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The emotional prayer




Daily, people who forget to give a clear direction, send up many millions of prayers. This emotional prayer is, most of the time, a list of requests for the “better”, a plea for a correct answer to our expectations. Our requests are always based upon human patterns of need or desire. We create these desires and wishes ourselves.

They are based upon individually created “positive” ideas or wishes for ourselves, our children, our family, our friends, acquaintances and may be our country.

Who is praying for “his enemies”?

In this type of prayer, there is always a kind of control involved and unavoidably, separation. We are people and we think we know what our needs are.


In such a prayer, we mostly put a kind of indication. God should behave and act according to our wishes in order to meet our desires. A very human way. There might be people who are praying for the Wholeness and Well-being of Mother Earth. This is a minority and when they do that, they might have a certain supposition of what the actual outcome should be.

This is also control.


All these human prayers for peace and “positive thinking” might lead to the opposite, turbulence and war. Why?

A big group of people are praying for peace. This type of peace is mostly based upon human thinking and behaving patterns connected to their cultural backgrounds. In principle, you might be able to state when two groups of people are praying like that, war is (almost) unavoidable. Two parties with a different cultural background who have different opinions about peace and justice, will finally confront physically in what we call war. It might take quite a while, but it will happen.


It might look, doing an emotional prayer because of the projection of expectations, is useless. On the contrary! If people through the Law of Action/Reaction are noticing that their expectations are not unconditionally met, a development of human-based mental spirituality takes place. A development of human ethical values based upon attitude and behaviour in our society might be the result..


A code of conduct you can work with and also convince others to follow these rules to get a peaceful society. In our time, these rules and convictions have rather taken quite large proportions. You might wait some time and see happening the turning point, when people are taught by force what the real meaning is of our life on this planet. In our days the world is at war and it might be the result of human projection. Mankind will find out that there might be something more than human wisdom and will rediscover The Ultimate Source in a different way than before.

We shall understand, “mental spirituality of human origin” will lead to nothing. A quest for real(?) spirituality will start. Our time is an exceptional example showing this process.


The quest resulted up till now, in finding old rituals and old concepts of religion. We are putting this in a new “wrapping” and another presentation and we call it New Age. Doing the praying – contacting The Ultimate Source – takes place in the old-fashioned way. This praying is mostly for our own benefit. Mankind is creating a spiritual backlog. The church has forbidden many old rituals but might not be able to explain why.


In Holy Scriptures, it says so but interpretations are very often elemental and not very well explained. These are statements, very difficult to accept in the 21st century. Nevertheless, in the New Testament, most citations are still valid. The way dogmatic movements and groups are trying to explain these, is not in harmony with our New Age Consciousness. It is not the merit of the New Age Movement. This movement is just as dogmatic or appears to be.

The explanations need revision on basis of a new insight in Creation. A thinking apparently one bridge too far, still.


In brief, the prayer through word, music or psalm is emotion. However, also through this type of prayer, a honest request can be sent up. It should come from the deepest of our inner-feelings. We might say “from the bottom of our heart” and not just done during a ceremony, but at any time. An almost “mission impossible” situation, so it might seem. Our surroundings might call it fanatic. This dedication needs to be done in silence and we should not give statements of our well doing.


There might be a side effect doing these prayers, physical well being and health. In various services of healing through religious performances, this effect is counted on. Also the healing sessions through paranormal or astral rituals are based upon this, called dopamine or aspirin-effect. Emotional praying is certainly useful when executed in submission. Very often, fear or despair is a catalyst. The course of praying has undergone quite a development, controlled and pushed by human will and desire. It is still the majority of people praying like that.

This is the reason why still so many unanswered question exist about our existence in this world.


The other form of praying, “not my will, but Thy Will prevails” is the opposite.

A new era in time for humanity will start when we shall act accordingly. This cannot be done through the emotional concept, but only through total submission and devotion.

The emotional prayer keeps us in the circle of our own rightness, and the “Law of ask and you shall have”. The explanation of the last phrase is paradoxical.


We cannot escape nor ignore the Law of Duality on Mother Earth. The consequence will be, we shall not be able to do a non-emotional prayer. Our emotional-feelings will block a prayer that is not according to this dualistic pattern. The persuasion to act conformingly should come out of mental submission and will result from time to time into enormous confrontations. This process will continue, if we go on asking for this guidance into Wholeness.


We shall live through a lot of turbulence, moments of doubt, followed by determinedness, even moments of victory.


All those symptoms and feelings are just variations and effects of our duality.


These Lightprayers of Wholeness are not developed by people, but brought to Planet Earth by The Planetary Hierarchy. To be used by people in trust of this Wholeness. The fact that body and soul have to be united (in vibration) through submission in His Name. To pray in unity with all that lives, seen or unseen and work for Totality no matter what consequences are attached.


Mother Earth is a total Unity of everything that lives and grows in a certain frequency(vibration).

Mankind should make itself available being instrumental – out of free choice – to The Planetary Hierarchy. What doest this mean in practice?

Every individual might connect himself with God through an arousing question, a universal prayer, for Wholeness of Creation and God˘s Force will fertilise Planet Earth, through this man being connector.


Through this flow of action, the human body is being prepared for universal chemistry at the appropriate time. Blood is the main actor. Through universal thinking patterns, morphogenetic fields of resonance will be the result. To do the same thinking patterns in His Name, mankind will start to behave in a stable and continuing process.


Universal prayers are building energetic or morphogenetic fields of resonance. Emotional prayers are building also these fields. The first are for the Wholeness of Creation, the last are made according to the wishing patterns of people(duality), having a certain idea of Creation.

All religions in our world have a different morphogenetic field of resonance. A field matching their convictions in thinking and acting. There are many fields that apparently look similar but are basically very different.


When we do the universal Lightprayers being a non-emotional mixture of four energies (light, breathing, sound and movement), a morphogenetic field of Wholeness in His Name will be built under guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy. This is the biggest difference compared with emotional praying. These Lightprayers are made for all other Kingdoms in evolution. Not for the benefit of mankind alone. All these creatures, visible and invisible are able to agree and will unite accordingly.


In this way, not only the human being is deciding. Through Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy all other beings, in the various astral realms are not forgotten and are getting their share of the Guidance. We all are beings in evolution, within this frequency(vibration) of Creation. One part is far ahead (?), the other part is just starting. This specifically emphasizes, that it does not matter where you are. We all are in development or progress on the endless spiral of evolution.


Prayers might lead to progress only when we are prepared to submit to the Planetary Leaders of Wholeness. All visible and invisible creatures can support this. There is no importance in what we say, only our deeds in action will prove. Your radiation will show and it is the only ultimate convincing factor. The story of The Prodigal Son is the classic proof, but for some people very hard to understand.


In our world, in the past and present, asking for and being granted forgiveness by a priest, vicar or other religious teacher, is habitual.

This action is not fully according to the principles of forgiveness. People in difficulties are easily asking for forgiveness, but we should not forget that granting it should not be done according to human conditions. We should leave this into the Hands of God, and only the one involved will know whether he or she is really forgiven. Universal forgiveness is “soul-matter” and no human has the right to step into the place of The Creator.


If an individual, from the deepest inner-feelings, asks for forgiveness, The Father will forgive him and no human should be intermediary. The Father will be led by radiation and not by words.

This is the Story of The Prodigal Son, coming home and in all sincerity and frankness asks to be forgiven. It can happen any time accordingly, but only if we are asking under the same circumstances. We shall be granted this forgiveness in a flash. You might understand that in this way asking for forgiveness is considerably more complex than just asking in words. Manipulation is made impossible.

For rationalistic people, this is probably very difficult to grasp. On a human level, we always should forgive people if we have the opinion they are sincere. We must grant them time to prove through deeds they really are sincere. Universal forgiveness is meant likewise. Everybody is entitled to another chance. The reincarnation-cycle is the “living-proof” of it.


It might be known that this is a very misused principle in history. People have granted other people forgiveness using it in their human drive for power. Also people can be made dependent and enslaved by self-appointed “privileged” individuals using this principle of indoctrination.




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