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This is the central issue every human being should understand. If there is no perception of the obvious relationship and difference, we cannot become consciousness of what evolution really is. We should not forget that there is physical and spiritual evolution subject to a different interpretation. Within the physical or material world the old is very clear, but the same clarity does not exist in spirituality.

Nostalgic feelings make the old acceptable. The remembrance of another “life-speed” where time did not play such a prominent and dominant key part in our existence, plays quite a soothing role.


In our days, time is the leading fact, because nobody nowadays, has got any time left. A day has 24 hours, but within the “life-speed” of today, a day could have 48 hours and this still would not change anything. A principal difference between “the old and the new days” is time expressed through “life-speed”. In our present physical world, everything is already obsolete even before we have consciously accepted it.


Experiences are teaching us. These are leading to this statement. This is the material or physical side of evolution, but what about the spiritual side? In principle, the same truth would apply. The old spiritual things should be transformed into new spiritual awareness. For the present individual, this is very hard to understand. The expression, “see, how I make everything new” was hardly understood in the time of Jesus, and even in our days people have no clue of its meaning.


We talk about New Age and present all kinds of spiritual ways and methods originating since thousands of years and even older. In order to meet the conditions of “Newness”, the inventive individual creates a new wrapping around the old way, and declares it “New”. To a certain extent, this is true. The old way was never presented in this new “wrapping”. These old spiritual ways have their “place” in spiritual evolution, but they do not meet the demands of the new Prophecy. The new Prophecy – see the previous pages about the Maya Calendar and The Pyramid of Gizeh – predicts the arising of a new world. It is not the choice of the human being whether this new world will be created or not, his choice is the free choice to participate being part of this new Covenant.


The free will of the individual is inviolable. The new world under the New Covenant is beyond our present perception and will be based upon a total new “programme”. We have the old programme, The DNA, and our perception of this new world, will be maya. It is highly recommendable to have a just and non-emotional evaluation on old and new ways of thinking and/or consciousness. The question remains, are we able to perform such a task, or are we just too emotional.

In our world of spiritual energy, the law of evolution follows the course of the known track. The Path is the Path of Transformation of Frequencies(vibrations). If our today’s path belongs to the frequency(vibration) of 4mhz, the new path might be 8mhz.


The last one will be completely new and the old way of perception will be absorbed by the new way of perception.

This will also work out in density of earth matter. Through this new perception and density, a new world will be the result. This difference will not be the wrapping, but the total core will be changed.


An example of the development of the human race will also certainly help.

A human being will be born and be a child. Quite a few times it was mentioned that it is more preferable to call a child a “little” man. The body developing while growing up and the soul should have time to adapt to the restrictions of earth-life. The conscious of the whole being will be formed during this time within the restrictions of individual possibilities. Every adolescent man knows he was a child and connected to the ruling “Zeitgeist”. Talking about his childhood, it is almost always forgotten, that this is done through the consciousness of the full grown being. This is one of the human examples of maya.


Very often we talk about the child in us. When a grown up talks with a child about being a child, there is very little interest in the child for this subject. The Zeitgeist of both eras of being child on both sides and the respective experiences and interpretations are very different. Even though the non-conscious grown up does not see it that way, being a child has been integrated in his present grown up consciousness.

The only thing the child might appreciate, is the tolerance opening up a possibility for more freedom and self-willed activities.


Our present society will probably have to deal with the sour fruits of too much tolerance and understanding. This is the result of the acts of grown up advisors, who think they understand the mind of a child. Having been a child is an integrated fact in “the grown up world” and cannot be separated as such. Having been a child is an integrated part of being adolescent and indivisible as such. Childhood as it was, is beyond the understanding of the grown up. The human pedantic interpretation of transformation is responsible for the increasing unbalance of our world within the various social structures.


New is the apotheosis and the result of transformation of the old. The old only exists as an inseparable and integrated part of the new. The “old” separated evolutionary developments are ruling nowadays our spiritual “mind”. It really is incredible where all these old “wisdoms” come from.


The basic principle and restriction of all types of consciousness is the possibility of transporting and transforming energy. In the chapter “prayer” it was explained that up till now, we only could pray on an emotional basis. This was and will be done within the boundaries of a certain humanly pictured-frame and connected to a certain frequency(vibration). Praying might be done on a higher frequency(vibration). The “old way” of praying will be in this “new way” of praying, but will be totally different from traditional praying.


To be able to pray on this higher frequency(vibration), mankind needs a new way of praying. This new way of praying is not yet in the mind of mankind. Up till this time, very few “chosen ones” had that possibility, without even being aware. The consequence of this new praying will be that mankind will stop considering being the centre part of creation. There will be praying for all living creatures seen and unseen, like plants, animals, Devas and creatures of the parallel world ( if man could understand such a creation). In any case, mankind will not take any more the main lead but be a part of all, seen and unseen.


This will result into an enormous revolution in the way of thinking about Creation and will be unheard of, since the earliest of times. This has only become possible since mankind has worked itself through the “ego” way of praying. A new stage of consciousness is on the brink of breakthrough initiated by the Planetary Hierarchy (the Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).

The way of performance is not “invented” by man but is enshrouded in the way man is having trust and confidence in the Guidance of the Spiritual Beings of Oneness of our Planet Mother Earth.

This will be effectuated when the old becomes new and praying will be done in this higher frequency(vibration) through submission.


Meditative rituals being of a certain frequency(vibration)-range (the human being stays in control) are shifting to contemplative experiences in a flash of light. The individual cannot control anything anymore in any way and commitment will be the result (without any type of force). Being an instrument – an acupuncture needle – in the Hands of the Spiritual Beings of Oneness, doing the Lightprayers. Being the arousing force on Mother Earth and meeting the principal demand for applying the Law of Action/Reaction in His Name for Wholeness.


The Lightprayers will be the arousing prayers for The New Covenant. These are made to transport and execute the enormous force necessary to transform our Creation in His Name. That is the metaphorical meaning of the Prophecy that everything will be made new. The old ways will be totally changed into the new way through transformation.

The available force for transportation of these Lightprayers is dependent upon the body-strength of the respective executor, being highly trained to allow as much flow and radiation as possible.


For quite some time, mankind used spiritual powers for healing the body, a spiritual transformation of diseases, being disharmonious energy-vibrations.

Many spiritual books have been written about the energy-systems of the body and you might call this the “chakra-energy-system”.

We have 7 main chakras, spinning round energy-fields, and in totality our body has 49 of these charkas. The 7-square force ranging within a certain frequency(vibration).

This frequency(vibration) belongs to the astral world (Mother Earth, The Kingdom of the Dead and the 7-Spheres) and is able to heal (to live a longer earth-life). This 7 or 7-square, force you will find in all known healing methods where body-healing in this life, is the goal. The statement is that prayer through all known old rituals with the 7-square force, might result into a longer earthly life. This includes an elevation of soul-radiation enabling the soul to advance within the 7-Spheres at the appropriate time in this life (reincarnation-cycle). This is a very short explanation how shamanistic procedures and eastern methods are working to heal body and soul. This force will never be able to enable man¢s soul to leave the restrictions of the 7-Spheres or Bardo.


An all-embracing Force of Wholeness is needed, the 8 or 8-square, so below, so above. This Force is impossible to control by humans and can only be applied by The Planetary Hierarchy (Christ of Buddhist Consciousness) when full submission is given by the individual. This Force is enshrined in all world-religions before these were made into institutions controlled by people. Their cultural and racial backgrounds are demanding exclusivity of God.


About the 8, so below, so above, a lot of stories can be told.

It might be very clear, that the 8, two rounds(worlds) are connected to each other. It stands symbolically for two worlds connected to each other separated by a curtain of energy-frequency(vibration). When opening up the top of the 8, a more realistic view will be there. It means the above world is endless and the world below is restricted by the pattern of thinking of mankind.

Working out 8-square will result into 64, being a magical figure opposite another magical figure being 49. The numerological readings of these two are: 64=10=1 and 49=13=4. The one stands for Oneness of Wholeness and the 4 stands for the four elements air, water, fire and earth. The forces of Planet Earth might be made into Oneness through prayers in His Name for The Totality of Creation.


In our world, many times the figure of 64 is used. In the material world, the chessboard, and also our DNA has 64 different keys. The 4 substances in the 3 realms (earth, soul and spirit) makes 64 keys on basis of the Law of Interaction. The capacity of the Force of prayer for Oneness (64) is the sole possibility to transform in His Name the world of reincarnation, being astral. There are various forms of human transformation because also with 7-square (49) you might be able to transform within the vicinity of the paranormal or astral world.

The basic difference between working with 8-square and 7-square is:

that the first one unites Heaven and Earth

that the last one is progress of individual radiation through working with paranormal or astral forces for self-realisation.


The 8-square is the Force of The New Covenant and the 7-square is the force of past times belonging to a lower frequency(vibration), but certainly still belonging to our Creation. Working with 64 is working with Hermes Trismegestus – universal chemistry – and working with 49 is working with man/brain-controlled principles like earth chemistry. This is a tremendous difference and a total different vision. Working with 8-square means also working with 7-square, because after having “completed” working with 7-square, this will be transformed into 8-square.


Applicable is here that “smaller things” always fit into big things, but never the other way around. This is a very simple saying but for many a very big confrontation. This is basically what is happening in our today’s spiritual world.

To learn to understand through confrontation might be a very painful experience. Some people will resist and want to hold on to traditional thinking.


This brings up the next step to what we are and how our DNA is enshrined:


                                         The Blood


The force of the blood is what life is all about on this planet. The code DNA is enshrined. This makes what we are and only through transformation of this blood, renewal of our life might be obtained.

The blood has red corpuscles (the colour of the lowest chakra) and white corpuscles (the colour of the crown chakra). In our blood, the interaction is harmonised between the white and the red corpuscles. Every individual has a certain quantity of “energy of Heaven” (intensity of soul-radiation) and a certain quantity of “energy of Earth” (intensity of Deva radiation).


 Radiation from The Father, The Ultimate Source, received by Mother Earth through the interaction of our body, a force must be built up in the blood. When we are made ready to go into the “other realm” this force will open up a certain chemical reaction in our body while hurling our soul into the other realm. When “death” is a fact, the soul has permanently left our body. A chemical interaction takes place and even “poisonous” traces are secreted on the skin. On that moment the “trained” eye is able to see to what sphere the soul will be lead to, on the Path to Wholeness.


This force set free on that moment, is called The MerKaBa. This term is also used for many other similar manifestations, just or unjust. There are many other manifestations but the one described above, is the one Jesus showed to the world. This was His Reason to stress the importance of blood. Mankind has hardly understood this indication. Very little attention was focussed on this subject. Human beings interpreted this as purity of blood or bloodlines through breeding and feeding rituals but failed to understand that purity of deep inner consciousness was meant.


We should in our struggle for life energy (longer life) understand that we are permitted to do anything as long as we do not harm the other life forms.

In our today’s world it is as difficult as ever not overstepping the laws of karma and every individual has his own responsibility.


We do not need to point our finger at others because we all participate also in doing nothing. Doing the 64 Lightprayers, we build a morphogenetic field of resonance in His Name, on Planet Earth and in our blood we build a corresponding energy field. This field of energy is surpassing human rituals and judgement. Previously was indicated what this field might cause when coming into full power. It will attract and transform all less forceful morphogenetic fields, and Mother Earth will be cleared of all human turbulences. We are not able to do these 64 Lightprayers properly within human control. Only through the Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy, this Force will be guided effectively in the Name of Wholeness on our planet. This is The New Way and contradicting the old way.


1.     The first (New Way) is: All is One and One is All

2.     The last (Old Way) is: Fundamentally, everybody for himself.   



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