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You might call this a very normal way of contacting God, but it is certainly also the most controversial way. Depending upon the “force” and contents of this prayer, His Reaction will be a flash of healing power to the Wholeness of Mother Earth, of which we are part. Everyday, millions of prayers are directed to Our Creator of Heaven and Earth. Every individual has his own opinion about praying and what it should be about. There two different kinds of prayer:                                                           

a.      The emotional prayer in human individual words, reflecting our feelings

b.     The prayer for Wholeness of Creation where man is individual and instrumental in The Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) and used as an acupuncture needle. An instrument regulating the flow of spiritual energy for the Whole of The Planet      

We should remind ourselves, being dualistic, there are two aspects in the connection:

a.      The actual words spoken by us

b.     The intention, physically and spiritually, when we speak these words. This radiation shows our real intention and is actually the only true value.


The values of our sayings are only interpreted on the basis of our inner-intentions and dedications. We, in our daily lives, might be able to understand. If we, when people say something, look at their eyes and their “body language”.


When we are praying and we do not support this prayer with total devotion and dedication, our words do not mean much in the eyes” of God. We shall not have the impact and/or reaction we might expect. This is rather important. The compulsory speaking of prayers – so often done – are no prayers, but a human infusion of something so essential in our creation. We have forgotten the meaning.


Words are dominating our society, but are very often not followed by actual deeds. We abstain from these deeds when the actual moment and outcome does not suit us or we just forget.

It is forgotten very often to specify, to whom we send these prayers. There are many “entities” in the spiritual world that consider themselves a god. A clear and accurate direction is of utmost importance. If you address a letter incorrectly, it might never arrive at the desired destination.


The only actual and proper address should be: The Ultimate Source, God, The Creator of Heaven and Earth.



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Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)