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What is white and what is black magic?




Above question, is apparently easy to answer. On second sight it might be as complex as human society. The inclination is to think, black is bad and white is okay. This is the obvious solution and there is no doubt about the result of the answer. These are the apparent dogmas human beings deal with. It is as much a clear answer as no answer.

We are governed by clichés and are fooled by our “clear” thinking patterns. To rule and dominate people is to give clear “one-sided” answers and exercise power without them noticing it.


In the past, all kinds of stereotypes were used and these are still valid for the majority of our society. The “devil” we created, has a fixed picture and everything more or less related, is bad. A real human dogma. The creators are keeping mankind in a circle of belief and hold them there. If we should like to come to a different type of society, we should “kill”(transform) this dogma into a different, wider and opener field. The result might be much clearer and more convincing but might lead in the beginning to instability.


Imagine, the “devil” wants us something to do or to decide. Would the apparent power be radiated through his ugliness, so that everybody might be able to see the original source? Or would it be much more convincing and helpful to manifest as a beautiful angel. The answer is very easy, of course, the last supposition.

If we should do something against his liking, he would show his real “background”. This supposition is also a cliché picture, but the deep down meaning for those who have eyes to see and ears to listen, is bewildering.


According to the law, so below so above, it is very logical. Most impostors in our society of a “higher” level are well groomed and well dressed.

Why people are less analysing and critical for beings of another realm is very hard to understand. The whole concept is very complicated, certainly when you are influenced through “window-dressing” and not observing the deeds in action.

To be healed is a favourite proof for people, but we forget that this type of healing is maya.


The actions being enslaving for an individual in a spiritual sense and restricting the freedom of choice, are devilish. Being healed through serving Wholeness, is the ultimate answer. A rather short description, but you might be able to develop this deep down inside in connection to the Ultimate Source.

There is also a more direct way of answering the main question.

Any form of limited or unlimited personal freedom on Earth bringing harm to Wholeness, is black magic. Most of us are not able to understand the results and consequences of this paradox, when represented in our daily life.

Is individuality a God given right? To transform this individuality in His Name is our birth-intent and the reason of our incarnation.

An astral picture, relatively easy to understand, but interconnected with lots of subtleties. These originate from our ideas of lies and truths, as we understand these. Every description in this field is incomplete. You could fill books with this theme, and it would still be incomplete.


The individual influenced by humane stereotypes will never be able to penetrate spiritually into the force field of Truth. This force can only be originating from The Ultimate Source.

No matter what sorts of pictures are painted by people, they remain of human background and consequently are restrictive. To lead people on this basis through human ruling is maya, and should never be done.


Since ancient times, self-appointed mediums of spirit are promising Heaven to those who are behaving according to human-set rules and goals. We might be able to conclude the results. Our world is in turbulence. This is not the ascertainment of a disappointment but just a conclusion.

The question might be: will mankind mend its way or will we just continue the way we did? We have the Freedom of Choice. The situation is clear, the actions should be clear too. It does not necessarily mean that God¢s Plan for the other kingdoms, visible and invisible, will be jeopardized. Certain consequences, however, will be the result.




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