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After all that has been explained, the unavoidable question remains: Is this true and if so, what are the consequences?


This is not a story but a range of experiences. These are certainly very hard to understand and accept for those who have not lived through these kind of happenings.

May be there are people reading this, will immediately recognise it in the deepest of their being. It is almost impossible to understand this with the brain. The most suitable explanation is recognition through an “inner-voice or bell” almost immediately repressed by the brain and the “reality” of our surrounding corporeal world.


This is a type of distraction very hard to describe. The intention of coming to this world, especially in these days, is very much dominated by our striving for egocentricity. From time to time, a sound breaks through this worldly armour and might hurt us deep down inside. To be hurt spiritually, like not any more knowing why you are here and what should be done. Asking about the sense of our existence on this planet?

The corporeal world is a world full of distraction. We want to live now and enjoy life to the hilt. This type of living is enjoyable and we should not condemn it. We forget, it is an experience being part of the evolutionary development without respecting other living creatures and solely in the name of self-interest.


Distraction belongs to our world. The sense of our living is realising, this must be overcome. Everybody is in that same boat. If we are to realise this, our life might become totally different. Our world would look totally different and life as we know it, would be history.

The Path back to the Source is a gradual submission to Wholeness and transformation of our self-interest. For the corporeal world, it is (almost) possible through giving up all belongings. It is an almost impossible way to do the same on a spiritual level through our emotional prayers. We need to replace these emotional prayers by Lightprayers covering the interest of the Whole of Creation.


Distraction is not only the result of our lack of perseverance. Our (worldly)spiritual needs with results are also dominantly progressing.

We are easily seduced quite substantially by the two biggest distractions and persuasions on this planet encapsulated in the words: love and beauty.

Although mentioned before, it is of utmost importance to be alert. On both material and spiritual level, we have ourselves easily attracted by these radiations. In itself, there is nothing wrong with universal love and beauty.


The distractions happen to us when we are attracted by apparent physical love and beauty. We should instead have the “inner-eye” of knowing that the surface is missing, the deeper inner-core of universal love and beauty.


Through confrontation, nothing will be left over of this “surface” beauty and love, and the real core will show itself. We might be able to build our own world of distraction and flee away into it. The wakening up will be very painful. Especially when this world built on human terms and logic will collapse like a house of cards, whatever the reason might be.


Undeniably, we have built into this Creation our world, our pattern of conduct and have tried to redesign Mother Earth according to our wishes.

Our rules of conduct are dominated by our needs of which liberty is by far the main topic.

An excessive drive for independence and freedom is the main reason, so many excesses and extravagances are in existence or will be created in our time. A very important example is sexuality. In our present world, this human function is fully invalidated of the original and main function.


Only through fusing of the giving(male) and receiving(female) a physical body is created, the new carrier of the soul.

Sexuality on a physical level has been developed into a decaying need of enjoyment and considered being the most important reason of our existence on this planet.

All excessive sexual side effects arisen out and developed for meeting full human satisfaction, are not even considered here.


The main reason for sexuality is creating a corporeal body for reincarnation of the soul. A spiritual development might take place and the giving and receptive side enshrined in everybody will fuse to Wholeness. Christ will be born again.

An almost outdated conception in the world we live in. Children are subjected to a manifestation of adolescent love.


The reason why they have come to this world almost forgotten.

A demonstration of distraction almost unsurpassed in human history. It might be even in the history of the world. The original intent has disappeared behind the curtains of the memory of a reality of past times.

Will mankind be able to overcome and transform this distraction and make contact again with nature and life itself? Life has become like surfing on the Internet, browsing pages and looking for information, getting distracted and “loosing” the reason for entering the Internet. A substantial bill will be presented that has to be paid, for what? Karma has to be paid, no doubt about that.


Another distraction is to be influenced and lead by other people who appointed themselves to be “chosen ones” or some other self-appointed human degree. Or being influenced by certain types of entities of the spiritual world who claim to want to share their “superior knowledge” if you become their follower. To follow the Ones of The Planetary Hierarchy is the only solution of all these human distractions. They are the Beings of Wholeness informing you that only God is the Ultimate Wisdom.


They will help you without influencing you while making your free choice to go back to the Ultimate Source.

This helping you to go back to the Source, does not take place according to the thinking patterns of mankind. Only through submission to the Source, walking the Path with discipline and perseverance in both prosperity and misfortune, will bring Salvation.

The biggest distraction of all might be our view on emotional feelings. This is an unlisted and almost endless story.


First of all, we should “spiritually” make a difference between deep-inner feelings and emotional feelings. Many professional social workers will probably not agree.

Emotions are feelings we have in this world when we are experiencing certain happenings. These feelings are the result of the brain manifesting itself in our reactions. These feelings are the result of our deeds and experiences in our present life, directed by our sub-consciousness and our DNA.


To give a somewhat simple example might clarify the situation.

Suddenly we are subjected to an accident and we “escape” unhurt. At the moment of happening, we feel no emotions, but the after effect is quite different. When we are out of the endangering moment and we realise what might have happened, our emotional feelings catch on to us and might even result into a situation of shock. In our times, “professional help” is guiding us in these situations. These “specialists” trained by conditioned human knowledge, are fortifying these effects through the Law of Interaction, and are not aware of what they are doing.


These situations are deeply and “professionally” discussed and a morphogenetic field is created for life.

Universal feelings are of another origin and are mainly playing silently a role deep down inside us. The deep feeling is existing in our time that something terribly wrong is happening in our present world. It wakens up a memory within us and is causing the current emotional turbulences in our world.

This type of feeling is not within the boundaries of our brain, emotions are. The present stated fact that expressing emotions are useful to get rid of the tension inside us, seemed to be generally accepted. The way these emotional outbursts are handled are resulting in the opposite.

The more our life, our world, the totality of our creation, is built upon these emotions, the more these emotions become the quick sand of our being.


Mankind thinks to be able to control his destiny.

In spitting out our emotions on Mother Earth, we contribute more and more to the spiritual pollution governing our existence on Planet Earth. We should silently transform these outbursts and avoiding these contributions. Emotional energies have the characteristics to gather somewhere and be the cause of turbulences in our world. These fields of energy are shifting over the globe guided by our uncontrolled thinking patterns. The Path mankind should choose, should not be to get rid of these emotions or to radiate these in his surroundings, but to transform these into


Eternal Universal Love in His Name. Acceptance that we cannot change our world. We are able to work in silence as an instrument in The Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy. With Their help and guidance these emotions can be transformed into eternal truth, a universal feeling deep down inside us.

Our personal possibilities are very limited. We cannot judge the positive and negative sides of existence as promised in so many courses.

Only The Planetary Hierarchy is able to do that in His Name and only when we specifically ask for it. “Emotionless” praying is the only way to transform Mother Earth and all that lives and grows, visible and invisible into Heaven.


That is The Path, The Only Path.


People can never be good leaders in this type of guidance. As long as we are human, the same laws of emotion rule us. There is not much merit in admiring so-called or self-appointed “masters” of human descent.

The quietness and balance they seem to have is almost always a self-imposed silence and calmness. They keep the door of their human emotional actions and reactions very much closed to their admirers. For those who know to find out how to open this door, an immense explosion of human emotions will hit that one, who dared to challenge their “mastery”.


Human wisdom seems of high esteem and value, but belongs to the same category.

We, humans, always seem to follow other people who apparently know (or insinuate) a bit more than we do. All these human patterns has made the world into the world presently in existence. Very little will be changed if we are persisting in our ways.

On Planet Earth, saints are just a creation resulting out of human thinking.




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