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Celestial Messengers




Many messengers have manifested themselves and returned whence they came. Only a very few we know and man is still worshipping their “personalities” in spite of the fact that they always pointed out that only God, The Ultimate Source should be glorified and surrendered to.

These known Messengers are worshipped because people want to worship. Avoiding reprimands for overstepping this command man promoted “their” Messenger to God¢s Own Son or God¢s Special Envoy or any Name that shows equal respect and devotion. Some Being who seems to know more about life and death compared to the usual interpretations, is an incredible catalyst for devoted behaviour.

This allows overstepping God¢s Own Command. We observe this in the different institutional religions. People who seem to be able to do or perform unusual things (might be self-inflicted?) are declared saints or holy persons. Mostly this happens after they have left this life but in some cases also during their life-time. The institution will allow it because it is good for moral and the power it brings, benefiting the importance of her organization.


Spiritually seen, this is incorrect. It is beyond any doubt that Jesus says “He has not come to be served, but to serve” according to the Bible. Christians or so-called Christians ignore this. They want to worship and invented the so-called Son of God. Other Holy Books known and unknown have a similar approach. Some very clear statements in the Holy Books are clearly ignored. The Messengers had a certain task to work for. Just for the Total of Creation. This could only be done because many other “Unknown Messengers” had made preparations so that these tasks could be fulfilled. A humanly valued judgement is not appropriate. No discussion is necessary whether Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed or Baahullah or others were better distinguished. God-sent Messengers only work for the Wholeness of Creation.


To build a Church, Temple or any other building, the last stone that closes the gap can only be put there because there was a first one and many others. Everything is according to Hierarchy in the pattern of Wholeness. There can be no valuable judgement on a human level, since this is connected to our restrictive consciousness. The consciousness of our time, Christ- or Buddhist-Consciousness, or any Name carrying the same principle of Wholeness, is suitable. All living beings has undergone, since Melchisedeck, a turbulent existence.

This is still continuing in our time and will be in the future. The process of spiritual development shall have to be manifested into matter on Planet Earth. The God-sent Celestial Messengers have made preparations that our frequency(vibration) or level of spirituality shall have to be transformed from stone-vibration into light(of Oneness)-vibration. The necessity would be to build a bridge into Wholeness. A bridge from the Astral or Paranormal Realm where all kinds of powers are spiralling and swirling, keeping humans imprisoned in maya, illusion or other states of mind.

This Bridge or Antekharana should be constructed out of Truth, the Truth made out of Light of Oneness and leading into The Realm of Wholeness.


This needed a careful and proper preparation. The best moment of accomplishment should be selected enabling a human to cross the Bridge above the abyss filled with all kinds of turbulent elements, the realms of maya and illusion. An ordinary human being would have to be able to cross this Bridge, and not an exclusive and extra-ordinary-gifted person like a Chosen One. If this would not be the case, the value of this Triumph for the human race would be zilch. The conclusion would be that is was not possible humanly and therefore worthless.


This was the motivation why “Master” Jesus had to be born through the womb. He was totally unaware of the background and the reason for His Being on Planet Earth. He carried inside Him the spark of knowledge where He came from, based upon Trust and Submission, walking the Path of Truth being as wide as His Footstep.

This Truth was very confronting with the existing Zeitgeist and hardly anybody could understand what He meant to do with exception of His Wife, Maria Magdalena. The woman that was branded by the church-council being a Whore. She was The One of the very few that witnessed the crucifixion and had unconditional Faith in The Task He was about to accomplish. Jesus walked this Path in the only one Trust that could lead Him, His Father. He opened the Way from the stone-vibration into the Light (of Wholeness)-vibration, being eternal Truth.


According to the above-stated story, you might get the impression that the human Jesus built this Bridge. Jesus accepted being a Human. He put His Trust in His Father enabling Him to carry the Child of Wholeness, Christ Himself. Christ took Him as carrying-vessel and built that Bridge of Unity. Jesus spread the Message that when the time was there that any one believing in His Father could do the same and more. More because of the increase of creative energy enabling the human race to understand the Wholeness of Creation.


The Light-bridge of Unity stands for uniting Heaven and Earth in the Blood causing the Resurrection to be activated. Jesus clearly showed humanity that it could be done. In the beginning His Followers listened but could not understand. When proof was delivered through the Crucifixion and the after-events, they became just then, believers in His Words.

After The Crucifixion, through erosion in time, the basic concept of His Message was brought to the level of human-understanding and the deep-inner-meaning was lost.


Man started to think that only Jesus could accomplish this, because He was The Son of God. We all are Sons and Daughters of God, and are created in His Image.

Christianity was dogmatised and elapsed into an institution ruled and steered by a council. People were told about the mechanical God, a kind of Super Man idealised by the human race because of His characteristic qualities. The belief Jesus tried to established tumbled from the Bridge into the world of maya and illusion and was dogmatised. The world of today hardly believes in the effect of following His Footsteps.

Humanity is searching for the “Living God” and although there is this incredible Force in intensity of frequency(vibration), we try to “find” Him on our dogmatised principles. If we only could liberate ourselves, again and again, of these repetitive dogmas consisting of artificial capes and wrappings of our own making. We might find out that God is no human-made projection but Power, manifesting in The Whole of Creation including Matter. We shall be freed and the Path will be opened to us to liberation and freedom. It might not meet our present expectations. The confrontation within ourselves. realising our own thinking patterns are blocking us to freedom. Our knowledge or lack of it, does not matter in The Spiritual Kingdom of Unity and is not even needed. Our knowledge is maya.


When the time is there, all creatures will enter The Kingdom of God. The thought that only the Elect will enter, is sheer arrogance. All will gather in Heaven when the time is there, also the lost son and/or daughter. We should realise deep in our hearts that only submission to His Power is necessary. Our superficial and shallow talk is of no importance. Only the deeds done in silence from the heart in His Name are the keys to open the entrance to us. Certainly not to the present-day Pharisees. They also will be permitted to enter when their insight has changed. It might happen in this life or in the next life.



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