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God¢s immanence and transcendence




These are the two sides of Creation that are very much intermingled but at the same time each other¢s opposite. Some clarification is necessary. A lot of confusion exists about the miracle side of both. The Laws of Immanence of Creation can only be neutralised by counter-force. This means that both forces are in effect at the same time and one might be neutralised. The best understood principle is an aircraft. This transport-vehicle is made according to the Laws of Aerodynamics (transcendence) and can fly because the immanent force of gravity of Mother Earth is neutralised and in this case overpowered. The overpowering takes the aircraft up into the air.


At some altitude the pilot decides through the power at his disposal (design and capacity of engines) to cruise. Now immanent and transcendent forces are equal. The aircraft stays in the air as long as there is no change. However, when the engine would fail, immediately the immanent force of Creation takes over and the craft is falling down to Earth. Conclusion, the transcendent forces can be controlled by people. The immanent forces can only temporarily be neutralised or overpowered by transcendent forces.


It is not according to nature that man can fly, but through applications of the Laws of Creation we can. So flying for human beings is not an immanent law, but through the knowledge of forces in the transcendent field, we can.

The same applies for the spiritual field. You can work with transcendent forces on a spiritual level and apparently seem to book results in the “outside’’ world of matter.

If enough people believe in it, it will work. It is done in the world of polarities. Mostly forgotten in doing so, is the Universal Law “Action is Re-action”. If an unforeseen act is happening and the conviction is gone, the immanence of the forces are taking over, to equalize. We believe in miracles but there are no miracles there is only immanence.


We come to this world the way we are (without any devices) and only through God¢s Mercy and instrumental obedience we should live our lives. DNA is what we are and through this programme we shall be directed. This does not mean being apathetic. We should not work in this world and hope for miracles as motivation. We should be devoted. That does not mean no miracles will happen. When they do, these are just consequences of our actions and should not be held on to and made relics of, in our life. We come to this world what we are (our DNA) and we shall leave this world according to the His Force we have absorbed in our blood. Achieving goals will not bring Heaven closer, just unconditional devotion and surrender at His¢ Will might.

Help and support might help us but we should realise if these are not integrated into our own being, we shall have to let go if the “big moment” of truth overstepping the “threshold” between life and death, is at hand. We are accustomed to build all kinds of securities in our life, that we can hold on to. We wear these like capes around us. These “capes” are not inseparable from our being and but have as such no influence or importance on our universal consciousness. They might only block us for a while.


Magicians boasting about all kinds of achievements only talk within the restrictive thinking patterns of mankind. The confrontation in life caused through an enormous force removing the cape around you, will happen when you overstep the “borderline” between life and death.


The person involved will only know about it and shall have to be taught again that outside ostentation or so called “window-dressing” only will lead into maya. It will slow down or block transformation in His Name. The self-appointed “Greatest Masters of our time” who are doing a lot of this stuff and try to proof their “Master Ship” will have to face this confrontation when the time is there.

To try to get human admiration will only lead to enslavement. One is thinking, already being somebody enlightened, but it will lead just to nothingness in the world in His Name.

It will only make the confrontation harder.


In human history a lot of playing has been done through these Laws of Transcendence and have caused a lot of turbulence. Not only for the magician concerned but also for the surroundings. A lot of potential might or power has been exercised and has led to suppression of the souls of people and mistreatment of our co-inhabitants of this planet. Immanence is the ruling for all living creatures, seen and unseen. Our Father, The Ultimate Source has created this world for all to live in respect for each other. We have to become servants of His Will at His Mercy.


The known history of mankind unfortunately tells us another story. We are no servants yet, we behave like masters in our time. Not only in the material but also in the spiritual world. Movements are striving for a better world, being the so-wanted freedom and happiness. Personal goals can be achieved through the incredible Force now existing. Us doing so, is causing more than ever, turbulence on our planet.

We should not reject transcendence because it is the world we live in, maya. But if we think, abiding by these laws, will bring eternal peace, we forget that transcendence is dualistic, action is reaction


We should learn how to handle these transcendental forces and realise they are maya. Only Immanence, surrender to that what is that is to His Will, and confidence in His Wisdom and Power, will bring the eternal peace, mankind is longing for and all the other living creatures, seen and unseen. Do not interpret the word “longing for” on a human level, but something very much connected to surrender in His Name. “Not my will, but Thy Will prevails, I accept”.


Many Celestial Messengers have come to our world, through ages of time, because of the Laws of transcendence and immanence, and the way we handle these.


Inadmissible actions were taking place on our planet in “His Name” that led to the fact what we now call the Floods. God had to destroy his creatures, He loved so much. It was for their benefit, ignoring His Own Feelings. Mankind had to be put on the right track again and rebirth – a new beginning – was at hand. No human being is ever allowed to do the same, al-though it is many times tried in history. Think of the Inquisition. A human action like that is doomed to failure. There should be trust in His Wisdom and Love and a new beginning is always at hand. This should tell us something.


To live with immanence seems to lead to powerlessness and apathy, but the opposite is the actual truth. You need a lot of energy on a spiritual level. This incredible energy is now radiated out to Planet Earth to plant the seed and cause the growth of this big change in His Name. A Force, The Ultimate Source splashes all over the world through the Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness). All beings, seen and unseen, have been waiting for this, but do they also recognise the potential.


The Total of Creation has a certain rhythm harmonising with all the other rhythms in our Universe and all other Universes are ruled under a different life-impulse.

Going on and on, according to the law of action is reaction like a ray of light. We can see where this starts but not where it ends. To maintain this universal rhythm is very eminent. If man on basis of own knowledge and insight will start a different rhythm and disturb the existing universal rhythm, it will certainly have drastic consequences. These will be unavoidable and most of the time, very quickly noticeable. This effect will hardly be related to his doing and actions.

Especially, when the effects are happening globally and working out negatively, like hurricanes or earthquakes. The rhythm of our time is based upon the old programmes laid down in the Pyramid of Gizeh and the mystical calendar of the Mayas. This rhythm might be called Zeitgeist and should be transformed and not be maintained like many spiritual movements do, nowadays.


The Old is transformed into the New, and not the New into the Old. The new spiralling force is gaining power through higher frequency(vibration). The old frequency(vibration) does not exist separately any more but has become an integral part of the New. The smaller always fits into the bigger and not the other way around. We should especially concentrate here on energy-force.


These are effects that will become reality for everybody when the time is there.


Through impulses, so-called misty subjects or mystical-curtains of separation are becoming more transparent and even clear, providing one is prepared to listen and have ears to hear and eyes to see. We should not stick to our own – mostly dogmatised – ears and eyes. These impulses are radiated into the Leylines of Mother Earth in places where very often the greatest disharmony is existing. Some of the visible results are the so-called crop-circles. People think this is a phenomenon of our time but already in chronicles in the medieval times are giving notice of these unexplained happenings.


In these times and before, people helped to build circles in stone or clay and other formations. Landscape-temples, to help to fertilize the earth-soil and surroundings like in Ireland, Arizona and other places. In the last few thousand years, the institutional religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and others have gradually taken over most of this type of Temples. Churches, Temples and other religious buildings were constructed on major energy-points of the Leylines so that prayers of the visiting crowds could run along the Leylines all over Mother Earth.

Our spiritual leaders have forgotten these truths and unfortunately, our praying for the Wholeness of Creation has gradually changed into praying for ourselves and the ones we love for selfishness, greed and happiness.


The locations where praying is to happen is not imperative, because the energy of Wholeness is so strong it can be done from any point.

In a later stage, it will be explained why the 64 Lightprayers have been brought to this Planet. Our prayers should be again in Devotion and Submission. We should pray for everything that lives and grows, seen and unseen. To pray for the totality of Mother Earth through the 64 prayers working with the Light of Wholeness, being the harmonisation of Light and Darkness. The Light coming directly from the Ultimate Source is Harmony in Action. A Light that does not cause action is reaction in our dualistic state of being. A light not being mastered and directed by humans, but by the Planetary Hierarchy.


The guidance is not effected by human thinking, white is good and black is bad, but based upon Universal Law applicable to everybody. To be able to understand this, an example out of our everyday-life might be useful. In the material world our government makes the law for the good and the bad and there should be no different judging. All people are subjective to these laws and have to be judged accordingly. We are always inclined to split up the good from the bad, forgetting that every human being has a good and bad side. We do not know what is good and what is bad, because this is highly dependent upon the Zeitgeist. Please be aware that white and black magic is very closely related and actually go hand in hand. The margin of difference is very little.


Black magic originates from our restrictive concept to understand God¢s Creation and basically goes for might or goal.


A goal is for most people a catalyst to start. When this goal is achieved it is clear that this goal is very restrictive. We only created this because it seemed appropriate within a certain view on things. To surrender at God¢s Mercy and walking The Path without any goals seems to be very simple. An inaccessible and impossible task for most people. There are no interludes where one can observe the result. There is only The Path and to walk This Path is the goal if you need a goal. The Path is endless. Be aware, however, that This Path that we walk under Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy (Christ- or Buddhist-Consciousness) is not selected by us, but definitely will become an adventure of incomparable intensity. The experience of time will be “reduced” to rhythm, being a second, a year, a millennium or eternity in zeal and dedication.




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