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DNA of our Creation, Mother Earth




When you read the above-mentioned title, it will be hard to understand what this means - also for the insiders - in the world of gene-technology.

In the beginning was outlined that energy-impulses are radiated down to Mother Earth and have a great effect on Earth-matter. We should understand that everything is interconnected with everything in our Creation. The part we understand with the part we do not understand. The “Deoxyribose Nuclein Amin-acid”consists in our time of 4 elements being adenine, guanine, thiamine and cytosine. The basic-thought is that a certain energy-impulse radiates a certain structural-code in these elements, characteristic for that impulse. If you put some water into a singing-bowl and you start playing a certain tone, the water will start to ripple according to this tone.


When the soul reincarnates, soul radiation will construct a certain pattern of strings of DNA that are unique for that specific individual. This applies for all “living” creatures in our time being man, animal and plant, but not for the crystal.

The crystal plays an exceptional leading role being a flawless result of a rock or pebble. The structure is fully crystallized in harmony.

This development originates from distant pasts, millions and millions of years ago, may be longer. In the present time, the basic idea is that evolution should not be ruled through stone-vibration but through light-vibration in Wholeness.

That makes this time so special. We are in a transitional period of evolution. Native people work still intensely with stone-vibration for healing living beings. including Mother Earth. In our time and day this should be by Light of Unity, a much more intense and effective way. Man should then only be an instrument.


Our DNA, being of the same basic composition as plants and animals, consists of the 4 mentioned elements. The unlimited number of strings, however, have a variety of composition. Plants have a less developed system as animals, and man is the “crown” of this evolutionary impulse. What seems to be the actual connection?

Energy has a radiation impact on matter. With plants and animals, something similar must happen, like what happens with man where soul-radiation shapes the DNA. The collective consciousness of plants and animals radiates out on earth-matter shaping DNA. The difference in process is applied for the various species in existence. This depends upon the development in evolution of the various fields.


There comes a certain moment that these “group-codes” disintegrate into individuality shaping the code of man and becoming an individual soul For transformation this soul again needs a “carrying-vessel”(body) on Mother Earth.


The reincarnated soul needs to go again from individuality to collectiveness, but now on a higher level of frequency(vibration), Wholeness. If this will be achieved – and this

only can be done on basis of total submission – there will be Unity of earth matter and soul-matter in Creation.

That stage lies beyond the reincarnation-cycle. There were many Avatars who realised this type of enlightenment, more or less in anonymity.

The One Who had to show this to the world was Jesus. To make “earth-matter” (body) and “heaven-matter” (soul) into Oneness, He took His Earth Body with Him in Unity to The Father.


He was no individual any more but in total unity with God¢s Creative Power and had become part of The Christ or Buddhist-consciousness or Elohim.

There is no DNA anymore because karma has been transformed and a New Way of Living starts in a next stage of Being. Our DNA contains the programme that has to be transformed and this only can be done in His Name through The God-Force of Wholeness.

In our days, science is manipulating DNA and they call it a kind of transformation.

It is, however, a mechanical or chemical way of treating this programme avoiding that nature takes its course. Science does this for the sake of humanity and the quality of life (for human beings), so they state, not realising that DNA is the “end-result” of soul-radiation. If one is changing the end-result in this case, mechanically or chemically, this brings always consequences. The ever-working Law of Creation, action is reaction, applies in both ways.


The original soul-impulse is affected through the change of the outcome in DNA. The consequence is disharmony in Creation. Other effects might arise science has no knowledge of at the present moment. This might be visible in a later stage. This is inevitable and one can only wait till this will happen. Only through brain and willpower (ego), this inner-knowledge will be silenced. The question arises, for what time? This time-question – how long a period – will be subject to the characteristics and results of these manipulations.


There must be faced another confrontation. Man is still fascinated about the idea that he is the crown of coronation. Rights of other living species are not only made subordinate but also misused for painful medical tests and similar treatments.

Man is interfering with his own roots not only on earth but also on spiritual level. The very famous pronouncement: “I am on Earth to serve, and not to be served” is highly trampled on. Man is more than willing to make his life very pleasant and comfortable and defends this at all cost. His other co-creatures are paying the price and are defenceless against the greed they are subdued to.


What is the human giving into the unlimited chain of action is reaction? He is only giving to receive many times more in return. This attitude creates an enormous and disharmonious turbulence on our Planet. Also in his spiritual attitude, he has a similar motivation. He prays to God and expects His unconditional help and forgiveness. God should love him and that “means” giving in, to his requirements.


This main condition is standard for his thinking. Man pictures God like a Father on a human level, but then much bigger and more powerful.

The man with the beard who should take care of His children and has similar but “higher” human qualities. Apparently, when man does not get what he asked for, the general attitude is that God does not exist or has not listened very well to “His” child. The conclusive human judgement will be: He is not a lovely Being working in the interest of human desires and goals.



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