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Man has a number of transmitters at his disposal. His hands, feet, tongue, radiation through eyes and body language. To transmit in His Name could only be performed subconsciously. If he will act like that on a conscious level only it will contribute to his ego. The true spiritual worker acts in silence and only a few might be allowed to talk about it to people who want to know.

For many people, this type of doing will be quite a release because they do not need to manifest themselves for so-called human “well-doing”.

They can really do something without talking or accepting “public” statements. To cooperate with The Ultimate Source, God˘s Will is only pure universal love.


In acting accordingly, the laws and customs of the human realm have to be obeyed, but only when they do not harm or jeopardize the Laws of Wholeness. This is not an easy task to fulfil but with the Help of The Almighty, feasible. We cannot make the world perfect, but we can collaborate with the Planetary Hierarchy. To be an instrument in Their Hands and act, when the time has come, in devotion.



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