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We all know, our brain has two sides. Through the mutual inter-cohesion of these sides, we are able to receive and produce impulses causing and controlling the chemical reactions within our body. Moreover, these sides have each four shifts, each representing a certain stage of consciousness. The brain-frequency(vibration) receiving the impulse, determines the receptivity of the individual. This frequency(vibration) is mostly dependent upon the spiritual development and not so much upon the scientific knowledge so admired in this world. That does not mean that an individual cannot have both characteristics and combine these in daily life. Soul-radiation is responsible for the way we are spiritually “educated” regulating the possibility and quality of receptivity.


Better-known spiritual qualities are psychic abilities like clairvoyant or “clair-audiance”. The unknown fact is how “clair is clair” . These well-admired characteristics belong to the first step on the “spiritual ladder” and are the result of this brain-frequency(vibration).

We can influence and regulate this brain-frequency(vibration) through certain exercises, breathing, or sounds like music. Drugs causing “supply” of certain information and/or projection. Native people, like Indians, Aboriginals use drugs. Our present society seem to have adopted this in using spirits, tobacco and much stronger stuff like opium, cocaine and others. Do not underestimate the influence of music in the world of today.

On human level, we are totally under the influence of our brain-frequency(vibration) causing the so-called dopamine or aspirin-effect.


The total of eight shifts in the left and right brain-side represent a certain code of spiritual development. They also indicate the universal meaning, “so above, so below”

In our time, we are ruled by the fifth shift “the bliss-feeling” or emotional love. Many gurus are using this feeling to enslave their followers.




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