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Chemistry, Influences and Actions




When we receive a ray of energy or force within our system through the Fonticulus(Fontanel) or “third eye”, all kinds of chemical reactions are taking place within our blood. These impacts cause these reactions for better or for worse. There is no connection with our experience to feel good or bad. When these rays are coming through the Fonticulus(Fontanel) from The Ultimate Source, a healing process is started. Healing should not be interpreted like human beings normally do, meaning more happiness, longer life and so on, but healing on basis of eternal life.


Through “the third eye”, the same thing might occur. Healing might take place. but now on basis of our present life (the astral realm). It is up to you to find out the difference between the two ways. The Creator has created everything, Mother Earth, The Astral Realm to which Mother Earth (and us) is connected, and everything else.


The present individual needs some “practice” not to think in positive and negative. This is only based upon the human pattern of thinking subject to Zeitgeist.

You might say that the human body is subject to the influence of all chemical reactions, an aspect of Universal Chemistry.



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