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This part of our being is one of the most discussed and important ones. Everything apparently, is discussed and charted. Our medical science is one of our major sciences and we are prepared to sacrifice almost anything especially our co-creatures under extreme and unacceptable circumstances.

Nourishment is the main fact on Earth. Through this, we might be able to change our frequency(vibration) becoming receptive for broadcasts of a different frequency(vibration). We connect good food to good health. This is very much the truth. Some of us go to extremes and are dowsing food in order to establish the needs on basis of the yin/yang principle.


Through fanaticism to control, we block the view on relatively. Emotional judgements could work out into totally the opposite through the Law of Cause and Effect.

We think herbs can cure us. Although this is to a certain extent correct, it remains curing of symptoms. There is no medical healing product that can heal symptoms “higher” than the frequency(vibration) they have developed themselves.


There are quite a few systems of nourishment, but they all restrict the development of consciousness. We mind about nourishment, but forget spiritual nourishment through prayer. For free-thinkers, agnostics and atheists, there is no spiritual nourishment, there is just nourishment for the mind (brain). There might be very few people who have never silently sent up a little prayer in moments of despair. The type of spiritual nourishment we want and could absorb on our own force is the result of emotional prayer.

Quite a few individuals, however, feel there is more to it than meets the eye. Emotional prayers are making just an imprint on our mind (brain) and will not lead to enlightenment of the soul.


There is also the Godly spark to receive consciously and unconsciously. Right under the Fonticulus(Fontanel), there is an “electrified” antenna for reception. You might compare this to a kind of lightning conductor. The spiritual energy is entering here, conducted alongside your spine, going through the chakras and legs into Mother Earth.

The human being consists of three frequencies(vibrations). We are starting to discover this. Up till now, man was still considered a unit. We might receive various different frequencies(vibrations) and the three most important ones are:

a.       Directly from the Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness)

b.      Through other spiritual entities and/or teachers in progress

c.       Through human spiritual teachers


Spiritual messages might come from any source on earth or the universe. Some messages seem identical in words, but certainly have no same meaning. On earth, our world, there are many spiritual teachers.

These teachers can only tell what they know and their information is always restrictive.

We are followers and/or disciples. How can we judge which message is right?


Moreover, these teachers might be of the same background, but might have conflicting opinions. Like in our “realistic” world, where two individuals were graduated at the same university. They might have total paradoxical opinions. So above, so below, the same applies in the spiritual world. Since somebody studied “human” theology does not make him know God. Even a question whether he believes in God is hypothetical.


Most of these studied “believers” need a profession to make money and considers the thesis as interesting. It is quite fantastic that people are getting messages from spiritual entities from the other” side. These statements are considered by some as authentic. To take these messages seriously and handing these over at random to individuals, is absolutely horrendous.

There is almost always a kind of manipulation involved. It has a goal either to obtain power or financial compensation.

It must be clear for the reader that the intention of the author of this book, is not handing out some message, but bringing about certain openings to think about. To recommend to do the Lightprayers with the speed of Light is the only option.

The idea of the book is to be critical towards the mumbo-jumbo existing in the spiritual “jungle” of today.


The only certainty in our world is Creation. Because of that, there must be also a Creative Force. It is not a kind of Super Human Being but a Consciousness or Holy Spirit.

We can address ourselves to this Ultimate Creative Source and receive and understand the “answers” to our questions, within the possibility of our consciousness. This Ultimate Source has total “knowledge” and will react directly into our inner understanding when asked for at the appropriate time.


That might be in a second, a week, a year or after many lives.

We always receive answers to our prayers. We only might not have the right eyes and ears at that very moment of receiving or understanding the answer. We might understand much later.


The Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) is the only legitimate Representative of the Ultimate Source. Mankind being a unique receptive instrument for God-sent messages to Earth, should exclusively address this Hierarchy. All other sources are misleading. These messages lack total “knowledge” of the Total Plan for our Creation. It could be even worse. These other sources might be striving for power within this Creation and create their own creation. This is the luciferan principle and hardly recognised by mankind. We are so involved in our goals.


We do not have the insight. When we continue like that, we shall never be liberated.

The Prophecy tells us, we have to act now.

To face the fact, self-interest is just distraction because Wholeness is self-interest, a paradox hardly understood?

It might be that this cannot be recognised with our present consciousness. It needs perception, the result of confrontation.


The result will be turbulence and you might think that wars and unforeseen shocking events in our world are proof for this statement.

When will mankind understand that self-interest only can be served through working for Wholeness? An almost utopian statement that might become reality.


The question is: will this happen?


Exclusively through serving the Planetary Hierarchy Who knows God¢s Plan for this Creation, we shall be on the Path.

Not through listening to other spiritual entities of whom there are many on earth and outside. Most of them we have created ourselves.




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