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The evolution of the human race has endured many stages. The one we are dealing with just now, is the mechanical man. Newton was the founder of this phenomenon and in his time very dedicated to human science. He is a major name in the scientific movement of his time who wanted to analyse the human being. He manifested a scientific analysis on basis of human logic and even now we face the consequences. Science is a part of our reality in this world and should be handled with care. Science turns diabolic when the spiritual side of life will be ignored. Spiritual life through the interpretation of people, supported by all kinds of proof or so-called miracles, is of little importance.


Spirituality might be the origin. The Ultimate Source, Creator of Wholeness, is the central issue. When we discuss life, we should realise that life is much greater than just being here on Planet Earth. This dimension exceeds the most formidable suggestions and should encourage more submissiveness. This should be no kind of serfdom or docility to a major power or institution. We should realise that humans are restrictive in their thinking patterns. The programming, we have - DNA - we can understand. Whether we understand comprehensively what Creation is, is beyond the scope of our being. This kind of scientists in those days were mostly participating in spiritual movements.


The human being was and still is off the track. He is confusing spiritual insight ruled by the brain, with Surrender at God˘s Mercy. The last is totally outside our own understanding and control. This might only be happening when the time is there for the respective individual. “Brain-thinking” or “mental-thinking” might be spiritually motivated, but these ideas are ruled by the Zeitgeist.


Through this mental-controlled spiritual development, the Wholeness of Creation was divided gradually into partial truths. Each of these truths are reality but brought into the concept of Wholeness, untrue. The results of this process although still very popular, seem to be come to an end although there are still distinctive paradigms based upon this principle.

When we discuss reincarnation in our time, the interpretations are ruled by brain-patterns based upon the idea of creating effective results. Reincarnation is a fact, being the unavoidable re-run when Unity of Body and Soul, in Spirit is not finalised in one life. The reading that the Law of rebirth is proof for certain behaviour in the existing life, is accepted by some spiritual movements. This fact is highly unacceptable because rebirth means to be born on basis of the Totality of all the experiences in all other rebirths, connected to each other.

The sum of the total of experiences out of which this new life is fully new and unconnected to any experiences in separate different lives. The new life is unique and when some experiences of former lives – if at all true – are projected in this life, it will unbalance this life and bring the corresponding consequences.


What happens in case of a “forced” regression? The human being concerned is subjected to a certain condition in which personal goals and thinking patterns play a decisive role. Thinking patterns of the guiding person might lead to a certain experience-result. The patient is thinking experiencing certain flashbacks which are just produced through his own thinking or his therapist. One very often forgotten fact is that these flashbacks or experiences in a previous life are interpreted according to to-days˘ standard pattern of thinking or zeitgeist. This explanation might be totally different from the life-pattern in existence hundreds and hundreds of years ago.


The paramount question is whether that person might obtain an idea of a life that never existed, but will definitely be influenced in his present life. It might work like the aspirin-effect for some time. It will wear off in time and the after-effects in this present-life will be of great influence to this person. The greatest drawback, however, is the unawareness that reincarnation is the possibility to start anew and fresh to achieve Oneness. Oneness can only be achieved through submission at God˘s Mercy in one life.


The general view on reincarnation is considered much too important, a mainstream topic. It is just a perspective. God promised us always a new beginning. He is keeping His Word, we only misunderstand. If you believe unconditionally in The Father, there is no reincarnation. This aspect only is, the new beginning. If in a previous life you had some mistrust in His Guidance and Wisdom reincarnation will be the result. The Bible and other Holy Books mention this. Unfortunately the majority among us, do not accept. We are busy with the Newtonian principles, being maya and we call it spiritual. When somebody tells you the spiritual process path is their desire, they actually mean acquiring facts and knowledge in the human realm.


Developing spiritually is outside human control. You only can pray and when the time is there it will happen. You will experience the so-called aha-events. You might do some exercises and it might improve your chances, but at the same time, it might not. You had as a goal achievement, result is automatically blocking yourself. This is what Submission means: “I walk the Path and Thou shalt be my Guide. I accept the consequences unconditionally and when the time is there Thou shalt let me know and it will happen”.



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