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Not my will but Thy Will prevails




We are able to transmit this simple truth through a number of transmitters at our disposal, our hands, feet, tongue and radiation (charisma). We should be ready to accept this simple truth that these transmitters and especially the tone of our voice will fortify this belief (not my will) in the world. We do not need to be proud of that, but just simply have to perform accordingly (in silence).

Our radiation will be testimony and many people shall know. Do not be self-righteous of this belonging to the right group of people, because all people are just in an evolutionary progress. You are just one of them, an instrument in God¢s Hands.

We should only talk about this when we meet people who are asking for information, consciously and subconsciously.


This individual has become a moving acupuncture needle on Planet Earth – in silence – and the Planetary Hierarchy can use this instrument to inject impulses.

People acting like this from the bottom of their heart, do not need a specific name, although in everyday¢s life this is very difficult to avoid. This basic thought should be synchronised with the evolutionary process. A baby – a little human being – is growing into adolescence and gets during this process, all kinds of information from his parents, school or other sources. This information is highly dependable upon the background and insight of the supplier and based upon human experiences and restrictions. Going through this development, the young individual is painted a future of success. Having a career or any other achievement that is highly desirable in our society, if he continues this path.


When the opportunity arrives and achievement is successfully obtained, much of the satisfaction and happiness has disappeared. The glorified goal is not what it was meant to be. Either new goals or quests have to be looked for. The person involved wonders what actually is the sense of living this life. There is no permanent fulfilment in meeting targets. A similar situation might happen around 40 years and will be the major confrontation. Will this person hear this inner-bell and listen to it in remembrance to his birth-intention, or will he just ignore it and continue the path like before, looking for “higher” targets. The retirement age is approaching and shelter (money) has to be taken care of. Gradually another thinking-pattern will arise and the meaning of life as such will be better understood. The most important quest will start consciously or subconsciously what life is all about.


At that age, man has experienced and suffered many events of happiness and frustration. It will be difficult to realise what actually the universal birth-intention is all about following the inner-voice.

Doubt will be there. To conclude life in full compassion to this simple quest is one bridge too far. When death comes, the real truth is clear again, followed by surrender at God¢s Mercy.


That moment on the borderline of life and death, this experience shall take place, but the living relatives will not be able to understand this.

Only in very specific cases like a “near-death”-experience, people are able to tell about this. Unfortunately, this can only be described within the context of the evolutionary development of the person concerned. Most of these experiences are self-projection and/or basically dogmatically interpreted. 

Death is not horrifying. It is surrender to another phase of life, after which there always will be a new beginning. Death is no liberation, like so many think, but a preparation to a new life in another time and may be another frequency(vibration). A process of evolution that is endless, spiralling back to the Ultimate Source and starting again, called Eternal Life.




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