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The Growing Spiritual Understanding II

 (Birth in Symbiosis with Mother Earth)




When we talk about birth or being born in our world, some people think it is the greatest miracle, others consider it logical. We have to deliberate about The Law of Reincarnation. This is what it is all about.

Reincarnation might mean that we have reappeared into another body in another life on Planet Earth, but it also might mean a continuation of what we call “death” being another birth or rebirth in another realm.

In order to make the Law of Reincarnation effective, the so favoured law of the human-made institutions called “guilt and penance” on Earth is maya.

This interpretation is used and misused throughout the centuries. Many morphogenetic fields of fear have been created. There is just The Law of Action is Reaction applicable in our astral world.

An individual is (what we call) dying and simultaneously has a number of experiences.

The soul is leaving the body behind on Mother Earth giving it back to the Elements, ashes to ashes. The soul (Ba) continues going to one of the 7-Spheres according to the intensity of radiation on basis of the Law of Magnetism (Universal Love). The personality (Ka), laid down into a field of morphicresonance created on Planet Earth in one life, continues going to the world of the “Dead”.


In some indefinite time, the soul will be subjected to the Law of Wholeness before reincarnating again on Planet Earth or may be somewhere else. During that time the immanent Laws of Creation will be made clear again and the “mistakes” causing karma in the preceding life will be shown and “clarified and enlightened”.

Then permission will be given to make these enlightenments effective in deeds and actions in the reincarnation, probably on Earth. A body must be found that basically agrees with the code of radiation of the soul. Permission is only given when the radiation of the soul clearly shows the actual improvement on basis of which The Ultimate Source has given mercy (there are some exceptions).


The so famous “guilt and penance” of other lives does not exist. The child will be born in total innocence. During this new existence on Earth, the soul – in connection with the All-Soul – has “to walk the Path” of “Not my will but Thy Will prevails”.

Karma is laid down into earth-matter through the code of DNA. The basic-supplier of this code is the couple, our father and mother. When male and female have unified and fertilised, the growing baby will gradually adapt and personalize this code according to his soul¢s radiation.

In spiritual circles, this is explained with “we choose our parents'.


After the ailments during childhood have been overcome, the Silver-Thread of Consciousness will be strongly embedded into the earth-body.

The newborn baby has arrived on Mother Earth in total innocence and forgiveness, being prepared to serve Wholeness. God¢s Laws of Universal Love being taught in the 7-Spheres shall have to be manifested on Mother Earth in the deeds of this individual. Total commitment, surrender, stability, continuity and Universal Love for His Creation must be the ingredients to work with.


Distraction will start immediately after arrival on Earth. The manifestation of free will, will commence. It will be utterly difficult to hold on to this commitment in this “unfolding” life. Before cutting the umbilical cord, this baby has passed about a 9-month time-span in the womb, and experienced this warm and cosy shelter while being “pampered”. The body is growing and the soul gets slowly acquainted with the restrictions of human life. It is highly dependent upon the spiritual and physical nourishment of the mother.

 It is a very sheltered sort of life in the womb, but this was not the intention of the reincarnation. The intention of reincarnation is to transform the old experience into the new one, through events and happenings on earth. The laws of karma have to be met and might be even very painful, sometimes. The child feels comfortable in the womb but will be pushed out of this safe-heaven to experience the new.


These unexpected events when the time is there, are to face the reality of the new reincarnation. The entry into this earthly world is through a very narrow gate being the womb adapting itself exactly according to the shape of the baby¢s body. The umbilical cord will be cut and the world has a new and individual citizen.


Deep down inside, this wonderful experience in the mother¢s womb will be remembered. Many adults try to get back this wonderful feeling in later life. Even worse, they will never leave this remembrance at all, to experience the new. Free choice on Earth is inviolable. From time to time, this individual will be remembered from “within” that karma has to be met and faced through the codes (his personal programming) of DNA.


The time of the “struggle” will begin. The child will have to deal with the consequences of the restrictions of the chosen body. The word child is mentioned, but in the sense of reincarnation “children” do not exist, there are “old and young” souls that have to become used to the restrictive body. They are “little” people that have to be guided into adulthood.


This guidance should be the teaching the restrictions of earth-reality. Karma has to be definitely transformed.

The “teachers” or parents mostly, should guide these human beings in continuity, through universal love and stability and not through the so often aimed personal goals of passion and power.

The nowadays point of view “my child must be able to do anything” is far away from the above circumstances.

The restrictions should be taught in universal love and since everything is God¢s Creation, also earth-matter; The Law of Action is Reaction will be effective.


We recognise life through heartbeat and respiration. The substance of our body is also fully alive, when there is no heartbeat or breathing, being Deva-energy. When the soul incarnates through the body on Mother Earth, a symbiosis with another life form is the result, Deva-energy. This Hierarchy exists on Mother Earth and is based upon another frequency(vibration) than the 7 Spheres. This Hierarchy also works towards Wholeness and is “supplying” the earthbound vehicle to the soul to complete the mutual task to work towards Wholeness of Creation.


When humans are talking about “their” soul as being the important part of Creation, they do injustice to “their other part”, the Hierarchy of The Devas. Some people have quite an intensive contact with their body and describe or paint beings and call them angels. These beings of another realm, work for Wholeness and expect the same from us. The Deva-frequency(vibration) is of a lower frequency(vibration) than our souls. The human being is able to control the Deva-Hierarchy to a certain extent, but be careful, Devas can be very powerful.

The laws of the 7-Spheres and Mother Earth are of a different frequency(vibration). On Earth, humans have free choice of will. Man is dominated and fascinated by this free will and does not recognise very often the rights of the Deva-Hierarchy.


Only on basis of “not my will, but Thy Will prevails”, cooperation with the Deva-Hierarchy is possible. This attitude is hardly acceptable for most humans since they do not understand.

Life is judged on basis of human consciousness like being happy and having a fruitful, long life. All events not being useful, wished for or not meeting our conditions, are in reality, the pitfall of our existence.

Distraction is the cause of the situation our world. This is certainly not the result and the goal we have in mind, our sense of well being. The feeling is sheltered what we went through and experienced in the womb. This world is the result of our personal goals like peace and love. This is not according to the universal principles but meeting our demands of personal safety and happiness. Instead we should strive for Wholeness beyond the scope of human comprehension, for all that lives and breathes, visible and invisible.


This striving for unknown Wholeness is “almost impossible” since we really do not know what the universal conditions are. We only have a human restrictive (mind-controlled) concept of this. We really do not understand. Human scientific progress is not giving more hope and is only based upon human knowledge and experience. There seems to be some progress.

Our human scientific knowledge is changing and progressing, at least so we call it. What the scientific truth was 500 years ago is called now backward. We do not apprehend that this will go on forever. Absolute truths do not exist in science. Only human arrogance is improving and leading us into realms of maya. Science will always be in progress and will change nothing nor make us understand, the essence of Creation.


Our knowledge and science are based upon restrictive thinking patterns and today this pattern is stronger than ever before. Science might contribute towards evolution, but never when formulated as absolute truth.


All these concepts, laid down in morphogenetic fields, are influencing the new born baby while growing into adolescence. Especially the first years of this growth, are very decisive.

The “big” question might be, is this individual able to hold on to his deeper inner thoughts like All is One and One is All and Wholeness of Creation means interconnection of all living creatures. Will he not choose for the human attitude and become egocentric?

Our today¢s world is the result of this. We are born, “die”, and are reborn till we have transformed our goals, successes, and happiness into Wholeness through putting our soul into the Hands of our Creator, The All-Embracing, Almighty Source, Power or The Force of Total Consciousness.

We shall have to face the spiritual confrontation. We shall find out improving our soul - always being considered the main object - is secondary to the acceptance of what is that is. We should accept this principal not on basis of apathy or likewise behaviour, but through submission to the Planetary Hierarchy. Then we become an instrument of radiation in Their Hands.


Suicide or self-killing is no escape nor very helpful. Life on Earth has been given to us and we are not permitted to “end” this of our own free will. We should not point our finger to those who do. A very turbulent and unstable situation probably makes them commit this desperate act. Life is submitted to experiences on earth and has been given to us. We are not permitted to end this of our own choosing. Our birth-intention, the reason of our reincarnation to transform karma through deeds on earth, is a sacred mission on basis of “Not my will, but Thy Will prevails”


A task, almost impossible to understand and blocked by human patterns of thinking. We lack knowledge and insight. We need both before we really can understand our position. To some people a big disappointment, to others a thought of relief.


The disappointment is, we thought we knew what is right and what is wrong, but we found out that the result is not in balance. The relief is that we accept life as it comes and we know we can only “work” on a spiritual level as an instrument in The Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy. To some people it might seem similar to what institutions proclaim. They pretend to be an intermediary of The Ultimate Source and exercise fear and power. The course of history is a vivid witness of these institutional goals. Only direct connection with the Ultimate Source will bring surrender, not through human guidance but through Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy.

There is no institution or other organisation on earth that will be able to help you. This is the down-to-earth confrontation of 2000 A.D. Jesus Who became The Christ, underlined that His Kingdom is not of this realm. How on earth, institutions can think they can offer effective guidance. The birth of a child – a little human being – faces an incredible confrontation on earth. To what extent might this human being hold on to his “birth-intent” experiencing all kinds of “likes and dislikes”. The morphogenetic fields of ancestral backgrounds, gender, race or mixtures, nationality, human-history are radiating into the behaving patterns of this child growing to maturity. This will cause great distraction of the original birth-intent.


Most children are giving in, certainly in this time, where comfort and pleasure are first ranking. The inner feeling of another reality will stay in place. A reality that might not meet with the conditions of life as meant.

Who would be prepared to “swim upstream” and leave behind all “obtained goodies”. Precious few, but pressure is mounting. Courses to become a better human being or how you might create your “own world “ are still very popular. Necessary change is knocking on the door of our present world. Also the situation of Mother Earth is deplorable and debts have to be met. We cannot continue our own way. We shall have to adapt.

The only answer we should pray for, is how?


Many answers to this question will be wrapped up inside the needs of satisfaction. Very expensive courses are offered. There is but one certain truth, all these answers are of no use if they are not free or to very low cost, available to every sincere human being. This is just one aspect, because many low budget courses are available where people are needed to admire the master. Where humans are being used as energisers for the benefit of this master without knowing it.

You might think about this and when you are sincere you will recognise. If we continue pursuing these methods it will be of our own choosing.

The Ultimate Source - or any Name you might give to this Ultimate Being - is neither in need of power on Mother Earth nor commit or attract people through nice promises or so-called miracles. GOD IS.



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