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Lightprayer   1

The Ritual Guiding Light of Wholeness


When waking up (mostly in the morning), this should be the first Lightprayer to do. During the whole day and night (24 hours) this will be a solid connection and the Light energy will enter you, solely through this connection, but only if you are 100% believing. This first prayer is the most important choice you make during your reincarnation-cycle and unprecedented in the history of present mankind.


The choice that Light in Harmony with (day)light and (night)darkness can only enter you coming from the Ultimate Source is a breakthrough and is contradictory to many known methods always splitting up the Wholeness of Creation.

This Lightprayer is based upon The Trinity-Principle:

- The Godhead, The Ultimate Source, The Father

- The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness, The Son

- The human being servant, instrument and acupuncture needle receiving The Holy Spirit


Lightprayer, only when waking up (mostly in the morning)

1.     When wakening up in the morning do not hesitate to do this Lightprayer immediately. Arms are lying alongside the body, hand palms up and you are fully unwound. People having a different “living-schedule”, follow the rhythm of their routine, which might be different in clock time

2.     Visualise (I think in His Name, I accept. I do not need to see anything, this will be marked with an exclamation mark in the rest of the book) a Figure of Light at your feet, like your reflection in the “mirror”. See drawing.

See how the soles of the feet are touching each other. This Figure of Light works as membrane filter solely attracting and allowing The Light of Wholeness to enter from The Ultimate Source. It is your personal Guide of the Light about which Jesus taught and talked whilst on Planet Earth. It has the force and energy-frequency(vibration) of The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness Force. The Figure of Light protects you against all other “senders of light” who would like to influence you in any way. This Figure has got your personal DNA-code and will guide you into the 5th Dimension, if you allow it through belief, trust and Universal Love.

3.     Visualise (!) The Endless Point of Radiation, The Supplier of Light of Whole ness you need and are asking for. Breath-in physically and draw a circle of White Light of Wholeness around you, to begin at the right side of, but over your head, circling around the head of The Figure of Light of Wholeness and continue circling to the left side of your head, closing above your head. The circle is closed now and the only entrance for The Light is through The Figure of Light. Notice that this entrance is indeed open on the drawing.

4.      Breath out and see your breath returning to the Ultimate Source.




When you have worked through this Lightprayer with all your belief and submission, you do not need to worry whether the circle is perfectly round. It is. You accomplished it under Guidance of the Planetary Hierarchy, The Lightbeings of Oneness.

In doing this Lightprayer you have chosen for Wholeness of Creation and the travel filled with discoveries into the unknown, the quest, can start.


It will not be a journey without any surprises. Surprises we do not expect but still will take place. A paradox might be that having no surprises will be a surprise.

The white guiding light contains all the colours of the spectrum, as explained in part one. Everything is working on basis of the sum of the Total. The meaning of this is not very clear in our modern society. The brain does not understand.

Lightprayer   2

Conscious Breathing


Conscious breathing is to almost all people definitely a new approach. It does not mean, we are breathing-in our breath-into our body, like done in Yoga, but our breathing-in gets another function. In our physical life, physical breathing is a dualistic principle. Breathing-in, reaction breathing-out, which takes place on basis of a personal rhythm.

This way, also a concept of time will arise within us. Our deeper insight is tuned into the Universal World of Creation. Without going too much into details, we know our Universal World of Creation is based upon breathing-in, breathing-out, implosion followed by explosion.


It might be recommendable to ponder about this because it might be maya. God, The Ultimate Source is Our Universal World. This would mean that in eternal life, there is no breathing-in and breathing-out, there is just submission in devotion to the Ultimate Source. This conscious breathing is a start of spiritual breathing. By doing this Lightprayer, you will notice we are not breathing-in, but The Breath of The Ultimate Source is all around us.

This breath is coming down from The Ultimate Source and surrounds our body starting at about The Solar Plexus. This is no coincidence. This spot in our body, the chakra of emotion being yellow, is mostly ruling our physical and spiritual life being the status most of us are in.


All our previous life-experiences are embedded into our life-memory banks of energy, being the chakras, and The Solar Plexus energy is playing a dominating role.

You might be able to say that our physical breathing is our physical life support and when we exercise the conscious breathing at the same time, God’s Breath is surrounding us and we are making contact with so many imprints in energy (morphogenetic fields) of our previous lives. Breath is the bearer of Light and quite a few Lightprayers, in the first phase, are using this conscious breathing to make a kind of wiring in your body, for bringing in the Light.


To do this conscious breathing, out of free choice, you will subconsciously make contact with previous imprints of previous lives. In due course, these imprints will be transformed gradually. From time to time you might notice something. It is not necessary to pay any attention to these insights into previous lives. If you do, the process will be counterproductive and your field of emotion will become stronger and disharmonised. That should not be the idea.


In most known rituals, these experiences are the reason why people are doing these exercises, and their emotional field of resonance will be strengthened and recur in various situations in their lifespan. One is thinking that by doing these rituals, you get rid of these disharmonised experiences, but the contrary is happening. They manifest themselves in new “wrappings”.

This method is the opposite. You do not need to experience anything, because that would only be distracting. This might look dull in the eyes of the today’s individual opening up mostly for so-called miracles and wanting to experience these.

He or she wants to be part of this emotional happening and the Lightprayers might not be what they want. They look for the unexpected disharmonising emotional feelings. That is one of the reasons, our world is in such turbulence.


Our commitment to Creation should be submissive decisiveness. Not the decisiveness of human goals and the interpretation of an ideal creation. This would be the great deception or hoax in which we are entrapped already for so long.

In Part one is explained already that a human individual or organisation thinking they are doing good, is just a reflection of the human other side. It will actually attract the opposite side in due course. There are enough examples in human history. The inquisition in their days, tried to save the lost ones –in their opinion-. This was just a reflection of their human interpretation, the opposite side was attracted and finally executed.


A good cause that ended in disaster. Humans thought they knew best based upon one of the most enticing reasons “To do good and reach your goal, allows all means”. Having the power and might at your side does not necessarily mean, you are allowed to use these functions. Unfortunately, in both our spiritual and physical daily lives, not very much has changed since then.

It is important that you are starting to learn to understand that there is a spiritual breathing.

The speed of that breathing is dependent upon the energy-field you are calling for and the one that you are actually in.


When you do this Lightprayer individually, you will gradually succeed to harmonise the physical and conscious breathing in a comfortable private rhythm. In a group, it might be different. When individuals in a group are trying to do their breathing on an individual rhythm, two different results might occur:

a. they loose the rhythm of the group and do not belong

b. they might start to hyperventilate.


It is the intention to do this conscious breathing. All other Lightprayers you do group wise, do these in accordance and submission with the group. You will notice you are in balance doing so and the group energy will do its work, whatever that might be in His Name. For the majority of the people, at first, this is very peculiar, but when you decide to do so, an organism will come alive, breathing-in and out rhythmically. The Lightprayer will be influenced by this rhythm.


Only through this way of acting in submission and devotion to Totality and Wholeness in His Name, without the famous (?) human goals, doing the Lightprayers will be able to be exercised within a rather brief period (with the speed of light) and might lead you into contemplative experiences. These should not be considered a result, but just a side-effect.


Doing the Lightprayers individually, it is not so easy to cross the barrier of your own consciousness. In a group it might be easier to overstep your own barriers and open up new frontiers within your own consciousness.

This Lightprayer you do after the first one, the ritual guiding Light of Wholeness. First of all, we have to be connected to the Ultimate Source, so that “all guidance and supply of Light” is only coming from there.

In the continuing process of that day doing the Lightprayers, you do not need to think anymore consciously to what you are connected. Subconsciously, however, you will know. This is highly dependent upon the intensity of your belief making the connection.

All Lightbeings working for Wholeness will be able and allowed to do this, all others will be excluded. This is where the famous saying of Jesus originates from: “Who is not in favour for Me, shall be opposite Me”.


It has been your free choice and it should be effective for about a day and the next day, as long as you continue to do this connection every day. Your belief in submission in His Name is decisive. Do not underestimate the countless distractions that will try to tell you otherwise. Please, do not try to live like the human projection of a so-called holy-man or saint, performing like on a stage to meet the demands of other people and hoping to get followers. You are a follower of Wholeness being The Ultimate Source. You do not need to exercise acts of human holiness to meet the needs of other people. Live respectfully for your co-creatures in silence and behave like a “normal” human being.


Lightprayer, morning(minimal six times), during the day your own choice.


1.     Breath-in physically and visualise(!).

2.     You do not need to see anything, just think that God’s Breath (like a White Haze or Mist) is coming down from the Ultimate Source you have connected yourself with. This Breath touches your body, just a bit above the Solar Plexus and wraps around your physical body all the way down.

3.     You are holding your physical breath and visualise(!) how this Mist is tightening itself around your skin all the way down into The Figure of Light of Wholeness. Then you draw back this Mist(still holding your physical breath) to the spot where it touched your body

4.     Breath-out physically and visualise(!) how God¢s Breath is returning to the Ultimate Source.


During this entire process you have to take care that God’s Breath is freely flowing down rhythmically and do not absorb this Mist into your body at all.

This Lightprayer is a rhythmic process experienced differently by everybody and creates harmony in your biological rhythm. In the beginning this might seem contrary, but proceed and it will happen. When you are tense or tired, you cannot sleep or any other kind of agitation, this Lightprayer is the solution to bring back harmony.

Remember to set your alarm clock when doing this in the morning, because you might fall asleep again.



This spiritual breathing is the Bearer of Light and Sound, both being radiated deep down inside our physical and spiritual body (lightbody or soul).

Once there will be a phase that the energy-vehicle in our blood will unite our physical and soul-frequency(vibration) into Oneness and we shall be transformed out of the reincarnation-cycle into the World of Wholeness.


The Figure of Light of Wholeness is our Guide acting according to our specific genetic code (DNA) created by our personal action/reaction frequency(karma). Do not drift away when doing this Lightprayer and do not make all kinds of visual perceptions or pictures. Everybody is at first inclined to do so, but you have to hold on to reality.


All kinds of manifestations might happen – especially in the beginning -, but that is just distraction, no matter how beautiful or horrible this might be. You have trust in His Name and continue the Path, with consciousness and determination.

Be aware that most people at first are guided by assumption of importance or unimportance.


This Achilles’ tendon is one of the most vulnerable spots of human beings.

To over or underestimate your importance or unimportance is the greatest human barrier. All types of forces are using this to distract you of what you really are and can endure.

Do this Lightprayer six times a day, minimum, at first in the morning. Reject all kinds of illusions, positive and negative, and do not get distracted.

Lightprayer   3

The Cocoon 


After having done the groundwork of making The Connection and Guidance very clear, this is the first step to be made on basis of your genetical code (DNA). This code is unique in the world of evolution and you personal mark.

There is no path of personal choice, there is the Path according to you DNA which is unique. You cannot make your choice freely which path to take, it is embedded within your being. Mankind is so involved in his own importance thinking being able to find a solution on his own for something he does not understand or is able to understand. The result of this reincarnation is based upon all previous lives in various periods of different kinds of civilisations embedded in the code in your body, being DNA.


Man is considering but God is deciding has nothing to do with predestination as human beings interpret this phenomenon. Nothing is determined in this life, because we have our own destiny in our hands. We can change our destiny in this life, but we cannot change our destiny towards eternal life. We should not think when we have the free choice and use it, that we are able to control the result.

The final consequence, after many failures, is that we face the fact that we have no free choice –like humans are interpreting this- and that only His Name will bring the Transformation of all times. This Path we have to “walk” is based upon the energy-code of your DNA.


To The Planetary Hierarchy it is of utmost importance to know what your DNA-code is like and most of all the willingness to supply this completely free of choice.

On the basis of this code, we are fully guided doing the Lightprayers. Submission towards Him thus making this Path back to the Ultimate Source fully unique for us.

This code is our “soul-radiation” enshrined into matter on basis of which we are radiating out in our surroundings. Doing this Lightprayer, in full freedom, we pass on our DNA-code to our Guides, The Lightbeings of Wholeness. You might compare this to a cloth made out of Light sending it back to the Ultimate Source. You might think here of the Cloth of Turin in which fabric the life-code of Jesus is radiated.


In doing this Lightprayer, the shroud of Light encloses our body and we send it from our throat back to The Source. The head is not included and there is a reason for it. This is the steering part of our body on Earth being the two halves of our brain and containing the receptor – Fonticulus – and the third eye. They will be dealt with in a later stage.

The throat is a very important spot because our physical and lightbody are intertwined here. The voice is the result of this. For trained ears; it is possible to interpret the voice and the person speaking the words. The voice will tell what kind of person the individual speaking the words is.


Lightprayer, only in the morning


This Lightprayer might be done, only three times in the morning, after having completed the first two. Try to be relaxed and do this Lightprayer with the utmost care without any stress, but also without “cutting any corners”.

1.     Your arms are beside the body, elbows a bit bent and the hand palms downwards. Breath-in on the sound of AH and visualise(!) a ray of white light coming through both soles of The Figure of Light of Wholeness, going up alongside both your legs into both your hand palms. You hold these rays of light like the reins of a horse andbreath-out on the sound of MER

2.     Breath-in again on the sound of A and visualise(!) both rays coming out of your hand palms and going up alongside the arms up till the elbows. Keep on breathing-in on the sound of E and the white light on both sides is reaching your throat.

3.     Breath-out on the sound of OO (like in ZOO) and send this white light back to the Ultimate Source.



In the beginning, you might be able to do this Lightprayer as follows:

- the first part              AH MER, first three times in a row

- the second part         A E OO, then three times in a row.

This is to get used to the rhythm and the speed, but after some time you should do it according to the first given description.

You should understand that doing these sounds, it is not necessary to do these loudly, it might also be done inarticulately. You might go even “one step further” and think all the sounds, movements, breathings and colours, basically called here visualise(!) (no pictures, no nothing, just thinking in His Name).


Do not do that in the beginning, but after some time having already experience with doing these Lightprayers. Do not create attention from your surrounding co-citizens. Your Guides will coordinate your deeds with your biorhythm. You just do the Lightprayers the best way possible and in submission to His Name.

Stick to the rule doing once a week these Lightprayers physically with movements, breathing and so on. The human being is easily “cutting corners”, and we must be prepared to constantly correct ourselves.

After some time, you will be able to do the Lightprayers in all places and under all circumstances.


General explanation of these three Lightprayers, the first step into another consciousness.


You might have understood that doing these three Lightprayers is of utmost importance. These will be absorbed into your biorhythm and eventually into your cell memory. The Figure of Light of Wholeness connects you exclusively with The Ultimate Source and this will be the exclusive entry and exit for that day for receiving and radiating out spiritual energy.

To call the circle a kind of protective shield is not entirely true in the sense of a fully impenetrable shield of Light. There is an entrance and exit (same) through which the Light of Wholeness is entering us and changing us very gradually. Other sources of light however, will have no chance to enter, unless your belief in His Name is not sincerely based upon your deep inner feelings, like trust and love in the Name of Universal Creation for all living creatures, visible and invisible.



The human interpretation of “harm done or no harm done” is most of the times completely different of the Universal Interpretation We know very little of the subtleties involved here.


To be guided by The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) might be sometimes very painful and sometimes very elevating and joyful. Have trust in the Guidance of the Father taking us into the Light of Wholeness on a Path traversing the paranormal or astral realm. The world of the polarities of positive and negative, an interpretation based upon human thinking patterns.


The first step of spiritual breathing and passing on your personal code in trust and confidence will be quite an experience. We are awakened out of enslavement and start the Path into Wholeness. It will be everybody’s personal and unique experience and nothing can be said or should be prophesied about. It will be the living experience of that particular person.


Jesus said: “See how I make things New” and that is what He meant.

Everybody is entirely free to walk this Path or not.

Everybody can start but only resoluteness and discipline out of Love for Creation will be the most important and decisive motives.

This method will lead into the next step of our existence in eternal life breaking the chain of reincarnation of our present existence. It is a method fully according to our present conditions and will meet “fully new” standards like mentioned before. It is simple and easy, considering the enormous consequences that have to be met.


For those who want to do it because of result instead of belief, it will be very difficult and hard to do. Nobody can do something the rest of his or her life, if there is no overwhelming belief. There will be ups and downs, no doubt, but staying on the Path will indemnify all your efforts and pain. You believe or you do not believe. Participating weekly in seminars or lectures just to know (in continuation) are a loss of time and just satisfying your curiosity. Our present time is fully flooded of this pattern of behaviour.


Some people have rejected the dogma of the church. They are flitting from flower to flower and do not want to be committed to what is, that is, acceptance in His Name. 

Lightprayer   4

The Purification


In part one it is clearly written that our souls have come to Mother Earth to collaborate with The Deva- Beings. These are the carriers of our soul.

It is the body, Mother Earth.

It is of great importance to realise that working for the transformation of body and soul in Wholeness, is a total different way. The old wisdoms have influenced and developed our consciousness up till now. The core of these old wisdoms were to develop and enlighten the soul and our body were to be just a carrying vessel we leave when we go back to the other realm.

When we talk about purification of Mother Earth, it is certainly not the intention, when we cross the border into the other realm leaving our polluted body behind on Mother Earth.


The message of the New Age being: “uniting Heaven and Earth equally and harmoniously while being on Mother Earth”, is certainly not yet within our consciousness.

Doing these Lightprayers is certainly the Path.


When we talk about purifying ourselves, we think in terms of a longer life to be obtained and becoming a happier human being. We do not consider the other side.

When we purify ourselves we get rid of something we do not want. When we do it consciously, we give it a name or at least a certain picture. These energies of all people group together somewhere and when getting stronger, will be influencing the living-conditions on Mother Earth. This is the spiritual pollution and most of us still have no idea about the effects these are causing on our Planet.


This spiritual pollution is an energy-field of self-interest separating us from Wholeness.

When we are to purify ourselves we have no idea where to start and how this should be done. We should not add more to the spiritual pollution on our Planet.

This is the most essential and basic difference with all old methods. What we take in and get rid off spiritually is all channelled through The Figure of Light of Wholeness, connected to The Ultimate Source of Wholeness.


The Figure of Light of Wholeness is guiding us in what we should take in and get rid off in the right sequence and will transform accordingly to our needs. It will transform our “throw-aways” in order not to spiritually pollute Mother Earth.

We just need to do the Lightprayers in the way, as described before, not for our goals or results but just in submission to His Mercy. If we would continue this process – and many people would join us freely – there would come an end to spiritual pollution of Mother Earth and material pollution will decrease and finally stop.


Lightprayer in the morning, but can be exercised all day.

Purification of the body:


1.     Breath-out and then breath fully in. The chest will be entirely filled with air.

2.     breath-out and push the air through your body down, in fits and starts, on the sound of AH OO, AH OO, AH OO. The air goes out correspondingly until you have emptied your lungs totally.



The way we are cleansing ourselves might be compared to the way we are cleansing a tube by pushing a bit bigger brush through it. This Lightprayer might be done when you are under too much tension and you want to get rid of this tension.

Lightprayer    5

Our daily Bread in Light of Wholeness


After we have taken all the arrangements and precautions to appoint the Guiding Force and any doubt at all is excluded, we might set the first step on the Path into a New Life.

This New Life will take shape in the human being that has or shall have united Heaven and Earth into one “symbolical flesh” or frequency(vibration). A life that shall be guided by Wholeness and not by the present DNA, which is the basic impulse of our present Creation.

To be just, we shall build up a force in us that will transform our DNA and the DNA of our Creation. That will bring us out of our present reality in a flash, where reality is based upon the duality of the Law of Interference – action/reaction – presently ruling our Creation.

Two different consequences will come into effect when doing these Lightprayers:

building up of a force in our blood called MerKaBa

building up an energetic field of Wholeness (morphogenetic field) in The Earth “Reality”.

These are the two realities and the fundamental pattern of the reason we have come to Planet Earth and many times before, in various incarnations. The daily bread in Light is for feeding our spiritual body, our soul, in harmony towards Wholeness. This food is as important as our physical food and we can eat and drink everything with respect and without polluting Mother Earth. We should however, not become fanatics. The Lightprayers we should exercise within reason.


An exaggerated attitude in doing these has not much to do with working for Wholeness, but more with a hypocritical behaviour like the Pharisees. Getting the egocentric warm feeling inside us that we are doing “good”. Over activity harms even more than doing nothing at all.

Light of Wholeness is spiritual food. The Creator only might send it to us when we are selfless. We should ask totally out of free will.


Lightprayer, only in the morning, once


This is an morning exercise and should be done only once. We receive the spiritual food we need for that day to come. Hoarding up is senseless. We are guided and we get what we need, we have to trust, our Guides do know.

1.     Lie on your back and turn the hand palms up alongside the body.

2.     Visualise(!) a ray of white light goes up from both palms into infinity to The Ultimate Source shaping a triangle of Light without top.

3.     Breathe in physically and do the Conscious Breathing like you have taught yourself already.

4.     When the Mist is coming back from the Figure of Light of Wholeness to the Solar plexus you send up your physical breath (breathing-out) and this Mist alongside the two rays of Light towards The Ultimate Source.


It might happen that small petals of Light, coloured rose or white are falling down alongside the two rays and you might feel a slight itching in your palms. Feeling this or not, it is not important because it is any way happening. Feeling might be projection, especially when you think you must feel something.



This Lightprayer has two “aspects”:

- it causes and neutralizes an old unsolved situation

- it feeds the lightbody and gradually, radiation will increase.

In doing the conscious breathing, a very strong energetic nourishment will be realised and daily, your awareness and consciousness will grow.

Because you have decided to do these Lightprayers, as given in the book, The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness), The Lightbeings working for Wholeness, will start to give you certain “tasks”. These are no tasks you are developing yourselves or obtain through self-projection.


You are just serving being instrument, an acupuncture needle, on Planet Earth, to bring certain forces of Wholeness to this Planet while doing the Lightprayers.

You should not think too much on these tasks, because it might lead you into human misjudgement of self-importance. It is of decisive importance not to distinguish yourself from other people around you and become conscious of this task. Just do the Lightprayers in devotion and submission to His Name and be a real instrument and servant to these Beings.


Thus, there will be no separation in any way, and feelings of belonging to the “good” party and doing “good” will be minimized. Why is this attitude so important?

Because doing the “human thing” is dualistic and will lead to separation of Oneness.

When you will do the Lightprayers the dualistic way, you will serve and fortify the Law of Action is Reaction and you will stay in the polarities of good and bad or positive and negative.

Doing the Lightprayers in the way they are meant to do and brought down for this purpose to Planet Earth, there will gradually be built a field of energy of Wholeness. This morphogenetic field will be the result of positive and negative in harmony with each other, and not in separation. These polarities are the two aspects of Wholeness, nothing more, and nothing less.

This Lightprayer will be the “secret” nourishment of our life. The reincarnation-cycle might be transformed through this power into eternal life in Oneness.

Everybody’s soul is a lightbody radiating out a certain intensity of this light. This happens also during this life.


The “old age movement” always stated that our soul was imprisoned in the body but this radiation is there and for some people visible(it is not the aura).

The radiation is weakened because of the body, but through spiritual nourishment this radiation will be fortified.

“Our God is a burning fire” is the suitable explanation for this phenomenon.

Do these Lightprayers without too much physical “force”, although in the beginning it needs some effort to be able to do these.


Doing this Lightprayer for your daily bread in light, will bring you more confidence in your deepest inner feelings about this Creation. Anxiety within these deepest feelings will decrease and transformed into trust in His Name. Our concerns and worries, result of this fear, will disappear and a new sense of well-being and joy will arise.


Our only task will be accepting and being receptive for His Universal Love and gradually we shall understand that what we humans always called love, is very different.

It will be an incomprehensible Love and it will not be satisfying on a human level.

Our point of view on this “love theme”, will be gradually changing, compared to the idea we had when we started doing the Lightprayers.

An incontestable trust, a trust like Jesus had in His Father, will lead us into a New Life.

Lightprayer   6

Gold Spirals and Blue Circles


This is an interchange of various frequencies(vibrations) according to the Law of Interference.


Lightprayer, only in the evening


The Golden Spirals

1.     Visualise while all the time breathing in, a ray of Golden Light is spiralling through your body as given in the drawing.

2.     Still on one breath-in, this golden spiral thread comes from the back of the neck, over the head, and is piercing through the throat, coming our backwards, over the head

3.     pierces through the breastbone( a bit under the throat),

4.     pierces through the spinal column, goes over the head,

5.     pierces through the breastbone a bit lower and through the spinal column, goes over the head,

6.     pierces through the breastbone a bit lower and through the spinal column, goes over the head,

7.     pierces through the breastbone a bit lower and through the spinal column, goes over the head,

8.     pierces through in between the lowest part of the breastbone and Solar Plexus through the spinal column, goes over the head,

9.     pierces through the front side of the body (a bit lower) and through the spinal column, goes over the head,

10.  pierces through the abdomen and through the spinal column and is spiralling back to The Ultimate Source.


Blue Circles

When breathing-out slowly all the time, the next is happening:


a circle of blue Light is hanging over your head and comes down slowly and is fusing with

2.     a second circle of blue light appearing around the throat, so that one circle will exist, and is fusing with

3.     a third circle of blue Light appearing a bit lower. So that again one circle will exist and is fusing with

4.     a fourth circle of blue Light appearing a bit lower, so that again one circle will exist, and is fusing with

5.     a fifth circle of blue Light appearing a bit lower, so that again one circle will exist, and is fusing with

6.     a sixth circle of blue Light appearing a bit lower, so that again one circle will exist, and is fusing with a seventh circle of blue Light appearing a bit lower, so that again one circle will exist and is fusing with

7.     an eighth circle of blue Light appearing a bit lower, so that again one circle will exist, and is fusing with

8.     a ninth circle of blue Light appearing a bit lower, so that again one circle will exist, thus consisting of 9 circles of blue Light fused together in one and surrounding the feet, like in the drawing.



There are never more than two circles around you, one is and one coming, will fuse together. In the drawing there are 9 circles, just to show you where about these are appearing although this might be different for everybody.

Lightprayer   7

The protective white cross for the night


 This Lightprayer is only done after having concluded the Lightprayer golden spirals and blue circles as follows:

1.     breath-in deeply and visualise(!) from head to feet a ray of white Light

2.     breath-out and visualise(!) a ray of white Light from the left hand of the stretched out left arm, going over the body into the right hand of the stretched out right arm and thus shaping the protective white cross for the night


Explanation Lightprayers 6 and 7

The Lightprayer of the golden spirals and the blue circles might be exercised slowly in the beginning. First by breathing-in you might visualise(!) only one spiral of gold perin-breath. The same applies for the out-breath, visualising one blue circle per one out-breath.

This will give the body time to learn and adapt to this Lightprayer. Thus building up a certain rhythm, before doing all, in one in-breath and one out-breath.

The last is the idea of this Lightprayer but take your time. Subsequently, the white protective cross is done for the night.

You might be ware that the cross is a universal symbol and has little to do with the institute, the Christian Church. This institute used the cross like nowadays institutes or companies are using logos or brand names for their “influencing and commercial purposes”.


You might have noticed that while breathing-in, the golden spiral is penetrating on basis of a “bit lower” and not necessarily being guided through the chakras. On the spinal column there are quite a few chakras located. Around these spinning around energy centres, quite a few disharmonising energy-fields (blockades) are “glued” causing disturbance in our energy body flow.

In the beginning when you start trying to steer the golden thread through the breastbone and spinal column, the actual points of penetration might be a little bit off. You will experience it like the golden thread is dancing to the left and the right. Your experience will be that this Lightprayer is exceptionally difficult to do (for some). Do not force things, because you are guided.


The energy blockades around the chakras will have to be peeled off by your Guides of Light in Wholeness, The Planetary Hierarchy

(The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) knows exactly how to do this. Surrender to these Beings and do the Lightprayer as best as you can without forcing anything.

You will notice when time goes by, you will become more in balance and the Lightprayer will be done very easily.


There is no time-limit, so relax and just go on steadily. This Lightprayer is the universal harmonising and healing action of your energy-field. Some people give chakra healing treatments through imposition of hands. A very important difference between the two is that the first is done in a flash of Light, where all chakras are harmonised with each other. The second is done, one by one, and harmonising all in one is virtually impossible. This will never be possible through human mediation. It is the old way.

The healer might not be aware that harmonizing one chakra will also change the others because of the Law of Interference (action is reaction).


Done through a flash of Light from The Ultimate Source, all chakras are harmonised and tuned to universal and eternal life. Doing this might have some side-effects like having spontaneous regressions. Do not pay too much attention at these energies of the past, because these should not play a known and decisive role in your present life.


Our soul – our lightbody – is leaving our body most of the times while we sleep, and since we might have opened up ourselves to old memories, we cover our body with a white cross. You might understand why this is necessary, we do not want any “fellow occupants” or so-called “walk-ins”. This is a very powerful Lightprayer so take your time in absorbing the rhythms.


This Lightprayer stands for force and receptivity of Universal Love. We really like to open up accepting love. Mostly we are conditioning this on basis of our own knowledge what love should be and stand for. When we do not recognize our conditions, we reject and despise these.

This Lightprayer will bring the Eternal Universal Love into our body. Through the speed of Light, we have no possibility to control and judge the consequences. You might not notice or be aware of any change or result, but your inner-consciousness will.


Our brain or mind will ask for proof and if not satisfied will try to change the procedure and the result. We shall then come into the world of illusion. It might be attractive finding or losing yourself into a dream world, but waking up, (and sooner or later we have to) might be a very painful experience.

The second part of the Lightprayer is exceptionally beautiful being surrounded by the Blue Circles of Universal Love. You have submitted yourself to Eternal Truth and you will receive Eternal Universal Love. This Love cannot be compared with emotional love, we all are familiar with and are eager for. Why?


We are earthbound into a body. We recognise the frequency or vibration of this love. The vibration of Eternal Love is beyond our conception.

Our sincere “earth-love” will be the catalyst leading us to transform this into this Universal Love, the Love beyond our emotions for self and other restrictions. A Love that will balance us. It will accept and confirm that is what is, total submission to The Ultimate Source, lead me.


This Lightprayer might cause you some effort when exercising. Hold on, because our inner blockades are very strong and very often we are not aware of these, at all.

The covering white cross is an absolute necessity, because opening up and cutting a golden thread through our most inner memories of pain and happiness might be very turbulent. The white cross is absolutely necessary to protect your body in His Name since the soul is very often “away” when we sleep.

Lightprayers    8, 9, 10

The Needs


Lightprayer for morning and during the day

It is not necessary to do this Lightprayer in sequence, but it is recommendable to do it at least in the morning.


Needs for this life

1.     Lie down or stand up, relax and concentrate yourself.

2.     Visualise coming from your hands, feet and actually from your whole body, a white Light, like your body is in a small room of white Light

3.     The white Light is radiating out to The Ultimate Source

4.     Visualise(!) a circle of Golden Light in your heart. This is the Upper Part of The Golden Cup being in your heart and you are watching the top

5.     Put in this Golden Cup all the wishes for this day. It might be anything, including so-called material things. Some examples might help: a wish for good health, a new house, help for the day and do not forget the needs of your family, friends, others and your enemies

6.     Do the Conscious Breathing and send back this filled Golden Cup, together with your physical out-breath and the Godly Mist to the Ultimate Source

7.     Your wishes will be taken care off. Be aware, the answer might very often not be according to your own answers to these wishes. The needs will be answered according to our real needs in view of eternal life

8.     Visualise(!), the Golden Cup is sent back with this answer into your heart on a flash of white Light.


Needs for those who have crossed the borderline of life and death

1.     proceed like above, point 1 to 4

2.     put in the Golden Cup your prayers for Eternal Love in support of the ones who crossed already and do not forget your enemies

3.     send the Golden Cup up with a Conscious Breath (like above)

4.     the same procedure as mentioned above will take place and the Golden Cup will come back into your heart on a flash of white Light


Needs meeting your deepest inner-feelings

1.     proceed like above, point 1 to 4

2.     put in your Golden Cup the most sincere request for spiritual needs and assistance, like support, mercy for your shortcomings and guidance to be harmonious. Think about our Planet Mother Earth and all that lives and grows.

3.     For all beings and creatures, visible and invisible. This thought is very much “locked”away in our deepest inside and is our birth-intent. A thought you might never have talked about with any human being like making an act of world service for Mother Earth.

4.     Send the Golden Cup up on a conscious breathing. There will be taken care of the contents and the Cup is sent back on a flash of white Light. When the time is there, we shall know.


Important; you can repeat this Lightprayer the whole day, and when a very sincere wish will bubble up in your heart, send the Golden Cup up likewise.



These Lightprayers are in direct contact with the spiritual needs of mankind, although they are basically operating on an emotional level.

You do not need to notice or experience anything. It is happening and you surrender yourself into the care of The Father. You might do these Lightprayers as many times as you want, but also stay reasonable. We must be aware that The Ultimate Source cannot fulfil our wishes if it would harm any other living being. Only prayers will be met when these are not harmful for The Wholeness of Creation. His Creation is Wholeness and these prayers are only working for Wholeness. The way you are doing these Lightprayers are the decisive factor. Universal Love, Submission and Trust are some of the main ingredients.


Mankind always wants proof, because our mind (brain) demands that. The Planetary Hierarchy ( The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness), the Lightbeings of Oneness are aware of the way we are created and understand our struggle on the earth plane. They might be giving from time to time some - hardly recognisable - signs in order to support our stability and continuity. When you might get these and are aware, do not become a fanatic thinking you have the rightness on your side.


Do not do the Lightprayers in expectance of these signs, it does not work like that. It will happen and you will recognise it, when the time is there, not earlier and not later and only because of interest in the importance of Wholeness.

To work in silence for Totality is the procedure for all participants. The radiation of people working like that will activate the surroundings. May be after some time, people might like to know what actually are the activities and will start inquire about these.

Then the time will be there, but take care not to flood the person involved with information.


There are people who will start bringing these Lightprayers in a more direct way through seminars, lectures or even a book. These actions must be very neutral and fully clear, without any type of manipulation. This is the basic pattern of working for Wholeness and assisting in building a new morphogenetic field of Oneness.

The difference between an emotional prayer and the Lightprayers is explained before and does not need any additional comments. To know there is quite a difference.


Doing the Lightprayers will change your inner-feelings without you noticing it.

Your surroundings will notice. This prayer of the needs is working in three frequencies or vibrations being

1. the world of matter as we call it

2. the kingdom of the dead(Ka) and the 7-Spheres(Ba)

3. the world of eternal life (Ka and Ba united and transformed into Wholeness)


1. the world of matter.

In doing these Lightprayers, these 3 different realities will gradually flow into one main stream. The fear of the unknown will gradually be transformed into trust that His Will is the safe harbour we can unconditionally surrender to. We must however, bear in mind that our life in this world is ruled by the frequency or vibration of words and pictures (many methods are using visualisations this way). To be clear is a very important matter. We must accept and understand that we are living in this world presently and we should not escape into a world of phantasm and maya. Live the present life like we think it should be lived with all ups and downs, with all joy and sadness,


Do not exaggerate in explaining things that happen to you, like being predestined or having a special meaning. They might but they also might not. The chance these happenings are used for certain decision-making is certainly there. The human being is a master in making up all kinds of stories that suit him under the circumstances. Be normal and live with your fellow citizens on an equal basis, how difficult this might be or seem to be. Everybody for himself and God for us all is the ruling theme. Do not become a social worker enslaving people with good deeds. Individuals must correct themselves and only a little push now and then will benefit people more in their reincarnation-cycle. Try to point out everybody’s own responsibility in the course of evolution. They can change their situation when they want through acceptance, in action.


2. the world of the dead and the 7-Spheres.

The world of the dead is a different matter. We have a lot of information at our disposal, so it seems. Many authors, spiritual or not, have completed books with all kinds of information. Unfortunately, we always forget that this information is based upon the “living” on Mother Earth. How real is that information. The more is written about it, the more it is accepted as being the truth. There is only one word applicable to this, MAYA. The 7-Spheres are the educational centre for our soul within each time-episode.


3. the world of eternal life

This is the synthesis of the three frequencies or vibrations that have become one.

We have no idea what this means and only in our deepest inner-feelings we might think it exists. It is the Wholeness of the soul Ba, transforming on Mother Earth all our morphogenetic fields of resonance of our personalities living in the world of the dead (Ka’s) into Oneness. At the same time, the body (Deva-angel energy, earthbound) will be transformed into the frequency(vibration) of Oneness and the reincarnation-cycle will be transformed or “ended” as we might know and accept(?) it. Just through working for Wholeness our DNA will be transformed (karma). Not only now but through eternity in doing the 64 Lightprayers.

Working and praying in silence for The Wholeness of Creation in this vibration or frequency.


In doing this Lightprayer, try to do this with a speed as fast as possible, a flash of Light. Do it without us knowing it or being aware, our real needs will be separated like the wheat from the chaff. This is the process.

We do not need to abdicate our needs on earth, just live reasonably and do not get enslaved. In the pursue for life happiness – our time spirit so it seems – we developed our exaggerated goals and we grew enslaved.

It is certain that happiness is a big thing, but only on basis of something that happened to you. It should not be on a basis of planning through greed and even doing harm to other living beings.



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