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Gurus and Mastery




There is no doubt about the existence of spiritual guides in the various realms.

First of all, we have to agree that all humans are equal but not of the same “fabric” of equality” in body and soul. Individuals might be able to do the same within their possibilities, but the result will always be different. It might not always be noticed, but somebody with “increased inner-knowledge” will know. That specific individual will never appoint himself to mastery but will stay silent.


The master that will never state being master might only be recognised because of his radiation. He will point out that full wisdom might be obtained through direct contact with The Planetary Hierarchy, with God.

Only manipulators and other individuals who want in some way power for themselves, will label themselves with mastery. They will use all kinds of tricks to prove their mastery.

We do not need any miracles any more in our time to prove God exists. In earlier times, this gimmick might have been essential to convince the masses. To perform miracles in public, are always tricks, but the happening of miracles unforeseen might not be.

The miracles happening within Jesus presence were not His performance, but were based upon the beliefs of the individual in His Words.


Miracles in our times are based -almost all- on tricks knowing that changing brain-frequency(vibration) leads to self-realisation and enslavement. Mastery based upon human standards that can be learned through paying sums of money. Gurus creating centres and blocking people¢s souls coming to the Father, The Ultimate Source.


In the old way, thinking in this way was accepted. In our days, it is “old, dusty and rusty” but still getting people enslaved. They think they recognise patterns within themselves. The new way might never bring the “so-hoped for” happiness we want and expect. The new way brings renewal and innovations causing painful experiences for those who cannot let go the past.

In our times, gurus are a caricature and obsolete. Mankind does not need miracle-makers in human form.

Every individual might make directly contact with His Creator finding out being part of an incredible and complex Creation.

In the old days, this possibility did not exist for everybody, but only to the chosen ones, called gurus being ready to help the lost ones.

Those were the previous stages but in our days we need to come to submission directly to the Source. Some people might help other people for a short while. To give a push or lead into the right direction respecting the free choice of the individual.

All “old ties” have to be left. This might be a very painful and incomprehensible process for most. A time of confrontation, “Not my will but Thy Will prevails”.

A time of transforming the past not through human ways, but through the universal transformation where the old becomes inseparably new.

Only spiritual teachers might be acceptable making reference to everybody¢s responsibility. There is but One Creation and mankind is part of it. The task is to submit to the Spiritual Leaders of Mother Earth in His Name.

Beings have arrived into this visible world of Mother Earth. For these Beings, life and death has a much wider and different scope than for the average human being.


Like Tibetan Lamas might be able to reincarnate within a certain circle of consciousness to “help” people, the other side of the “coin” is also possible.

To be able to achieve these kinds of reincarnations, an unusable strong morphogenetic field of resonance is needed in their name, created by followers who believe in them.

Many gurus or so-called masters have their names chanted producing these fields.


Mostly, a guru makes use of that field that brought him or her into this world. Their appearance meets the demands of the enslaved followers. Through “witty” stories and so-called miracles they fascinate these followers using them as instruments to build and extend their morphogenetic field. Their followers are run around believing to be on the right quest?

Poor, misguided mankind thinking the old could be transformed into the new in this way. In the human world, there are some possible comparable examples.


Politicians promise their voters heaven if they vote in their name to be elected. When this has become reality, they are very busy with their own thing and want to stay on as long as possible. Their followers and others, through the Law of Democracy, need to pay the debt of their deeds. These gurus, masters of astral energy, are very powerful and have quite a field of resonance at their disposal. They will never mention their source. People working for the Planetary Hierarchy will always mention their Source. If they would not, they cannot work for the Source because they are hampering with the free choice on Mother Earth.


There is nothing new in this respect, under the sun. Almost all known spiritual movements in the history of mankind are based upon power and might. To have knowledge about life and death and not communicating about it on request openly, is the ever-returning theme of spiritual movements. There is a “Tunnel” connecting life and death, a constant spiralling force, known since ages by the self-elected ones. The Pharaohs and others used this principle, and many legends and myths are actually referring to this reality. Power is very appealing for people and will be both in the invisible and visible astral world. It enables to do what “has to be done” on a human level.


Mankind will have to discover that following people on this basis, will lead to disappointment of their expectations, in the course of time. There is no denial that our world is still very much in the grip of this magic, originating from the distant past in so-called “Atlantean” times. There is still so much admiration for this era.

Thousands of people are praying for the return of Jesus Christ. According to His Words, He never left us.


The comeback they mean is that their own expectations have to be met within His Deeds.

If some Universal Messenger like that would arrive on basis of the reflections and memories of Jesus Christ and would perform according to our mankind¢s wishes, it would mean:

a.      it would be maya being astral and illusionary

b.     it would lead to enslavement

c.      it would jeopardize the free choice


The “real” reflection of Jesus Christ in this timeframe would not be recognised. The time that the man Jesus became the Christ has long passed. The long awaited for master dressed all in white and with beautiful head-dressing is an old story belonging to the kingdom of fairy tales. Mankind loves these stories. It is certainly a way to flee from reality.


May be Christ already manifested Himself through another human being and we might never know. The only way to “recognise” Him is through His Charisma. Very few will be able. Think of the Crucifixion and how many of His disciples were actually witnessing without any fear for their own lives. None.


It is a human¢s tragedy to long for the past and bringing it into the present.

Why do you think the Jews never recognised the Messiah being Jesus? The answer is very simple. His manifestation did not meet the demands of the since long overdue

chosen- people. The history of mankind is repeating itself, Christ will not.

People like magicians and miracle-workers, always did and seem - even in this time – to continue this attitude. Most gurus in this world use this habit for their own benefit. Lots of money is willingly paid. Charismatic messages to give up worldly possessions, for a better world, are met without criticism.


It might be that this picture will start some thinking about “our present spiritual climate”. These rituals are the hidden persuaders in our spiritual subconscious.

There are neither elected nor chosen ones in this world, there are just people in various phases of evolution.



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