, there is no sequence necessary, but the Ritual Light has to be performed always at the beginning of a session. Everybody, doing or not doing the Lightprayers might be joining in and give their best by just following the group, doing these Lightprayers in Wholeness.

The end is always in doing the sound of OHM. It takes as long as it takes and be quiet for some time after having completed.

To do these Lightprayers outside in nature, is wonderful, but please take care not to disturb other people. This means, in practice, you can only do these Lightprayers outside when nobody else is there. If you do the actual performance, also restrict your sound not to disturb the neighbours.

Very gradually, by doing these Lightprayers, your thinking pattern is changing.

You probably will hardly notice, but your surroundings will.

By sending energy to any place, give some human motivation like:


Giving the best for Mother Earth, God, The Father and everything that lives and grows, visible and invisible.



When you are in the surroundings of a Monument or Holy Place, where lots of people might be, you might perform as follows:

1.     Do not hold hands, but visualise(!) everything.

2.     Do the Lightprayer in a visualised circle, when one person finished, just touch the next left person.

3.     Or, just agree to do One Particular Lightprayer for some time, until the starter says one more time, and then finishes it with OHM in silence.

4.     The same thing you also might do inside the house. The starter says one more time and concludes with the sound of OHM in silence and everybody joins in, in silence.

Please, understand that groups are energising much more power(square) than individuals, but only when the tuning-in, is in agreement with conviction and determinedness according to the terms of the World of Wholeness.


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