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Part 2 – The Quantum Leap or MerKaBa


Part 1 has described the actual spiritual situation and position of our Planet. These descriptions have indicated in brief how complicated the spiritual and rational position of the human being is. Both are in interference with each other, at all times. Whether the human being is able to unite these two different actions in a universal balanced way, is highly doubtful, not to say impossible. As stated clearly, not only the evolution of the human being is involved here, but also his radiation influencing the surroundings of which he is part.


The soul lives in symbiosis with his body being a total different hierarchy. This Deva-Hierarchy has a different evolution process to Wholeness and the two Paths should be united on Mother Earth. Every decision, a human being takes, is of great influence on this development. If a human being is deciding to “walk” the Path only led by his soul-initiative, balance with the Path of his Companion, The Deva-Empire is mostly not very likely.


There might arise great turbulences resulting into what we call, “getting sick or having diseases”. To walk the Path is neither something that can be judged how this should be done by the individual nor can this be found. Our so-called self-willed or stubborn way might lead into great turbulences or apathy.

If we walk this Path, this means being respectful to other living creatures and to the Wholeness of Creation.

Mankind has a very minimal knowledge of the meaning and might not be considered an expert of this Path paved with subtleties.

The Planetary Hierarchy (The Buddhist or Christ Consciousness) are the professionals and very competent and qualified to guide us.

We have to ask for ourselves the right questions being in harmony with Wholeness.

Since we do not know what to ask, these questions are brought into our understanding and we have to be trustful and confident in following His Way.


A Path has to be walked, crossing the bridge (antakharana) into the Kingdom of Heaven of The World of Wholeness. On Planet Earth, there are many paths and many bridges leading us into various realms. In our physical reality there are many roads to Rome and in this case Rome is the goal. In our very complex-world composing of many nations with a wide range of races, the idea exists that because of racial or cultural background, all have their different ways. These paths, ways or roads are connecting the point of departure with the point of arrival. Every cultural path makes his “proper” way creating separation of the inhabitants of Mother Earth. It will keep the world into separation and turbulence causing war. Even when the goals are similar, the actual realisation is very different. If we continue the process, everybody on Earth walks the path of his free choice.


 Nothing will change, turbulence and war will remain. This would not only be the result in the physical process but also in the spiritual one.

In the spiritual astral realm, there are many paths and bridges connecting one spot with the other. The statement, “I am spiritually evolving”, goes for us all.

There are both on the physical and spiritual realm, many paths of mistakes chosen inexpertly but out of free will. The reincarnation or rebirthing-cycle is offering a new beginning at almost all times. This might be our possibility for another chance to be transformed into Wholeness.


This picture of the paranormal or astral world ranging within a certain frequency(vibration) is reflecting our life on Planet Earth.

Both our soul and our body have a different frequency in this astral realm. The soul is of a higher background, and might be tempted to impose his “will” on to the body. This was done through ages of time, but today this behaviour must be adapted.


A number of worldreligions find their origin in impulses coming from the Planetary Hierarchy. These impulses were leading to customs and cultural backgrounds of the respective countries and have developed correspondingly.

When spreading around through “evangelising”, these religions(again) were adapted to the customs of the respective people. The best know religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam follow this pattern.

They all have one bridge, the bridge of surrender to the Creator in trust and universal love.

The astral or paranormal world has many bridges.

In our present time, humans manipulating the paranormal laws and concerned for their mostly self-centred goals, confront us. For healing purposes the connection with nature and nature¢s interests are not always regarded with respect.


You might be able to realise, that a religion has one bridge leading to submission and universal love. Paranormal or astral beliefs have many bridges leading to self-interest and human love. A bridge is meant to be a connection of transformation between two different frequencies(vibrations). A bridge within the paranormal world connects two different frequencies(vibrations) within the same realm. A bridge connecting a frequency(vibration) of the paranormal realm with the frequency(vibration) of Wholeness is leading into another realm outside the paranormal or astral world and effectively supplying a way of “no return”.

Then, there will be no reincarnation in the shape and form like we know in connection with Mother Earth. Using the same words does not mean the actual reality is the same.


It might be very different. The words might be used with regard to a total different insight. Paranormal or astral bridges are keeping us in this reincarnation-cycle causing our DNA. The impulse of Wholeness is setting us free from this reincarnation-cycle, as we know it. No human being is allowed to manipulate or force somebody else to do something, against his free will. Enslaving promises are offering heaven or transformation of karma.


There is too much proof of this in the history of mankind. The religious institutions were and are manipulating and so are the various so-called spiritual entities and centres. People are accused of guilt and to do penance for their sins in order to be liberated. They are allowed to enter the various organisations when behaving accordingly to the will of some human medium. These entities out of the paranormal world are enslaving individuals through miracles or so-called miracles. These miracles have the effect of truthfulness but they just mean nothing. Miracles are an enslaving manipulation laid upon the unknown individual.


Walking The Path into Wholeness is as wide as your footstep and under constant pressure of doubt. Only the very determined individual will start. Not through strength but through asking for constant help and trusting this Guidance of the Light Beings of Oneness.

We all have committed sins, when we are acting on our own strength. The saying: “He who is without sin, cast the first stone” carries this meaning. Even Jesus could not throw that stone. We are all distracted from time to time and only the very determined and stable one will be allowed to go back on this Path of Wholeness. This will lead into Paradise, if he or she asks in sincerity.

Crossing this Bridge of Transformation into Unity or Oneness is the ultimate submission in our Creation.

Wholeness and Self-Interest


We talk in our life a lot about Wholeness or Unity. This word used in its principle sense, is always misplaced in our dualistic world. We do not know what Wholeness is or could be. We only deduce it on basis of our dualistic capacity. So the essential subtleties are lacking and the result is, we have no idea what Wholeness really is. The interpretation is highly dependent upon circumstances and cultural background of the individual involved.

To be even more precise, dependent upon the various morphogenetic fields of descent, race, gender, nationality, to name a few.

There can be neither doubt nor difference of opinion. Individual karma is highly influenced.


A definition of Wholeness based upon these facts can be no other than subjective interpretation, highly indoctrinated by emotion.

No Wholeness on Planet Earth in the godly meant sense of speaking. Planet Earth will stay divided into the positive and negative polarities, trying to keep each other in balance. We should also learn to understand that both are highly interconnected with each other. No man on Planet Earth knows what is what.


The unavoidable question will be: what is the essential sense of our being

here on Planet Earth.


The reincarnation-cycle enabling rebirth, happens because of a birth-intent.

This intent is within the radiation-intensity of the soul looking for a carrying-vessel (body).

The DNA is the result and the key of Creation for that specific human being. It is based upon the key of the abstract average of all DNA-codes of our Creation.

This birth will take place without the so often misused label of “guilt and penance”.


Reincarnation is only possible on basis of the concept of forgiveness

(some exemptions excluded).


The soul is reincarnating with this intent, all is forgiven. In deeds, this should be realised in earth matter, in symbiosis.

The only and all excluding way is to “work” for Wholeness.

A full description might be like follows:

The soul is allowed by The Father to reincarnate on Mother Earth, to make His Teachings manifest in earth matter through working as a servant(acupuncture needle) for Wholeness. You might be able to see that The Father (The Giving Principle) and The Mother (The Receiving Principle) are enshrined in us (earth matter) through karma. If we are spiritually “working” for Wholeness, a spiritual child of Oneness will be born in us. This child, ruled by The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness, will be set on The Path into the next step of the endless spiral, Unity.

This next step will be outside the frequency(vibration) of the reincarnation-cycle in

a higher frequency not belonging to Earth and The 7-Spheres, but higher.

Mother Earth will be beneficiary and be raised into a higher frequency.

Before this all is fact, the Path will have to be walked in submission in His Name and through His Leadership and Guidance.


Human beings are manifesting themselves on Planet Earth in a co-existence, body and soul producing a kind of radiation. Only very few people are able to see how far some individuals already have progressed on this Path towards Unity.

The DNA is the programme in the blood applicable for this human being how to walk this Path. This DNA we cannot spiritually change in this life. Only through the mechanical way. this is this possible. We, however, can influence the manifestation in this life through our free choice of willpower.


The major influencing factor is the choice between self-interest (taking your own decision and way) and Wholeness (submission to the Laws of Creation and be guided by the 8 square codes of the DNA). This free choice is essential for the Laws of Reincarnation. No Master or Avatar working for Wholeness would consider to overrule this individual, unless the general interest of Creation will be involved. This would be utterly unique. A very remarkable case to this effect happened when Christ overwhelmed Jesus. Jesus gave Himself to His Father.

Self-interest plays an important role in our Creation and no human being is safeguarded.



The energy-frequency(vibration) of our Creation that gives us life is containing this “instinctive” element. Almost any individual is striving for a long and happy life and for more life-energy. Numerous facts are expressing this. In our present life, many forms of life-happiness exist and every individual has his own ideas.

It is a certain energy-frequency obtained through various ways of possessive attitude or behaviour. Sexuality, in our time, is one. Another is having a lot of property or money. Sexuality is basically meant for the ability to create new life for new arrivals. It has become an overflow of all kinds of desires in various shapes and forms.


Man and woman are fusing to oneness in order to create new life for new incarnations. That is the basic concept of Creation. It has become a kind of stimulant, with sometimes-extreme perversities. Acceptance of God¢s Wisdom in our Creation is doubted. In some cases mankind talks about a soul incarnated in a wrong body. This mistake(?) is sometimes corrected.


We forget, there is neither knowledge nor experience about “reality” before birth and after death.


God knows, but man knows better and the latter is changing Creation of Man on physical and spiritual level.


Power is another very attractive aspect of happiness. It is exercised on Earth through various means. Money is the most usual catalyst.


This power or might is separated into good and bad. Mankind overlooks the fact that one is calling for the other, the Law of Interference.

An all-overriding factor is fear to die. This is spoiling much of our happiness. Man progressively is exercising all means to master this “destiny” and tries to create all kinds of ways to live longer. Our co-inhabitants of Mother Earth are used and mostly misused to supply the necessary products and organs to escape – at least temporarily – death.

Then the effect of the still so unknown morphogenetic fields. Their radiation is influencing our present life. We are hardly aware that these deeds in another symbiosis are still pursuing us.

The choice for self-interest is the most chosen way of life. The consequences are very noticeable. Where these choices bring us, is highly unknown.

The frequency(vibration) of self-interest belongs to the realm of the astral or paranormal world. A way of life in our days apparently making a lot of progress. This is maya.

Is this New Way, so highly esteemed in our present spiritual situation, a way to come to transformation into Wholeness, or is it just diluting our view what spirituality really is, submission to The Ultimate Source?


The free choice leading to Wholeness is of a total different frequency or vibration. Many discussions in our society are the result of this subject. All discussions are however based upon human ways of thinking (dualistic).

True Wholeness is fully tuned into The Ultimate Source and is fully guided by The Planetary Hierarchy, the Light Beings of Oneness on The Path to Synthesis.

The 8square forces, 64 Lightprayers, are the codes of the DNA of every human being under guidance of this Hierarchy.


If you choose freely this Path, it is of utmost importance to request every morning, when awakening, for this guidance.

You will pray for Oneness of your fellow inhabitants and all fellow creatures in this Creation, visible and invisible. Here, you are not the activator but the one seeing himself as part of Wholeness. On a human level, it is impossible to compose a prayer like that. We have no idea what our real needs are and those of our fellow creatures. These prayers and the incoming reactions will create a certain Force in our blood, The MerKaBa.

This is the Force when the time is there (when we are on the borderline of life and death), supplying an enormous means of transport and allowing us to traverse the Bridge into Oneness in a flash.

An example will be very useful to comprehend the difference between the bridges in the paranormal realm and the Bridge to Wholeness. The human being is not created to be able to fly within the present possibilities. Through the Laws of Transcendence – God¢s Laws for our world – mankind made airplanes.

Aircraft enables us to fly.

Aircraft has the power and possibility within its means, to fly to any country in the world, but it will never be able to fly to the Moon. It lacks the power to breakthrough the atmosphere going to another planet. The aircraft can cross many bridges of a certain power range.


The rocket is of a different structure. The resistance of the atmosphere can “easily” be overcome. We can travel outside planet Earth.

Within a certain interpretation, you might understand The MerKaBa Force. The power obtained within the blood through astral or paranormal (emotional) praying will only lead into an astral destination, belonging to the reincarnation-cycle.

The human being is in control of the praying and according to the Law of Interference; the reaction is a force leading us into one of the 7-Spheres.


The Power of The MerKaBa in His Name will guide us into the next step on the ladder of evolution, a step outside our present earth-restricted range, Wholeness.

The word MerKaBa originates from a time, long before Pharaoh¢s times and belongs to the Knowledge of Hermes. In order to understand the word better, it might be advisable to detach as follows:

The word Ka is, in our times, most well known originating back to Egypt. It dates back to The Pharaohs (?) like a silver plated necklace bearing your first name in hieroglyphs. Travellers to Egypt have themselves made such a necklace as a souvenir.


Even before Pharaoh¢s times and up till today, Ka is a very important sign in matter to present the present status of karma of the bearer concerned. This imprint is for this life and might be mentioned the basic-personality in this life. This personality is the result of the Law of Interference between soul and earth matter (Deva-energy). It is greatly influenced later in this life by the ruling morphogenetic fields of birth-place, education, deeds and many others.

When we “leave” this world, this personality in the final stage, will travel to the Kingdom of The “Dead”. It will meet other imprints of previous lives that went the same way.

Depending upon the way a person has lived in this life, the reception in the Kingdom of The “Dead” will be accordingly.


Ba is a total different matter.


Ba is special. It is the soul uninfluenced by life but influenced through the Contact with The Ultimate Source, while being incarnated on Earth. This contact might only be very effective if the human being concerned allows and should not be too much distracted. Contact would be blocked if a person was too much involved in earth-matters like money, power or otherwise, including extrovert good deeds. Ba returns immediately to one of the 7-Spheres on basis of the intensity of the radiation. The colour of this radiation will be shown in the dead body left behind, within some time after death. Ka stays earth-connected.


The vehicle of transportation is the energy-frequency(vibration) of the individual involved at the moment of death. It is the reaction to his solemn belief during his life in Wholeness. This is the “standard procedure” within the reincarnation-cycle.


MerKaBa means actually, unite Ka and Ba and the door into Wholeness will be opened. (see the respective drawing on page 95).


During our life, it is of great importance to ask for Wholeness. Through this belief, the imprints of our previous lives within the “Kingdom of the Dead” will be transformed. When total unity has been obtained, there will be no previous lives anymore. Just the eternal life. The reincarnation-cycle will be transformed and no reincarnation will take place anymore, unless very, very special requirements do need such an event.


This procedure should not be compared to what Tibetan Buddhists are doing. There is a certain similarity in the process, but their energy-frequency(vibration) is fully paranormal.

The starting point among these people is:

There is no possibility for a normal individual to enter into Nirwana after having lived one life. This is only possible for the chosen ones. The Lamas are helping the ordinary humans to do this step by step.

This is all done within the frequency(vibration) of the astral realm where man (including the Lamas) would and can be in control. These Lamas work with astral forces. They supposedly can only guide(good or bad?), the unprivileged people within the boundaries of their own astral knowledge.


Only through the Quantum-Leap (the Force manifested in a flash of light), the respective individual can breakthrough the curtain into Oneness. It will be visible for everybody on Earth, who this person really was (Bodhisattva).

Human interpretations are useless and arrogant, only the Force of Wholeness is implementing what is, that is. This is a result lying far beyond the comprehension of human understanding.

The Light Bridge into Oneness, the only connection of the astral realm with the Realm of Synthesis, will be crossed. The reincarnation-cycle will be transformed.


During this process we experience all kinds of barriers produced in previous lives and presented in morphogenetic fields of resonance. We are very much hampered by these fields and it seems they are fortified in this time of life. We think it is important to refer to the circumstances how we were born into this world.

It is, because all intuitive barriers in the category of race, gender, nationality and longing for lifelong happiness are the result of this.

There will however come a time, that none of these human wishes are important any more. We shall realise that our being on Earth has just one simple reason and sense:

·       to surrender in submission and out of free choice to Wholeness,

·       all other things are just maya.


This does not exclude nor include that we might have happy long lives. The way we handle material things is of great importance. Money should not obsess our lifespan. In a way of speaking, we should have proved already silently, we were at a certain time prepared to give it all up if asked (not by people). If this has happened, the spell of the enslaving material factors being money and consume-articles was broken and the individual had chosen for the important aspects in life, like respect.


The old way of thinking giving away all material things will benefit spiritual quality is based upon the old “good deeds”. Like many spiritual thoughts of the past, this is in our days of a different character. The today’s position is; “How are we handling material things”? Are we enslaved or are we just using these for the benefit of Totality? That definitely is the pit of our today’s spiritual evolution and the access to the Path.


Most spiritual ways are still thinking and handling according to the old dogmas. Through the Law of Interference (Action causes Reaction) the opposite might be achieved. There are many different groups, all with different nuances, in our society.

In this Creation nowadays, people shall be judged upon the New Deeds. Not on the deeds as laid down in the already long existing morphogenetic fields, created by previous deeds of the old spiritual “school”. These were produced by old thinking and behaving patterns.


We should handle material things in silence and submission, in balance with today’s world. These fields would loose their influence in our lives.

Up to you to understand the deep meaning of this and putting it into practice.


This new thinking will be the turnaround of our existence on Planet Earth. Man should find out that he is part of a much bigger and greater Creation than he thought possible.

If we overstep the boundaries of the frequency(vibration) ruling our world, we are opening ourselves up to a new reception. We shall then discover that our Creation is composed of all kinds of frequencies and we shall made clear what actually is our connection with Wholeness. It might be interesting to give a list of various factors:



Polytheism – Monotheism


The choice between my own path and the Path into Synthesis in Submission
(not my will, but Thy Will prevails)  

1. Astral decision, 7square chakra-force         

1. Path through DNA, 8square, Wholeness

2. Law of Interference. Action=Reaction        

2. Not my will, Thy Will prevails

3. The eternal circle, reincarnation-cycle     

3. Trust, submission, guidance, spiral

4. 3rd and 4th dimension                         

4. Submission in 3rd, 4th to 5th dimension

5. Death, imprint Ka to Kingdom of the Dead 

5. Imprints Ka of all lives, transformed

6. Soul to 7-Spheres, Ba                         

6. Body and Soul into Wholeness

7. Dualism, to hold – to let go                

7. Universal love, it is, what is

8. Neurotransmitters, chemical reactions in the body, warmth, good feeling, cervix-   regression, Atlantis, Body-work, 7-Spheres     

8. Acupuncture-needle for universal love, energy for everything that grows and breathes, visible and invisible

9. Feeding body with Deva-energy for improving own health

9. Feeding body with Deva-energy out of respect for Mother Earth.

10. Evaluating own desires, using light.

Light in my service and at my command

10. Submission at God¢s Mercy


11. Separated thinking patterns, isolationism    

11. All is One and One is All

12. Reinforcing of astral morphogenetic fields 

12. Guided by The Ultimate Source for Better and Worse, Oneness




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