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The Growing Spiritual Understanding I




A few elemental aspects should be brought to your consideration.. This of course is based upon what has been communicated in previous pages.

In our society, the human being is considered the “most important creature” in our Creation. Man is created according to the image of God. There are two different explanations:

1.     One is that God(?) had a certain idea how man should look like.

2.     Man is looking like God and we consider God to be a kind of Superman, a saint who takes care of us like a Father.

This image is subject to the ruling Zeitgeist. Through the ages, this image is slightly adapted to the needs of the worshippers. God is good, bad, revengeful, loveless and many other aspects. These points of view are just filling the needs of the people concerned. In short, a God created by man. This is very common, since humans are always turning around things, adapting it to their needs and desires.


It might be clarifying to establish what man and all living creatures of this planet, have in common. Plants, animals and humans are interconnected by the same DNA. All three consist of a carrying body (earth-restricted), a soul or collective soul and an eternal spiritual flame. The complexity of the body (DNA) is in accordance with the intensity of soul radiation.


Plants have a carrying body made out of earth-matter with a composition of DNA, similar but less complex than man. Science is now discovering that even plants have possibilities to observe and react. Through various kinds of biofeedback instruments, they found out that they also have an emotional structure. Through playing music, harmonious growth can be promoted. Plants are destined to stay in one place, but they can grow up in the sky, towards The Light. There is a fast unlimited variety of creatures belonging to the “kingdom” of the plants like shrubs, bushes, trees and many others.


Man is using a lot of plants in their desire for land and wood-material. Hopefully, the tropical rainforest will not become distinct. Action groups are demonstrating for not harming the rainforest, because that would jeopardize the existence of mankind. These forests are the “lungs” of Mother Earth mankind needs to survive. This principal is very egocentric, because also here, the human being only thinks of his own survival. The majestic beauty of this world is undoubtedly necessary for all other life-forms as well, known and unknown.

We try to solve this through reforestation, another kind of bio-industry. For quite a lot of people it is very hard to accept that plants, trees and so forth have a main collective consciousness, a spiritual body (or soul) manifesting in this earth-body. This spiritual collective consciousness or soul, laid down in DNA has numerous variations within the variety of the plant and animal world and is very closely related to the DNA of mankind. The difference within the complexity of the DNA of a primate and a human being might be less than 1%.

This comparison is not scientific, but it gives an idea.


The animal world is also ruled through a collective consciousness comparable to the plant-world, but has a higher frequency(vibration). Evolution is taking place through the spiritual side.

What is the actual thought behind this statement? There is an invisible spiritual collective force manifesting in plant and animal world, developing towards individuality. Some animals, especially domesticated ones, show very definite signs that they have approached individuality rather close. Their next incarnation would probably take place within a human body, becoming an individual mind or spirit.


Man is the individual having the most complex DNA. When an “individual” soul is about to reincarnate into this world, a carrier(body) is needed. This body should have the basic composition of DNA harmonizing with the intensity of the soul-radiation(according to karmatic laws). Reincarnation is taken place in this world on basis of the Trinity-principle, body, soul and spirit having the choice of free will. This free will entitles the choice between good or bad. We are able to decide to break the Law of Wholeness by choice for Domination, Manipulation Narcissism and egoism or other compromising behaviour within the realm of selfishness. The aspects of good and bad cannot be labelled to a certain pattern of behaviour since humans cannot evaluate the complexity of Creation.


Man is, however, restricted to live according to his DNA. It is his spiritual programme laid down in earth-matter. To evaluate the Universal Law of Unity, various stages of planetary life have to be experienced. Liberation will be through Coronation, the ultimate form of life. Man shall have to be face that there is only Unity in His Name, no free choice, and devote submission to His Will.

The Path from Individuality towards Collectiveness, accepting Destiny, that is, what is. You might imagine what kind of rethinking is needed in our present world. Today¢s human being is apparently not prepared to accept this dilemma. Free choice is sacred and based upon the principle of selfishness. Change might only come through an Act of God when natural principles will be restored. Science developed by the brain, is one of the main reasons why man has become like that. There is nothing wrong with science, but it seems to create arrogance and intolerance towards The Laws of Creation. We know that we do not know has been replaced by an unacceptable desire for playing with the set rules of DNA and in doing so, with Nature. What is Science in this way actually achieving? Probably nothing, only delay. The biggest confrontation is the arrogance that creation has been accomplished to serve the needs of the individual human being. He thinks that Mother Earth, who gave him life, has put all the other living creatures at his disposal for exploitation and torture to meet his desires.


We can eat plants, animals raised through bio-industries and we think we are inviolable. We think we do not need to serve The Wholeness of Creation.

We think we are the regulators and can deal with the Rules of Creation – DNA - for the sake of mankind. What we actually are doing and causing through these actions is not known. We can understand what we see, short term, the unknown part is not our concern. The human-made spiritual dump is a serious aspect and we have no idea what the consequences might be on long term. There are signs now, that we might not be alone in “our creation”. There might be terrestrials technically far more advanced than we are. Certain signs should tell us to consider their rights too.


 These signs mostly appear in the yellow-press(tabloids). Although these messages are persistent, one wonders what the so-called authorities are doing. It is undeniable that in some places in this world, miraculous events are taking place. These events are categorically denied or kept silent for the general public. These happenings are special. They are, however, not the main intent and topic of Creation. Then, we would be delusive and distraction from the real reason why we are here.


In the chain of evolution you might discover the pattern that we nourish ourselves with plants and animals that are “behind” us. We almost never wonder what is our future in this respect. Are there any “empires” of creatures ahead of us, who are nourishing themselves with invisible food like energy or prana, created through the emotional patterns of mankind.

There is an unlimited quantity of this energy in our hemisphere. Humans mostly spent their time creating these emotions. This has been the case through ages of manhood up till our days. Games are what we want and games is what we create, with lots of emotion. Think of the arenas or football-stadiums. We instinctively produce these enormous quantities of emotional energy. May be there are beings that use and manipulate us, like we are manipulating our plants and animals. All these aspects are just based upon the lack of trust in Wholeness, the basic reason we are here to experience and to be taught in order to be set free. Liberation.


The homo sapiens has to “walk the path” of the various stages of evolution. This should occur out of total free choice in submission to The Ultimate Source.

 This seems to be difficult, full of grief and with lots of mistrust, and finally death liberates us out of this realm. We think we leave it all behind us. It is very likely that this is not the case. That someday, we have to do it all over again, in a different time and a different place. Our powers of imagination are inadequate to accept the possibility that we shall be taught with rigour that Wholeness should be served.

Jesus said, “He who believes in me(Christ) shall enter Paradise”, but who really does believe in Him? Our beliefs are mostly based upon our own rightness and preservation of our benefits or those of our family. Do we really live on Planet Earth according to the many Messages that Celestial Messengers have brought to Our Planet, or is this just a poor infusion? Everybody is able to answer this question deep down inside, because there are no words adequate. We can only radiate Truth intuitively. Trying to reason in words or other communicative concepts, only produce the drug of our inner good feeling and has little spiritual value. It might only block you from the real purpose to understand why we are here.



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