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Luciferan Forces




Everybody undoubtedly knows that Lucifer was one of the highest ranking angels in the Kingdom of Wholeness. Because he went his “own way”, he became a “lost son”.

This is the basic principle of the pit we all might fall into. There are a couple of choices to make while being on Earth:

a.      Not my will but Thy Will prevails

b.     My will prevails in Thy Creation on basis of free choice, but if something bad happens to me, I will blame Thee for not helping me.


The last interpretation tells sufficiently about our insight, although it is a present-day statement. These two interpretations are mentioned because they seem to be very closely related. The most deceiving lie is the one we hardly recognise from the real truth. The “un-truth” is for most people not to be traced.

Only for people with a deep inner feeling and a critical analysis, including the vision of radiation, know immediately. Luciferan forces are forces of high concentrated power but at the same time are restrictive within God¢s Creation. The individual who might think to know what God¢s Creation is or stands for, might consciously or unconsciously utilise these forces. A shocking point of view! It would mean that the majority of people in our world are being kept imprisoned in this force.


In our present world, we do not like statements like that. It would be very soothing and convenient to say, it is not as bad as that. We do not need to go into the classic and dogmatic debate about guilt and penance. We all are people in process and progress and till the very last second of our being on earth, we might obtain absolution. Not through a request of somebody in despair, but through charisma of “real” understanding” what His Will is all about. In the Kingdom of God, words do not mean much. Our deeds resulting into a certain radiation(enlightenment!) will be decisive. A charisma observable through the trained and able eye on earth (who?).


The specialty of our time and age is that we have the opportunity of free choice to transform these luciferan forces inside us. We shall be taken into Wholeness of Creation, the “next step” on the Jacob¢s ladder. This demands commitment and decisiveness and not just sending up a list of wishes, God has to fulfil. It requires another insight and comprehension you have to work for, under guidance of the Planetary Hierarchy.

The Cathars – the original ones – knew that being on Earth would mean, being under the influence of these forces and just wanted to escape. The time we are living now, is very special.


 Before we incarnated it was promised to us that The Force would be there to unite heaven and earth into Wholeness. This belief must be fundamental and rooted in every cell of your being. In our world of spangle, now more than ever before, it will not be a simple task to face the truth.

We should not judge or condemn each other but face “facts” and act accordingly.



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