Lightprayers   11, 12 and 13

The Elohim


This Lightprayer is of unstoppable power and creates a connection to other frequencies or vibrations. It is a lightblue Light you might see in crystals like aquamarine or celestite, the holy crystal and used a lot by native people.


Lightprayer, in the morning and during the day

For those alive today.

1.     Breath-in deeply on the sound of EL and draw from the Ultimate Source, the lightbluish aquamarine light entering your left ear and going through the head leaving through the right ear.

2.     Keep on breathing-in on the sound of O and visualise(!) this lightbluish Light going through the heads of a number of people (also animals) you have “selected” or bubbled up in your mind of whom you think they need this Light. Be aware that you are just the activator and whether this Light reaches this people is up to the Guides of Wholeness.

3.     Visualise(!) this Light entering the left ear of these people and leaving through the right ear.

4.     Breath out on the sound of HIM (like in HEEM) and watch how the aquamarine bluish light is spiralling back to The Ultimate Source.


For those who have passed the “borderline of life and death”

1.     like above under 1

2.     keep on breathing on the sound of O and visualise(!) the aquamarine bluish Light going through the heads (also animals) of a number of people gone over to “the other side”.

3.     Be aware you are just the activator here. Left ear inside, right ear outside and do not forget your enemies that have gone over.

4.     like above under 2


For Wholeness of Creation

1.     like above under 1

2.     visualise(!) in front of your face the radiating image of Christ, Buddha or Krishna and still breathing-in, this lightbluish Light goes through this Head, left ear inside right ear outside.

3.     like above under 2.



The ELOHIM is in fact the effect of the Force Of God using the human being as an instrument to inject His Force into Mother Earth. This has been happening through the ages, consciously and unconsciously. The Bible refers to this phenomenon.


This Force through Prayer in the Name of Wholeness, All is One and One is All, is the successor of the traditional prayers done in emotion. This “New Way” of Praying has been done from time to time, mostly on a non-conscious basis, but now is the time to do this consciously. This Force is to be compared with the well known unstoppable force of a tornado, a spinning around force like a drill, penetrating and going through everything.


Some people who had a “near-death” experience have not seen a tunnel, but a spiralling spinning around force seeming to be a tunnel leading into another reality.

This Lightprayer done for the three realms is drilling through and connecting these three different vibrations or frequencies. This experience will take away the difference in thinking patterns of people of these three worlds. Fear for the unknown will be transformed into Trust that life is eternal in Wholeness.


The ELOHIM is a very suitable Lightprayer to do group wise. We should however bear in mind when doing these Lightprayers in a group, we should not stick to our individual breathing but we should switch to the rhythm of group breathing. This becomes the principal thinking pattern and our individual breathing becomes secondary.

In acting like this, the group will become one on a spiritual level. The various differences in resistance we all have, will be diminished until the day arrives that this resistance is all gone, transformed into submission to His Grace. This happens without our awareness. We should not strive for this.

Striving would make it a goal. In eternity there are no goals, just submission. That happens what is meant to happen and we shall experience this when the time is there. 

Lightprayers   14 and 15

The Transmuting Light


These Lightprayers might be done all day, but especially in the afternoon is recommendable.


Lightprayer – 1st part

1.     Breath-in on the sound of FA and two rays of white light are coming down from The Ultimate Source, crossing each other just above our breastbone. The ray from the left side enters our right breast and the one coming from the right side enters our breast on the left side. When these rays are touching our skin, the colour of the light is changing into amethyst.

2.     While breathing-out on the sound of THER, these amethyst rays unites in our body into one ray of amethyst light, going down through our body through our feet into Mother Earth.

3.     While doing that we think of the best possible way of sending this ray together with our sincerest wishes for Mother Earth and all that lives and grows, visible and invisible.


Lightprayer-2nd part

You can do this Lightprayer also for other persons or living beings like animals by sending life force and well being to them. The Light only reaches these bodies when it is in their interest and not deharmonising the Wholeness of Creation.

1.     Do the aforementioned Lightprayer (part 1) first.

2.     Visualise(!) now the persons or living beings and do this Lightprayer for them by sending these rays of white light changing into one ray of amethyst light through their body like we did for ourselves.

3.     Concluding this Lightprayer you draw a white cross over their body or bodies (like you did in the Lightprayer Golden Spirals and Circles) emphasizing you are giving their well being in His Care.



This is a very powerful Lightprayer, very simple and very direct. It might be that the question is bubbling up what transformation really is and means. There is a lot of discussion about transformation, but seldom it is clearly stated what it really stands for. In previous pages it was mentioned that transformation is converting one frequency(vibration) into another frequency. It might be upgraded or downgraded. On Mother Earth, our position is:

we are the arousing mediator and should use our corporeal body for this purpose injecting into Mother Earth impulses of energy of Wholeness. These injections are done by The Planetary Hierarchy ( The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness). We have committed ourselves to this by doing the ritual light.


The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) might use our body with our full consent and we do not necessarily have to be informed about it.

We do consciously the Lightprayers, but we also do – on this basis – the Lightprayers subconsciously. The last is more frequent than we think. The Planetary Hierarchy

(The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) might decide in some place where we are, these injections should be done in favour of the Wholeness of Creation.

Be aware that doing the Lightprayers everyday, is mostly training your body. Your body has to be trained so that the Lightbeings of Oneness can send as much as possible light into the surroundings as our body can bear and in a most effective way.

We act as acupuncture needles at that moment in the Hands of the Lightbeings of Wholeness who do not need to ask for our consent because we have given them carte blanche.



You might have become aware that the transmuting light is taking care of transformation into Wholeness. This can only be done - beyond human control - through the Intermediary of these Lightbeings of Wholeness. 

Lightprayer   16

The Name


Jesus spoke Aramaic and His Name sounds like Deay-Thu-Th.


Lightprayer for morning and during the day


This Lightprayer can be done in all positions (like all other Lightprayers)

1.     Breath-in deeply and visualise(!) while breathing-out as follows:

2.     from the right upper side on the back of your head, a deep-blue coloured line going down on the sound of Deay to the nape of the neck

3.     still breathing-out you draw a line of the same deep blue colour on the nape of the neck on the sound of Ay from right to left

4.     still breathing-out, you draw a deep blue line from the left (end of the nape of the neck) diagonally to the top of the then formed blue-lined triangle on the sound of Ay.

5.     the whole is performed on basis of breathing-in and then breathing-out on the sound of Deay-Ay-Ay drawing this blue-lined triangle on the back of the head

6.     Breath-in again and draw on the sound of THU (speak out like THOO), a blue lined chalice on the top of the head. From above the head on the left top side using the head as basis to above the top of the head on the right side, draw a deep vivid blue line shaping this chalice (like in the drawing)

7.     While doing this, you attract and receive all the white light in this blue-lined chalice.

8.     Breath out now on the sound of TH, spoken out as softly like in a slight breeze

9.     visualise(!) a flash of white light that comes through the head, flashes through the body and ends in the left side in a spiral movement forwards and feels like a pulse.

10.  When exercised enough it will be like: Deay-ay-ay-thu-th spoken out harmoniously in a long stretched sound        



The Name Jesus is the key leading to building up the power in the blood – MerKaBa -, for transformation of the DNA. It is harmonising body and soul to Wholeness in Spirit. This harmonisation might only take place when body and soul has reached the same level of energy-frequency(vibration). This similar vibration will take care that the reincarnation-cycle will be transformed and this “Unity-frequency” of soul and body will go into the 5th dimension.


This is a very powerful Lightprayer and will be the principal reason that under His Guidance, we shall reach a new starting-point for an ongoing evolution of Wholeness.

In many interpretations, The Name Jesus is equal to the Sun of God, taking a very particular place in the history of mankind.


His Name ------ Deay-thu-th

Deay-ay-ay  on a strong outbreath,

Thu  on an inbreath,

Th  on a soft outbreath



Unfortunately, the understanding has grown that Jesus Christ is a Person, and Christ a kind of family name and not a Consciousness (The Holy Spirit) that Jesus showed to the world for everybody to see and understand. “What I can do, you can do too”.

Jesus was a human being with a human body. The task was to build with this instrument the Light Bridge of Unity through His uninterrupted contact with His Father (The Holy Ghost). The world should know that all “common, but sincere” people would be able to do that and not some very privileged individual.

He always pointed this out, stayed with His disciples and treated them and they Him as a “normal” human being.


Human hierarchy and striving for might of the institution, the Church has changed this concept into an exceptional manifestation.

All institutions are basically like that, not only Christianity, but also all the other worldreligions and known sects. That is why any institution or collective group are unable and not allowed to talk about the pure Godhead stating they are His representatives.

Organised institutional religion is only leading to mental derangement and immoderateness. The human being Jesus was to become the key of The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness.


To plant the seed showing the way to everybody, the poor and the rich, male or female of any social class, when they would sincerely ask for His Guidance directly.


His assertion, “Nobody comes to the Father but through Me” is based upon His Wholeness with The Father and not on basis of His Manifestation in His Human Life in Galilee.

If people would be able to understand that in His World - being The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness -, only Wholeness exists and no dualism (just being an aspect of spiralling evolution). Man would understand that these Beings are only able to talk in Wholeness.

Using the word I then only means Unity, being part of that Unity and not meaning the human personality.


This is the exact manifestation of the Immanence of God, “It is, what is, there is no separation”.

When being on Earth we act in separation, because our programme The DNA is based upon dualism. This will automatically cause separation in the human realm.


Doing this Lightprayer might be somewhat difficult in the beginning but perseverance will bring solution and final liberation.

Lightprayer   17

Rhythm over the Head


Lightprayer, only in the morning, three times


1.     Sit down on the edge of your bed or any other position, where you can put your hands on your knees, hand palms up

2.     breath-in deeply and draw a white ray of Light, a little bit bending over your backbone, starting at the bottom (the tailbone or coccyx) up till the base of the skull (nape of the neck)

3.     still breathing-in, you draw rhythmically the white light in three equally short curved lines over the head

4.     breath out and pour the white light into the palms of both your hands

5.     repeat this preferably three times

6.     the hands are now completely filled with white light

7.     draw with your tongue a cross in both hand palms wet your right forefinger with saliva in your mouth and draw a cross on the sole of your left foot, and do the same with your left forefinger on the sole of your right foot

8.     your hands, tongue and feet, the ways of contacting the outside world, will be sanctified for the day with whatever you are doing in the process towards Wholeness. 


When doing this Lightprayer, we draw for the first time the light over our head and this makes it a broadening of the Lightprayer AH MER.

Our brain, controlling our mind, is to be drawn into this process. In doing so, we give our consent to be ready to accept another thinking pattern. A path to a thinking pattern not anymore dominated by the morphogenetic fields of resonance of this world, causing all kinds of chemical reactions in our body.

This is the first step to overcome these chemical processes inside us. This will lead into complete liberation of all our fears. We shall observe these chemical processes, live through these and finally we shall not be influenced by these anymore.


Our emotional actions and reactions will become different and will last very short.

The inner-process is set in motion. We shall realise that emotions are just distracting us from the process into Wholeness, that is what is. Our dualistic feelings of emotion are transformed into feelings of what is that is and will lead, at the appropriate time into Wholeness. For some people this might look like apathy. Doing the Lightprayers everyday, these will be our silent deeds in action.


Lightprayers are silent deeds in action.


Sanctifying the hands, feet and tongue is an action teaching us that the Law of Interference (action = reaction) is ruling this world. We have to work on non-separatism in our daily life.

Do not become paranoia, fanatic or anything else. Living is a continuous process and being here is to serve and not to dominate. One living being is here to serve the other Human beings should learn to understand that they are not excluded of this process.

Separatism, fanaticism and all other extreme forms of belief or convictions are to be avoided.

Doing the Lightprayers and leading a reasonable normal life, is certainly very possible.

Some people will feel the difference in your radiation. This has changed and they welcome you or condemn you.

Doing this Lightprayer consciously will result into another look on life, deep down inside you.

Lightprayer   18



This Lightprayer might be done all day and preferably also in the evening before stepping into bed. Doing it, clears the head and will take care of a harmonious sleep resulting in wakening up very relaxed.


Lightprayer, all day and in the evening


1.     Raise your head diagonally upwards

2.     Breath-in deeply on the sound of ALLAH. A ray of white light comes down from the Ultimate Source, piercing through the throat, through the neck, coming out on the back through the nape of the neck (see drawing). The white light bends 180 degrees and enters the rear of the head

3.     Breath out now on the sound of YAHWEH and visualise(!) that this white light shoots through the head touching all kinds of “spots” and comes out of the middle of the brow going into the visualised radiation of the Christ or Buddhist Consciousness.





This combination of sound and colour with the speed of Light will cause harmony in clarity and sharpness within us. That we shall experience the facts of life within the right proportions. These will very often be in contrast with the normal ruling interpretation.

Both Names are giving the proportional force to the Name of God, dating back to an almost forgotten era. A Godhead connected to discipline laid down in many rules how to behave. Rules of life of direct clarity how to live and act but mostly based upon male dominance.


A dominating role crossing the line of respect and even jeopardizing the rights of the other part of our Creation, the female.

It might not be meant like that in the pure sense of religious feelings. The male side having created this disharmony, has laid this down in writing and even in our present days, is refusing to let go fundamentally.

The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) is working for Wholeness but desperately needs the collaboration of whole mankind. Through human manifestations both sides have approached each other somewhat.

Will this lead into a breakthrough and bring harmony?


If people would be able to understand that God is All-Embracing and His Creation indivisible, we would not be trapped any more within the various manifestations of religion.

All religions are the result of manifestations through the ages of the various Celestial Messengers embodied in human beings. These manifestations are interpreted on basis of the existing difference of culture and thinking patterns ruled by Zeitgeist.


This Lightprayer will contribute to dissolving the influence of the mind (brain) maintaining these patterns. The Name of God makes a difference, but His Radiation should not be neglected.

The inner-feelings towards the Almighty is the sole criterion and giving Him different Names is just Maya. Our mind (brain) is responsible for this because in “shaping your own group”, the possibility of might and domination is very much existing.

Lightprayer   19

The Throat


Doing this Lightprayer will result into a total revolution of your whole being.

Up till this point you were doing Lightprayers connected to some form of “questioning”. This Lightprayer is the preparation towards the confrontation every individual in his or her reincarnation-cycle has to meet, the literal application of “Not my will, but Thy Will prevails”.


Lightprayer, only once in the afternoon


This Lightprayer should be continued until you have reached the Lightprayer HI-YOU-MER and this one will replace the Throat from then, onwards.

Like all Lightprayers, this Lightprayer can be done in all kinds of positions and situations, or visualising by thinking the various deeds.

1.     Visualise(!) a white flower, leaves folded over the centre being ruby-coloured. This centre, the heart of this flower, is invisible, because the leaves are covering the sight

2.     Start unfolding these leaves by drawing these one by one with your right forefinger, moistened with your saliva. The direction of unfolding is towards the left shoulder (clockwise). Moisten the forefinger every time before starting with a new leaf

3.     Start in the centre of the flower and draw a line upwards and then downwards in the shape of a leaf

4.     Draw on the rhythm of LONG-SHORT-SHORT-SHORT-LONG-LONG

5.     Each leaf you have opened, will stay open, until all leaves are opened

6.     After having finished drawing and having opened all leaves, you will see the ruby coloured heart of the flower. This centre will attract all Energy from The Ultimate Source; you can handle and cope with

7.     If you breathe in and breathe out during this process on the rhythm while drawing, it might become very intense

8.     After the flower has been opened and you have seen the ruby coloured heart, and when you visualise(!) this heart doing an in and out-breath, the white flower will close itself totally

Doing this Lightprayer every day, it will intensify your receptivity.



As already mentioned, doing this Lightprayer is a preparation towards doing another Lightprayer coming up later, HI-YOU-MER.

In doing this Lightprayer, the Divine Light-Sword with two cutting sides, will cut your body in two parts so that all hidden blockages within yourself can be reached.

Before you are able to handle this drastic move, there must be some time for preparation to increase the readiness and willingness to act accordingly and out of total free will.


The receptivity of the unconditional divine love needs to be enlarged and the gradual growth inside, you will make this deed possible.


Most people are still entangled in his or her “own” conditioned love. The love for this life has still the most respected attention and is considered delicate beyond proportions.

This enslavement is causing fear in our life and is explained in, “who is afraid to loose his life, has no life and just spends his or her time fighting this fear of loosing”.


This will not support the attitude that we have to be disrespectful of life.

God has given us life and man should respect this.

The breakthrough might be, mankind should start to realise that something more valuable is at stake, The Eternal Truth of Our Creation.

There is no denial about the fact that we do not have eternal life in this life on Planet Earth. The cycle of reincarnation gives us eternal life within this realm but not within the thinking patterns of this specific life. The cycle of reincarnation is not the “deeper meaning” why we are here.

This Lightprayer will start in us the development of an organism of receptivity that will lead us into eternal life.

Do this Lightprayer only once a day, in the afternoon, until you have reached Lightprayer HI-YOU-MER.



Lightprayer   20

The Equilibrium of the Name




This is a Lightprayer to do in the afternoon. The basic idea is to unite the radiations of Heaven and Earth into Wholeness. To unite Heaven (soul or lightbody) and Earth (physical body) into Oneness in His Name.

This standpoint is one of all ages. Almost all Celestial Messengers have brought this to the attention of their listeners. It is actually the message of the New Era to proceed into spirituality. The idea is not new, because all known Celestial Messengers have talked about it. Now is the time that mankind will start to understand this statement. The time is there and the energy is there.


Is the willingness there to let go all these old beliefs connected to a longer and happier life on Earth? Is it a target, a goal to reach and starting to work and being committed to this idea? We should not forget, mankind only plays an instrumental role.

Look at the various sculptures of the Great Messengers, where they have their right hand palm directed to Mother Earth and their left hand palm directed to the Heavens, calling for Wholeness (spiralling upwards).

Later on, these sculptures were more or less replaced by meditating postures, where the hands are closed into each other or folded. This means calling for the force of the mind (brain), the cycle of reincarnation (going in circles).


Lightprayer, only in the afternoon, once


1.     Stretch out your arms in front of you, right hand palm downwards (receiving earthly radiation) and the left hand palm upwards (receiving radiation from the Source)

2.     The sides of the hands touch each other, the little finger of the left hand touches the forefinger of the right hand and the thumb of the right hand is pointing downwards

3.     Breath-in and then breath-out on the sound of DEAY AY AY and draw the blue triangle like in the Name. Move the left hand upwards and the right hand downwards and you have completed the blue triangle on the back of the headB

4.     Breath-in again on THU while drawing the blue Cup and receive all the white light in that Cup that you might receive. Bring both arms/hands back to the beginning position

5.     Breath-out on the sound TH and slide the right hand slowly over the left hand, both fingertips and handpalms. The radiations you have received in both your hands, from The Source and Mother Earth are fused into Oneness

6.     When this fusing is happening, from the blue Cup on your head, a shaft of white Light is shooting through your head and body and is radiating out from your left side (place of the spiritual spleen) spiralling into the world

7.     Breath-in again, unfold the hands and bend your arms and place your elbows in your side, while your hand palms are shown to the world to see. This is the posture of surrender in our world



This is a very, very universal Lightprayer and is the real reason why we are on Earth.

To unite Radiations from Heaven and Earth into Wholeness through the receptivity of our physical body, in submission to The Ultimate Source, God, The Father and radiating out

“All is One and One is All emphasizing so Above, so Below”.


Mankind still thinks that in the after-life, according to the reincarnation cycle, everything is better and more harmonious than on Earth. In a way this is correct, because we have on that side no free will, because the Law of Universal Love (magnetism) will not allow any course or strategy conflicting the interest of Wholeness.

We learn on the other side what these interests of Totality are and the task is to implement these in our physical reincarnation on Mother Earth.


This Lightprayer is portraying this, being the essence of Creation.

Mankind has reached the top, going on the Path creating DNA (dualism) and should come to his senses – on Earth – that he has to be committed only to Wholeness.


This general interest is not his or her culture. It is the interest of everything that lives and grows, visible and invisible within the impulse of Creation.

We have no idea what this is all about. We have an obeying and serving position. We are guided by The Lightbeings of Oneness, The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).


© 2002
Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)