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Karma and/or Fate




These words are of considerable meaning but only as a result of the Law of Cause and Effect. Many descriptions are given about karma. There are people stating this is a concept of the East and not applicable, even atheistically, in the West.

Some aspects of karma are words like dualism, positive/negative and other well-known words used in the New Age scene. The result of the Law of Action-Reaction; everybody is facing in his or her lives on earth, consciously or subconsciously.


The birth-intent is transformation of karma in matter through action in silence, only realised through praying in submission to His Mercy.


We shall have to meet the demands of the Law of Interaction in dualism and transform these into Unity and Wholeness. Before being able to understand this process, we might ponder what karma means in connection to reincarnation. Reincarnation is granted to us to be able to have a retry to transform karma originating from another life in the new life. Only through deeds in silence, transformation might take place. In this previous life this individual did not meet these standards of transformation and might have caused new karma. Reincarnation takes place, after a “learning-process on soul-level”.


If a human being is meeting the standards of transformation, the reincarnation cycle being body and soul, are over. A “new way of transformation” takes over in the fifth dimension(Wholeness), The New Covenant. Then, no reincarnation on Mother Earth will take place any more, with the exception of one reason. If a body/soul fused frequency(vibration) needs to reincarnate back to Mother Earth for whatever reason – there are very few – it is an utterly painful process to realise this. The frequency(vibration) has to be lowered in order to be able to materialise in the flesh. Otherwise, the flesh would not be able to encase the radiation in existence. Remember, Our God is a burning fire.


A “Master of Wholeness” has to reduce His radiation in order to be able to materialise in earth matter. If doing so accordingly, He will be subjected again to the dualistic laws of our part of creation. All Messengers of Wholeness will tell you, and in all Holy Books this is stated.

Why is karma there and where does it originate?

The answer has already been given. All actions not in harmony with Wholeness will create karma. This is working through the Luciferan force, being self-realisation and other deeds where separation of Creation is involved.

A very confronting judgement, because almost all spiritual methods and principles in existence at the present moment, are based upon self-realisation and self-satisfaction.

In previous times this was a step of preparation and should lead to transformation. The two main reasons for karma are struggle for life and struggle for power to dominate in any way.


Struggle for life in our society is very much accepted and therefore the most difficult one to recognise. Both struggle for life and power are very much connected to each other. In the struggle for life-energy, power is a dominant factor. If dominance is intensified, security of life-support and energy is secured in our world.


The same rule applies for earth-nourishment and spiritual enlightenment.

The conclusion is, that karma is a consequence of our behaving pattern and not the original cause. This cause is the struggle for life-energy and/or power. .

The human being is incarnating from collectivity (all-soul) into an individual body. Through deeds of action in silence and submission it should grow back into collectivity again, Wholeness. The New Covenant


Many among us had already many lives and are now in incarnation again, to transform in His Name, karma, the total of the sum of all our karma belonging to all our previous lives.

The solution seems to be to solve(?) this on a personal and individual basis. This is far beside the actual truth. An example will help you to see it in a wider perspective.

You lived your life in a previous life being male (you are a female now) and you caused a karma because of struggle for life-energy. In that life you created a field of radiation influencing people you might never have known.


Because of your behaviour they were influenced to live a specific life creating karma. Karma for them but also karma for Mother Earth on basis of a kind of pollution or jeopardising nature in a different way. Today in this present life, you have no idea. Through spiritual games you might think you discovered the cause of your karma and you are starting to take action to transform. You are also a female and living in a male dominant world. You helped in this previous life to build this field of morphogenetic resonance. It is not easy to cope. In that previous life you have sowed something that you are “harvesting” now.


“Bad Fruits” and we need to look for a guilty one. The present man is responsible but he might not have helped making that morphogenetic field, because in that previous life he was a woman. He might help presently to transform this dominating field into Oneness. To make a long story short, in karma there are no guilty people, just people in various stages of development, so no guilt and no penance.


These kinds of complexities apply for culture, nationality, belief, race and others. They are producing the scene of our present world. Transforming “personal” karma on basis of the present interpretation of new age, is only causing karma. We are keptyou imprisoned in the circle of our own rightness, an incredible maya-circle. Nevertheless, pleasing to a lot of people, because it feels so comfortable (dopamine) striving for “rightness”. These morphogenetic fields are all still there. Not only the old ones of previous lives but also the newly made ones. The basic idea that mankind is the centre-point of Creation is one of the strongest and most influencing ones. You might be able to comprehend what caused the Fall and the original Sin, still going on in our lives.


Every baby is born fully forgiven and totally innocent. On the moment of birth, the “soul” has understood the intent of the mission to Mother Earth and has received unconditional absolution, but shall have to maintain this on Earth. There is no guilt and no penance, everything is forgiven, but the imprint of the DNA has to be transformed into Wholeness.

This is the task of everybody. Since everybody has a different imprint of DNA, the path for everybody on the Path of Unity (there is but One Path) is different and has to be conform the code of the DNA. That is the message of our time. We are, however, very busy with striving for prolonging life, struggling for life-energy and spiritual freedom.


Again, history is repeating itself and karma will be fortified, instead of transformed. There is but one Path to be going and that is collaborating with the Planetary Hierarchy. Be instrumental, like an acupuncture needle, connector of Heaven and Earth-energies in His Name. In brief, submission and obedience to “not my will, but Thy Will prevails”. Whether you live a hundred years, a year or a day, it is just human understanding that a hundred years is better than one day. You might pray for better conditions in life, but you have to bear in mind that the contents of these prayers should not harm other living creatures, visible and invisible on our planet. When we understand, we will be servants for Wholeness and accept the consequences.


This is not just anything. It is a big statement and confrontation, valuable to think about. We should consider that having spiritual free choice is inviolable. A “Master of Wholeness” will never be able to enforce this attitude on Planet Earth. You might have understood the impact of This Law Interaction, action is reaction and what this means in a universal way.

Karma has been laid down in race, gender, nationality, culture, religion and so on. Through morphogenetic fields of resonance, karma is highly influencing our lives through radiation of these force-fields, made by mankind.


To think that through memorial services, this world will become a “better” place to live in and the manifestations in remembrance of “this will not happen again”, is maya. The opposite is true and those morphogenetic fields are just strengthened. They shift through conscious and subconscious thinking patterns. When receptivity is high, they will manifest through adapted circumstances on our planet.


That is what is happening. Mankind are masters in doing the opposite of what should be done. We are the initiators and put God¢s Will of Wholeness aside. When we do so, we forget the Law of Immanence and turbulence will be the result.

In our days, life starts when you are born, and ends when you die. That is the result of our human intervention in the cycle of life and karma is the result. Creating fields of energy without knowing and fortifying these morphogenetic fields in “our” duality.



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