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We cannot live nor survive physically and spiritually, without “nourishing” energy.

We have to absorb on Planet Earth, two “kinds of energy” and where do we get or take these from. A rather important factor of absorbing these two types of energy is your attitude, willingness and righteousness towards your position in universal life.

You might only take physical energy through food selecting the best for yourself or you might be prepared to feed yourself with what is best for Wholeness. You might understand the enormous subtlety of difference when dealing directly with this universal intuition. The main difference is that you are feeling and acting as a responsible part of Creation and not out of pure selfishness.


There are many types of physical nourishments. You might obtain these through the common supermarkets, DNA manipulated or not, but tested according to general health-standards and approved for human consumption. This type of food seems to prolong life but whether these alimentations make us happier and healthier is an open question. Many types of allergy, disorder and syndromes are penetrating our society. Many people – especially spiritual-orientated people – eat these so-called alternative foods because it makes them healthier. Their diseases are disappearing and this is the main reason for eating.


The main concept should be that Mother Earth is less manipulated and polluted through all kinds of chemicals. All other life forms would also benefit and the result would be a healthy planet. The self-benefit is mostly the reason choosing this type of food and the other aspect is a nice side effect. If there would be no advantage for self, how long would they continue paying the higher price?


Other types of feeding exist. Man calls it spiritual nourishment. Through consuming a special type of food, there is no denial that there will be a certain change of spiritual attitude. There are even people however, who want to control these changes through dowsing. They check whether the food is in balance in accordance with the yin/yang principle. On a human level, this is absolutely impossible, because the principle of yin/yang is very different.

If yin is established, yang is created through the unavoidable Law of Change, as laid down in the Book of Change, The I-Ching. This type of feeding is based upon manipulation and fear and will cause a loss of energy. It might be even creating shortage. Nourishment has almost everybody¢s interest and many, many books have been published.

Nourishment of vegetarian foods will be dealt with, in a later chapter.


Then there is the aspect of spiritual food. The nourishment needed for our spiritual body, soul or (also called) light-body. You receive this partly out of the physical food you eat, because a spiritual impulse is inside. The major part of the spiritual energy, however, should come through praying. This is an important and delicate point.


Spiritual food is reflecting the sphere of the surroundings where it originates. So, it is of major importance that we are very careful not to connect ourselves to just any point in the spiritual realm, but only with the Ultimate Source. So above, so below is applicable here. We do not connect ourselves with any human being or group having a certain level of development or background.. There are various ”levels of education”.

When you might like to have scientific information, your best bet is to contact the most up to date source at university-level or similar. We should bear in mind that this level is only able to supply us with the latest or most modern interpretations, but not with the ultimate truth. Spiritually we only can obtain the ultimate truth from The Ultimate Source, if we have ears to listen and eyes to see. It is very risky to just connect you with any spiritual being. You might not be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and might be manipulated.


It might be the information obtained, is a bit more “advanced” than yours, but you certainly lack the insight to judge the subtleties and the consequences connected. There is but one “organisation” who is having that kind of spiritual knowledge for Mother Earth and everything that lives. That is the Overall-Universal Plan of Evolution for Wholeness, The Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness or any other Name indicating the Lightbeings of Wholeness).

You can only address yourself to these Spiritual Beings in the Name of Wholeness, the Ultimate Source or Creator of the Universe, being Heaven and Earth.


All other sources are in development or manipulative and will just be able to inform you partly or subsequently will use you for their own purposes. The spiritual nourishment from the Ultimate Source through the Planetary Hierarchy will affect your energy-system, your chakras, your spleen (spiritual organ of prana).Gradually your energy-field will change. Organs will be rebuilt in your body according to the existing composition of spiritual energy. There are instrument to measure this, but beware of the human interpretation. The actual result will be beyond your understanding.


Only drawing a comparison between now and the past might establish change. But looking back is a mental blockage. Many famous examples are known. This Path is the Path of eternity, of the past, the present and the future. Nothing might happen to you that is not meant to be. You are guided and accept the consequences of this guidance. You will walk this Path in Submission to Wholeness. There is no need releasing anything so often required in many spiritual methods. Through guidance, your instabilities will be transformed into trust and stability. Releasing on a human level is of little importance and value. These acts are based upon desire to achieve a spiritual goal. The existing misconception that all earth-connected stuff should be released (forceful) will only lead to disenchantment.


Forced release of material things will result in expectations to receive on another level. That is the way our mind works. If this will be the intention of your release and the goal is not realised, disappointment will be the result. The “feeling” might arise “I have released everything and it did not bring me spiritual “wealth”.


Transformation through Wholeness is the only way for everybody when the “time” is there, without any delay, not too early and without postponement.

This can only be through the direct guidance by the Spiritual Lightbeings of Wholeness and not through any so-called or earthly self-appointed representative.




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