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Our need for energy is insatiable. Our time-spirit is entrapped in this need. We want healthier food, clean air, a longer and happier life, resulting into a pure blood circulation without any diseases.

Is this really, in this way, attainable, or is the Law of Action-Reaction creating another result, may be the opposite?

The great race for life-chi and happiness on this Planet since time immemorial is a fact and in the world of today man is prepared to do almost anything to get it..

Nobody needs to point their finger to somebody else. If you point your forefinger, three fingers are pointing at you.


We do not need to accuse somebody else, we only should realise we all are people in progress of evolution. This does not take away the reality that we have to face facts and be conscious of what we are. In the old days humanity was handling this race for life-chi in a certain manner, ruled by the “existing” Zeitgeist or the stars. In many places of this world, people are living on nature¢s natural resources. Since many generations they did and still make a lot of offerings to receive the attention of the spirits or Spirit. For these offerings they want to receive this life-chi in return. To give to receive back for oneself these “goodies”.


Many civilisations were ruined, even the Empire of Mu and Atlantis. The search, struggle and even fight for life-chi. Man want to dominate and to control and it mostly turned into total disaster.

In those days, the “theme ”life opposite death” was a different tune from nowadays. Death was a continuation of life in another shape and form, another realm. Our today¢s belief: death is a total finish of life. This was not within the scope of thinking then. They knew that life and death were connected to each other. Aspects of the Law of Creation in a different realm (frequency(vibration)).


There have always been people, who knew this and exercised power(might) over other people through dictation of rules, how to acquire this life-chi. They formed groups to lead and dominate. This brings us to the history of offerings. To give to receive back all the blessings of life, like happiness, good health and numerous other “goodies”. When the blessing to be obtained became more important, the offering had to be more important. Thus leading mankind on to the path of destruction using animal and even human sacrifices.

Analysing this concept, one would be able to state, that life-chi in some form was offered on this side to the other side. Through the Law of Action is Reaction, this side “was supposed to receive” this energy back in some form.


Insiders, being black-magicians knew this was the way to dominate and use people like energisers. In those days (may be still even in our days) whole communities were deciding that human sacrifices were necessary to survive and obtain more life-chi.


In Carthage - 200 B.C. -, a city in Tunisia, founded by the Phoenicians (descendants of Atlantis), babies and young children were offered for general happiness and life-chi, but also for incredible (muscle)power in battle. The priest executed these rituals for the benefit of their society. The Romans considered it a deed of horror and the Roman Senator Cato concluded in every assembly of the senate that Carthage should be destroyed. The empire of Punic Carthage in North Africa (probably a last convulsion of the “mystic” empire of Atlantis) was very powerful and obviously had great might and power. When battles were fought against their enemies ( the mostly well-known were against Rome) they drew miraculous power out of offerings of babies and young children.


They won quite a few of these battles even when they were outnumbered. Finally, total destruction of their empire was their inescapable fate and their land was “purified” by the Romans with mixtures of salty topsoil. Reason: to burn the evil that had happened there. This theme is interwoven into our human reality and existence.

The present visitors of Carthage become goose-bumps when they experience how many babies were sacrificed for this purpose, the survival of the Punic Empire. They either think it is a kind of joke or they want to leave as soon as possible this unfortunate spot. They think these practices do not happen anymore in our present society. They forget about the unlimited number of abortions taking place every year in our society for general purposes and/or personal happiness. In addition we should consider that our present society is abusing an unlimited quantity of animals without any respect, just for the benefit and happiness of our society.


Individuals who own a lot of money buy available organs( more life-chi) supplied by mostly less fortunate people of our society. The less fortunate people who can buy food (life-chi) through these means. The worst “trade” is that these organs are robbed from people who cannot defend themselves. Many so-called native people in still remote areas of our world, live in fear for this.

Another aspect is the sexual-force which is dominating our world at the present moment. Many sacrifices are made for this both in the human and animal world.


The battle for life-chi through domination, causes karma resulting through the Law of Cause and Effect. So-called spiritual people still believe that karma is dominating our life, but karma is no cause, the struggle for life-chi is. When this struggle is not ended into acceptance, more karma will be the result.


The solution would be that we should come to a new pattern of thinking. Surrender and acceptance of fate “that is, what is” are the keys to a new world. That eternal life is a fact and

disbelief and incertitude is ruling our present world. This attitude should not result into apathy but into activities for the Wholeness of Creation without any condition or expectation. It seems not possible but there are well-known examples in our history of the world. To develop this type of behaviour is to understand that we are all here to serve Wholeness. We should not be served personally by followers.

We should not be afraid to loose our life-happiness and life itself. If we are, we would live in constant fear. It would lead to liberation out of the struggle for life-chi and the dominance of life-energy. Money plays an important leading part.


Realising that we – humans - have to face facts and that life is eternal, we cannot loose it. Life as such is manifested in many forms and shapes, in different frequencies(vibrations), led by the universal force of Wholeness in His Name, visible and invisible.

Fear should be transformed into trusting Him being the only Eternal Stability. We shall have to learn that we are not owners of this Creation. We are servants and are allowed to use everything with respect. We have come a long way and now is the time for the “closing stone”. We long for a “better” world to live in, but shall this become “reality” if we do not change our thinking patterns. Can we transform these with our own means? Do we need Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy for strength, stability and universal love to the Wholeness of Creation.? Shall we be able to capitulate our own judgement leadings us into a cul-de-sac again? Shall we only surrender when we face facts and know, we lack the “knowledge” and strength, when despair is knocking on our door? What has to happen and how long should this go on?


These are hypothetical questions. Deep inside us, we feel that we have crossed the line already. We still think we are the centre of Creation although we know that we cannot be. We shall have to cooperate with The Planetary Hierarchy in submission. We shall have to become instruments, an acupuncture needle in His Hands radiating out energy in His Name, all over Mother Earth, for the benefit of Wholeness.

This Council leading us, you might call the Christian or Buddhist Consciousness or any other name meaning this Executive Council of God¢s Will.

This unique moment enables man to make a historical choice, and choose for living according to His Rules. These Rules, however, are in a lot of ways totally different of the dogmatic rules given by the so-called world-religions.

The choice is ours.



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Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)