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In order to be able to understand the function of the heart, we shall have to know about chakras, energy-centres of which we have 49 in the totality of our body. There are many books written about these charkas giving elaborate information.. It is enough to know that we have 7 “main-chakras” embedded mainly on our spinal column starting on the coccyx (tailbone). They have the specific colours of the rainbow being red, orange (lumbar vertebras), yellow (solar plexus),green (heart), indigo-blue (throat), amethyst (brow) and white (Fonticulus/Fontanel).

The spleen is the spiritual organ regulating our spiritual energy-flow. The effect and consequences of these rotating energy-fields are enormous and decisive for what we actually are. Many therapies apply chakra-force. Unfortunately, not always is the action is reaction principle considered. When the radiation of one chakra is changed all the other chakras will adapt.


The heart is the main energiser of energy-flow (blood), the pump-force of our present life. It is taking care of pressurising a certain quantity of blood in circulation. This is apparently the main principle. When impulses are received by us, consciously or not , there are certain consequences on the rhythm of our heartbeat and chemical reactions within our body. If there is no esoteric knowledge or metaphysics, it might be hard to comprehend that we also have an universal heart. This is the heart of silence, the position 0, the non-emotional heart, the heart of eternal life. In the history of mankind, many symbolic images are in existence. One of these is the cross. There are various varieties of the cross, each one has a different meaning.


The one the church seems to have monopolised being the one Jesus was nailed to, is the main principle of above-stated universal principal. People made various interpretations of this cross like the “cross of burden and suffering” showing the hands of Jesus pierced with nails. Another one is called the cross of Resurrection where Jesus has His Palms up showing the world His Victory over Death. He is going back to His Father¢s House, starting a New Life and a New Covenant.


In various civilisations existing long before the foundation of the church, you will find the sign of the cross. The cross is the symbolic sign for the human being. It is connected with the Ultimate Source bringing the energy-impulses into Mother Earth and vice-versa. Through spreading the arms, energy is radiated out all over the world. This is the basic concept of our life like you find depicted in quite a few statues of Jesus. The human being is the connector of Heaven and Earth. When we spread our arms sideways we shape a symbolic cross, hands left and right are the spiritual ends – dualism – and represent the spiritual position we are in. The centre-point is the position 0 on the sternum (breastbone) being the symbolic heart of silence. Not the silence caused by any noise or sound. This is just an aspect, but silence caused by harmonious contact with the Ultimate Source. There is no turbulence in this heart. This is a rather old symbol worn by Knights leaving for the Holy Land(Templars). This red-painted cross was located between their shoulders on their backside and on the breastbone, where the centre-point 0 exactly is located.

The lay-out of the human being is exactly created according to this principle. Thus, it will be able to bring energy-impulses through the chakras on to Mother Earth from the Ultimate Source and back.


Not only for the benefit of mankind but also in harmony towards all living creatures visible and invisible. We are very much dominated by our Solar plexus, the main chakra within our present existence for most people This is yellow-coloured and the emotional centre. We live in a time full of emotions on this planet and yellow is the representative colour. There is a lot of confusion about yellow and gold-colour and quite often the two are intermingled. Gold is the colour of Universal Wholeness (Wisdom) on Earth. This all seems to be quite complicated and difficult, but in principal it is very simple.

Only the perception is of importance not the knowledge of details.



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