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Flows of Money




This theme seems to be paradoxical but is certainly within the same stream of the topics already described. In the dogmatic and old significance, money represents the material world and should be despised.

The basic principle of uniting matter and spirit, or to be precise body and soul, makes this subject a “must” to be able to comprehend universal spirituality.

What is money and what does it represent? Money is obtained through labour and labour is supplied energy. The individual or group that possesses a lot of money possesses a lot of labour and is able to exercise a lot of power. When a lot of money is brought into a certain enterprise or project, a lot of energy of this 3rd dimension is part of it.


Automatically, an enterprise or project like that will be bound to human restrictive goals. The individual or group that are controlling this flow of energy might be able to exercise a lot of power and might, within the realm of Earth dimension. An authority exercised in this material realm might create a different world and a different outcome, but is also capable to manipulate groups of people within a certain objective. Results might be a change of climate or some other “phenomenon”. A “big leap forward” or perhaps the opposite might be the result in the evolutionary cycle of Mother Earth and all that lives and grows.


The present statuses of these enormous flows of money are traversing our Planet and create an incredible morphogenetic field of resonance of human wills and goals. This is unprecedented within the history of mankind. All movements and motivations are basically subjective to these flows. Mainly, these flows are to originate from the “Western Culture”. Nowadays, also other cultures are playing a role.

They also have this possibility and their “say”, the soft or the hard way. Mother Earth is controlled and put into a straitjacket. The end of this adventure is by far, not insight. The whole Planet is turned over to this concept of thinking.

These flows used to be controlled and “steered” by a certain nationalistic background. Nowadays, most of these money-flows have no “face” any more


Who are the actual controllers of these flows of money? Mostly, these are individuals fully operating within the anonymity of their position. They are sending these flows of money over the world –investment- on basis of the concept of continuity of the multinational, economic growth. That is the main motivation, whatever other reasons of humanitarian or other idealistic motivations or grounds are stated.

Centres of control direct the flow of money coming from the West all over the world on basis of this economic growth and are almighty in this field.

National authorities have hardly anything to say. The simple civilian in his constituency has to follow this pattern, or become an outsider or even worse.


These people who control these flows, take care of the development of our society and decide what the “primaries” will be. The Planet, Mother Earth, is apparently total defenceless for all side effects, which cause a tremendous pollution. Nobody can accuse somebody else. We all participate in this economic growth. It seems an unstoppable train nobody can get off. The solution cannot be expected from the human side. Who has the power, possibilities and the inclination to release us from this economic bondage?


This is the moment to grab the emergency brake and stop this madness. It is not the way to go back into nature and pollute the last remaining pieces. The conclusion is, we have to change, even if we have to give up the dearest we have.

An explosive remark that seems easier to perform in practice than in theory. We have to pray for “reprogramming in His Name” and commit ourselves to become instruments – acupuncture needles – in The Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy. If there are many of us, a morphogenetic field of Wholeness in His Name can be built.


This is the confrontation we shall have to face. This field of resonance should not be restricted to human restrictive thinking patterns and shall have to override gender, race, nationality or whatever human interpretation.

Only on this basis, The Planetary Hierarchy and the other Hierarchies like the Devas, will collaborate with us building this field. The time it will take, might be years, centuries or will take ages, but it also could take the time of a flash of light.

Man has the choice, but not the exclusive choice whether it will or will not happen. Man might choose his own preference and stick to his own possibility or capitulate in submission.

Quite a question, a great confrontation and an even greater uncertainty.


Will mankind realise that he has to give up his free choice and collaborate with The Planetary Hierarchy?


If so, will the results only be for the ones who did?

Why plays the West such an important role in this? Many people think to find wisdom in the old truths (?) coming from the East or the old civilisations.

The western individual (black, brown, yellow, white, man or woman) lives in the area where most multinationals have their main office. It is very important that in these areas these Lightprayers of Wholeness should be exercised, so that radiation through initiative of The Planetary Hierarchy can be effectuated in silence.


Direct shots of light of Oneness into the centre of the main course, in silence.

The old rituals have contributed to where we stand now and now is the time to act and come to a New Covenant. The old brings the new in an endless repetitive spiralling effect. We shall have to find out that no eastern or western wisdom exist, but just wisdom. Only areas where the flow of money originates. Presently they are numerous. People must especially become committed in silence and act accordingly.

We do not need sects or anything like that, but individuals, committed just to the connection with The Ultimate Source, God, The Father, doing the Lightprayers in silence.

There is no human commanding centre or anything like that. The Guidance is in the Hands of The Spiritual Companions of Mother Earth.

So, we shall have no human restrictions, and no chosen ones. They are non-existent on Mother Earth. The New Pattern of Thinking of our days will enlighten us that fleeing into our self-created world is senseless, maya.

A new world will be created if man will understand what life is all about. What will life still mean? The human being will adjust very quickly when his material needs are met.

The big question, however, is, is this the reason for being here?


The conclusion must be no. Material and physical expansions are just an aspect of our life. These developed tremendously. We should transform our needs otherwise we shall be absorbed into absolutely nothing.

We should not accept that material things have to be renounced. We should realise that a greater part of this, is at the expense of other living creatures on this planet.

Mankind still thinks he is the centre of creation and forgets his responsibility towards his fellow creatures, visible and invisible.


These flows of money are getting more and more influential and bigger. These play at this very present moment an overwhelming decisive role in everything that is happening on this planet. Flows of money are controlled by ”unknown” or at least non-democratically chosen individuals. They are elected and installed by some “unknown” people. The motivation is not, they are very much worried and responsible for the harmony and state of the planet in regard of what these flows of money cause. They are experts and have excellent qualities to manage economically these flows in view of profitability of their company


These unknown people are generally individuals, clean-shaven, clean-cut and very respectable dressed in their surroundings. It cannot be stated that most of them are not behaving according to the rules of our society.

The Law of Interaction is applicable. These flows of money are based upon needs, resulting in our today’s drive for greed and desire. Without these two most important motives, our world would have a different face. This position has, however, a certain, concealed purpose.


Mankind has chosen the last century for a secular composition of state. God only exists within the context of religion and not within the context of how the state is governed.

Spirituality has become an escape. The material world is denied or at least degraded, or the other way around. All old religious movements and beliefs are based upon the vow of poverty, both in the West and in the East. In religion, the material side was, at least officially, despicable and heavily denied by religious servants. Today, the business world denies almost any role of religion in their daily performances.


Not in all cases, though. Various institutions have used these flows of money to expand and evangelise people to accept their belief.. There is hardly any world-religion that did not use this instrument, even nowadays. They all still support and prescribe religion over matter, and in doing so, they are keeping this world in separation and disharmony.


The main topic of the New Age is to interconnect spirit and matter. It does not matter how much you possess, it matters how you are handling it “silently”. The world is not waiting for people asking for attention and giving away large sums for some noble or respected purpose. This certainly will not contribute to spirituality of this Creation. The opposite might more likely to happen. The western world is renowned for giving away large sums of money. Institutions control these flows. They have their respective conditions. The executives are mostly without any known identity and very often beyond democratic control.


They control the development of our society and general needs will be supplied.

Mother Earth is almost (apparently) defenceless and helpless for all the side effects causing a rapid increase of pollution and instability.

Nobody is permitted to point his finger towards somebody else, because we are all part of this economic growth developing like an unstoppable train, nobody can get off.

There is no human solution, because who has the power and inclination to detach himself of this economic grip.

This is the moment – we are all in this “running economic train”- to draw the emergency brake. The solution is not to flee into, what is left of nature, and to cause pollution there. We should face reality and not panic. The conclusion might be at hand that change should be realised even if it means cutting into our most beloved habits.


A confrontational judgement looking less complicated in practice than in theory.

Praying for “reprogramming” in His Name and being instrumental to help build the field of morphicresonance, in collaboration with The Planetary Hierarchy.

Man should face and accept this consequence. Human control and the respective human characteristics like gender, race, nationality or whatever should not influence this procedure.

Only on this basis, The Planetary Hierarchy and the other existing Hierarchies (like the Devas) will only work with us if we are prepared to be servants of Wholeness.


This “building” might take weeks, months, years, hundreds of years or even more, but also might happen in a flash of Light of Wholeness. Mankind has free choice to participate, but will not be able to stop this process. If no participation will take place, exclusion will be the result. We shall have to start at the beginning again.

The free choice of mankind is:

·       either the choice to accept life as it is, or

·       what he might be able to create on his own terms.

The question is whether we are able to face such a confrontation and the respective uncertainty? Will mankind realise that free choice has to be given up? That collaboration with The Planetary Hierarchy is inevitable.


If agreed, how shall we do this?

The western world plays a key role in this. All attention is still focussed on the old ways coming from the eastern world. Many westerners are fleeing into this nostalgic spirituality or into the reality of the old civilisations. The answer is clear. Western man (black, brown, white, male or female) is living within the vicinity where most institutions have their principal office. It is very important that changed views on life as such is radiated out into the controlling flows that are directed all over our Planet, in silence in His Name. You might compare this with a shot directly into the blood veins where needed.


The old ways have contributed to the present mainstream and the all accepted verdict that wisdom comes from the east, is just a human restriction. There is no western or eastern soul. All areas where these flows of money come from (and that might be everywhere), are equally suitable and proper to build this field of Wholeness. We do not need to found unions or sects, but we can just connect ourselves to The Ultimate Source to build the main stream.

Humans cannot be and are not in charge. The Planetary Hierarchy, The Beings of Light of Oneness are and are prepared to guide us. Nobody is a chosen one meaning privileged. We only need to sincerely pray to belong to this group and we shall be accepted. There are no privileged people on Planet Earth, there are just people who seem to be privileged. They have sincerely prayed and live accordingly.


There is no doubt, there is a lot of window-dressing. It is up to people to judge, what is what. Unfortunately, most people have little analytical possibilities and will be misled.

The new pattern of thinking will bring the insight that fleeing into our own created world, is senseless. Facts have to be faced and we shall have to act correspondingly in His Name.

To use fear as a motive would be disastrous. We shall have to stay alert of people using

methods to manipulate and proclaiming they have certain powers of the elect.

Also mankind’s dream that humans could build a new world, we should forget.


It would be done on basis of our restrictive insight in evolution and the same “mistakes” in another wrapping would be the result. Submission and devotion in acting as the arousing instrumental possibility on Mother Earth in The Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy will bring the necessary forces to Planet Earth to transform.

The Law of Interaction, everybody acting through the Lightprayers, within the possibility of their being and surroundings, without any structural human pattern of thinking or controlling institution, will do the work.


There will be just one “simple” tuning directly with the Ultimate Source through The Planetary Hierarchy (The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness). Man using his free choice to choose firmly and with commitment to become an acupuncture needle.

That should be the thinking pattern of our New Age, away from all “floating and fluttering realities”, vagueness and individual struggle for power and human control.




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Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)