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Mother Earth




Mother Earth is a unit of total diversity. Mankind understands and treats Her according to the restrictive way of thinking both in mind and intuition.

Even using the intuition mankind does not escape the restrictive interpretation and holds on to the world of maya and illusion. Being on earth, it is impossible to escape these patterns because the body is bound to the immanent laws of Creation.

Mother Earth gives us a life on Planet Earth through supplying a carrying vessel for our soul through photosynthesis(Deva-energy). Mother Earth is fertilised and gives us the opportunity through life to accomplish Wholeness.


This “smells” like having a goal. This arriving into Wholeness might only be fulfilled through total submission. If we work for total submission, this will be our goal and accomplished within the pattern of our control, the way we think submission should be. Total submission is happening to you and out of your control. The only thing we might be able to work for is for Wholeness. The final “stone” being submission will be in a flash of light when the time is there, so always unexpectedly.


Up till now the most important aspect has not been mentioned. There might be a much bigger aspect. Mother Earth is a Unit consisting of everything that lives and flourishes, visible and invisible, in development. All these living creatures are on the Path to Wholeness, the status next on the never-ending spiral of evolution. For very dogmatic people, it is very hard to understand that Mother Earth is a living Being on a developing Path similar to ours, but of a greater and wider importance.


Development to what and where?

The King-Priest Melchisedeck bringing to Earth the new catalyst for our time, at Salem. A very powerful energising impulse was injected to enable a new time with a new thinking process. This catalyst is fully centred on Mother Earth. Mankind plays an important role. To be the crown of coronation of the 4 kingdoms man, animal, plant and crystal.

The major question is, “Will mankind be prepared to be submissive and become an instrument like an acupuncture needle in the Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy, “not my will, but Thy Will prevails” or stay in control.


Asking for guidance and expecting to be guided according to our “wishes and desires” is maya. Being an instrument will require to meet many confrontations outside and within ourselves. These might certainly not lead to only “milk and honey” situations.

Jesus had to give up His Life, so we say. But this life is just an aspect of life in His Vision and He did correspondingly.

Being human He spoke the famous words:  “Father, why hast Thou forsaken me, in Thy Hands I commend My Soul”. The first part is duality; the second part is the submission to Wholeness.


Mother Earth is the base of our birth-intent. An intent having needed thousands of years to develop our consciousness and now the time is there. The big question is, at this very moment, “will it happen”? What? The big leap forward.


Nobody knows, because our individual free choice is inviolable. The Ultimate Source will not influence us in any way. Neither persuasion nor force is to be used since enslavement is the biggest possible sin on Mother Earth. When the time and opportunity have passed, there will be a new beginning, because fear of loosing in His Name, we never should have.

We must work for Wholeness and be Earth-restricted instruments. The Planetary Hierarchy might use us as acupuncture needles to radiate out through our bodies into the surroundings(Mother Earth), the eternal Truth of spiritual energy of Wholeness. This submission to serve might bring us our next destination, if we are sincere.


If we are prepared to devote our lives to this instrumental submission when the time is there the “gate to Wholeness” will open and we might fuse into Oneness.

We shall have to walk the Earth in His Name and all living and requesting creatures, unknown to us, will receive the spiritual energy of Oneness. The person in question who is the instrument will and must not know how this is happening and when.

At last, all other living creatures on Mother Earth will experience a human being not choosing for himself, but who is prepared to give up his self-interest. An almost utopian idea that has little chance so it seems in our present world, apparently. There is time till the last split of a second. This action cannot be discussed nor observed but must be produced through radiation of clarity of soul.


Although simply said, it might be very complicated because of the way we have been created. This self-conquest in His Name is obligatory, and our fear to loose is our biggest blockade. This fear is enshrined in our need for survival.

That step will have to be taken and is the New Age Thinking Pattern or should at least be like that. Mankind is facing this dilemma in this very special time.

There are many souls on Mother Earth. Many “new” ones want to come to realise this principle. We have to be willing to help Mother Earth to ground spiritual energy for Wholeness through the intermediary of our body. Mankind must become instruments in His Hands.


There seems to be no practical side of this, within the human view. Time will tell and The Planetary Hierarchy is very patiently waiting and will not enslave but guide. These Lightbeings of Oneness watch our environment. They do not want to “miss” any sign. Mother Earth needs us and requests our spiritual dedication. Shall we meet Her requests?



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