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It is very clear everything consists of positive and negative, and either one cannot exist without the other. Both belong indissolubly to the Wholeness of Creation being point 0. When the time is there, positive and negative will be melted into Oneness, a nuclear fusing like happened after the Crucifixion according to the Bible and other Sacred Writings.

A human being comes to Planet Earth and has to work as part of the Total, in total freedom of choice.


 Part of this Total will be enshrined in this individual¢s body in dualistic balance. The male power is the giving or positive aspect and the female power is the receptivity or negative power. Every human is a mixture of both sides. Both sides should be considered absolutely equal, because without receiving there would be no giving and opposite.

The human being has disharmonised this symbolic situation. Especially in present times where the human body is manipulated and desecrated.


On the level of our realm, when male and female are fusing (positive and negative) sexually, a new child might be born. According to the hidden force, a boy or girl will be the result. Through this unity, on a physical level, a new carrier for the soul is created. The task of the soul is to be instrumental in this dualistic world and should work accordingly for Wholeness on a spiritual level. When the time is there, the “Christ or Buddhist Child” will be born through bringing body and soul into one frequency(vibration) and a new rebirth outside the reincarnation-cycle will take place.


When fusing is taking place and the soul is in the process of reincarnation, the law of cause and effect decides whether a male or female body should be “shaped” to work for Wholeness on Mother Earth.

All living creatures on Earth have a similar impulse creating The DNA of the body-structure either male or female. It is of the greatest importance that there will be a balance of the two on Planet Earth because only on that basis, Unity might be created.

The human beings, being very emotional, are creating conflicting concepts and are disturbing the natural balance of creation on Mother Earth. Out of personal benefits and goals for a longer and happier life, all kinds of disorders are the result and we do not seem to understand this.


To make a long story short, Mother Earth within our sensory observations, is an interaction of positive and negative powers and have to be fused both on the physical and spiritual realm. There is no possibility to do this through human power. We do not have the possibilities and the know-how. Humans are subject to distraction because they are emotional and very vulnerable.


Only the Planetary Hierarchy represents the full authority for all living creatures, visible and invisible. They are ready to accept our instrumental obedience. The effective free choice can only be, the free choice to be instrumental in Their Hands. We just cannot surrender on basis of saying so; we have to work on it. The Laws of Karma has been written in our body-temple, and transformation ca nnot take place through just a statement but has to be confirmed in deeds. Deeds for Wholeness in His Name.

You might understand that Wholeness, Duality and Free Choice are very much interconnected.


This does not only apply to the physical world on Mother Earth, but also to the spiritual world of our soul being voluntarily “imprisoned” in earth matter (Deva-energy).

A process that seems to compose of “I want, I do not want, I want” and so on, because we really do not understand why we are here. We lack vision although something “deep” inside us is dawning, summarised briefly:


Mother Earth is the receptivity in our Universe, and God, The Father is the

giving power fertilising Mother Earth.


The words mother and father have no connection with the common meaning on Earth

This last is very subjected to just an emotional aspect. All living creatures - plants and animals having a collective and the human being having an individual soul - are coming to earth. All are in need of a carrying vehicle supplied through earth-matter (Deva-energy).


The task is to work for Wholeness being the basis of evolution. In this way, collectivity and individuality are harmonising the balance between receiving and giving within the possibility of the perspective. The effect of this evolutionary process is solely possible through submission to Wholeness and not within the limits of human patterns in this life.

The commitment is to obtain insight. When this might be achieved, the result is not any more of this realm, but the next step on the evolutionary spiral that has no beginning and no end.


The human being is equipped with 5 senses and able to observe the material world. On basis of these observations, Mother Earth is ruled with all the corresponding consequences. Mankind is the dominating reality on Earth and thinks himself to be the centre of Universal Creation. Their behaviour shows little respect towards all the other living creatures. All dogmatic” realities” seem to fortify and strengthen this idea. In this greatly developed self-realisation the real realisation is lacking and consequently mankind is “thrown back” through karma. This lacking realisation is an ever-changing insight connected to Zeitgeist, like science, social behaviour and/or morality.

Evaluating the ”known” history of mankind of the last 2000 years, it is very clear that mankind did not change much.

The “wrappings” of his presentations did. The pit of his being stayed virtually the same. There is presently one enormous opportunity. An incredible power might present a unique opportunity. Mankind might become convinced, his salvation only lies into surrendering to God¢s Will. Time will tell.



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