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In 1987, Mother Earth has come under an immense strong spiritual energy-spiral, known as the Harmonic Convergence. Astrophysicists have found out that a Supernova has taken place. An enormous “explosion” creating an incredible spiral of energy radiating out on both physical and spiritual life. It was not unexpected, since both the Pyramid of Cheops and The Tsolkin (the mystic Mayan calendar) prophesied this to be on 16 and 17 August 1987.

What is the incredible meaning of this. These kinds of phenomena are not happening everyday.


This is the start of a New Era. A period of transformation that could never have taken place before, in the history of mankind, because the power needed was just not available. A start of a New Age that needs a new pattern of thinking, the old is transformed into the new, without any type of separation.

It is nothing like the interpretation of the present so-called new age doctrine, where old methods have been put into the wrappings of a new human interpretation.

A fully new universal-reflection inspired through a fully new insight and the corresponding new method.


During the evolution of mankind, starting from the impulse given by Melchisedeck at Salem into Mother Earth, there has been steadily-growing and increased awareness leading mankind to this moment. It is working through the stages of concentration, meditation into contemplation at this very moment. In the history of mankind, these three types of prayer were present. The uniqueness of this moment is the union of so-called “matter and spirit” into Oneness.


To understand in a flash through contemplation, that there is only Wholeness in Creation. That Wholeness, created by the Ultimate Source, God The Father, has no separations. Earth matter is a frequency(vibration) of spirit and spirit is the highest frequency(vibration) in existence containing all. Everything is interconnected.


In the old days this was often discussed and in secrecy executed by Celestial Messengers. It was the Task of Jesus to show mankind publicly that earth matter (body) and soul (heaven “matter”) were both spiritual frequencies(vibrations) that had to be united in The Name of The Father. The result was that He took His “Body “ into His Father¢s House, The World of Unity and Wholeness. That is what you might call the End of Times.

On this moment, the time has come for everybody, as prophesied 2000 years ago, to be able to act accordingly being The New Beginning under a New Covenant.

This is not the craze of human new age being called psychic or paranormal (astral) but the fully new concept, building the Father¢s-House on Mother Earth through the Speed of Light of Wholeness under guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy. Where individuals become an acupuncture needle in Their Hands.


The quest for satisfaction through paranormal activities is a result of hundreds and hundreds of years restrictive thinking and dominating behaviour of the institutes represented by the church, temple or mosque.

People made “hungry” and therefore attracted towards the forbidden methods of the astral or paranormal realm. This realm is an indivisible part of Creation, because all realms are interconnected and belong to Creation. There is certainly some merit to start to understand these transcendental laws. It might have a diluting effect because of the miracle-effect resulting into distraction from The Ultimate Source. The reason why the paranormal realm is so attractive is the possibility to create and be submitted to all kinds of experiences, satisfying our human personal goals.


The plus is the experience that there is more between heaven and earth, but psychological blocks might be built behind “closed doors”. Those doors will be opened explosively through the force of fear or other emotional believes.

The paranormal quest has developed in our time tremendously. This will continue for some time until the tide turns. If the individual will perceive he is going in circles doing this, this will happen. If we surrender to the spiralling Force of God¢s Power there will be change


The individual will become an instrument in His Hands and not a miracle-worker.


There might be a chance that in the human realm, one man is forcing the other one to believe in a God, having human similarities and qualities. The Source of Wholeness has given to mankind, while on Mother Earth, a free choice, and what will it be?

The old age in a new wrapping etc, or will business dealings be very flourishing. Sects and religious communities are founded and the so-called masters are grabbing their chances. Humanity is still under control of force, in a kind of vacuum waiting which way to turn. Religion is under great stress and Mother Earth is victimised through human frustrations. A lot of damage is done. When will the tide turn? It is in our hands, we have the choice, we want or we do not want, that is the question.




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