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Preface book

The Sword of Michael and The Shield of Light 


The Armour of Light


A pioneering way to transform the DNA of Creation



Sayings to reconsider and applying to the contents of this book:


“I tell you he who believes in Me will also do the works that I do and, in truth will do greater works than these”.


“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the Earth, but a Sword”.


“Yet the Most High does not dwell in houses made with human hands”.


“Dost thou not know that thou art the Temple of God, and His Spirit dwells in thee”?


“If you accept Truth because I say so, you are enslaved and misled”.


“The Spirit of God cannot be confined to a book”.


“If you cannot release old things, you will never experience the new”.



This book would not have been realised without the continuous inspiring support of my wife Irene. 

I am also very grateful for the dedicated way my friend Petra has helped me to put everything on to paper, so that these “thoughts” could be read worldwide.

My friend André did quite a nice job making this very attractive website.

Mandate of the book


First of all, this is a book to work with. The understanding should be that doing the Lightprayers is the only criterion.


The way to do this and the explanations has been kept as simple as possible. The reader should not consider this book as a literary work. The idea has been to explain the Lightprayers and their impact as simple as possible.

As such, this book might lead to an elemental change of life on Planet Mother Earth into an eternal life by doing the Lightprayers under escort of The Planetary Hierarchy. 

To compare the contents of this book with other apparently similar books is not the idea. It is not the contents that count but the effectively doing of the Lightprayers.

These Lightprayers have been sent to Mother Earth in the thirties and were received by an English lady, Olive Pixley, at the time, and are not yet within the consciousness of our understanding. They will, however, be in due course.

The accompanying texts, written by me, are just for the purpose of some understanding of difference compared with other methods.


In some parts I mention other methods, belonging to the present New Age ideas, yet belonging to the old category, and not providing a new stimulus for a new world. This should not be understood that these methods are no good or not working to a certain extent, but they are of a different (lower) frequency (vibration), and lack force. In these methods the human being is very often (mostly) the centre of the force or the actual activator, where long life and health is the prime target, and secondary a new and better world want to be achieved. This is fully based upon typical human goals and gives groups of people striving for this, a good feeling and belonging to the right group of people in this world.


You are, of course, fully free to have your own ideas and on basis of that judging whether you will start actually doing these Lightprayers or not.


Interpretation of Title

In human history the meaning of the sword always represented a force to fight and during this history this sword has actually done accordingly.

In our “physical” memory there do exist many mythical stories in which the sword plays a dominant role. These manifestations are to be classified in two ways:

a.         The physical sword that is used to cut physical restrictions in any way, like Alexander The Great did, but also many knights and other noble and less noble warriors in order to achieve a human goal. Mostly these goals were connected to “so-called” nobler mythical quests.

b.         In the Middle Ages there are many famous stories about heroic deeds that the mythical sword achieved in defence of the weaker ones. King Arthur’s sword is a well-known characteristic feature but also the sword of Michael beating the dragon plays an important factor as such.     

In our present time, we talk about the sword of Damocles (dating back to the Old Grecian Days) when unpleasant things might happen to somebody, the sword that is hanging above your head. In the various sayings in the beginning of this book, there is quoted that Jesus did not come to Earth to bring peace, but the sword. Throughout all times, fanatics have used this to establish “law and order” in the Name of God. Even in Christianity, the sword plays an important part.

The “hidden” meaning of Jesus words in the above-mentioned saying – similar to that of Michael's sword – is that the (light)sword is used to cut literally the dogmatic interpretations of human beings. Freedom of thought will be able to flow into our world that will stop oppressive doctrines of religion and other restrictive patterns of thinking, very often hidden in the way the various cultures present themselves in our world.

But also the way certain so-called saints or chosen ones behave, will be shattered by this light-sword.

The deeper meaning of the Shield of Light, a method of Lightprayers brought to Mother Earth through the Planetary Hierarchy, is embedded in this. After the Harmonic Convergence, Planet Earth would come into another higher energy-frequency (vibration) for which these Lightprayers are formulated. People would – in due time – recognise these and it would enable them to exercise these Lightprayers without any restriction by any institution or person. There will be a total different attitude towards The Creator, and mankind will slowly starting to see the Wholeness of our Creation in reality. The contents of the book are divided into 4 parts:

a.         Definitions and complimentary comments about another interpretation of life and the hidden meaning. To live on the basis of energy-frequency and spirit in various stages.

b.         Quantum Mechanics or MerKaBa

c.         The Bridge. The road that must be trod realising that Mother Earth is Wholeness and the human being (including everything else) is part of Her.

d.         The Method or Transporting Vehicle, being the Lightprayers enabling us to “walk” this Path on basis of Wholeness, led by The Planetary Hierarchy. The Transporting Vehicle is The Force that humans are collecting in their blood in order to be able to be transformed into another frequency or realm. Because of this exceptional difference of view, it might be recommendable to consider the two main streams:

- Psychotherapy, the human being is self-centred

- Universal or cosmic-therapy, the human being is tuned-in on Wholeness as an instrument.


1. Psycho-therapy

The perception is healing of body and spirit in self-realisation:

a. Physical well-being and health

The human being will start a programme of rituals to make his body healthy. Well-being and health is considered to pass a long and pleasant life on Planet Earth in a body well-taken care off. In the history of mankind, many different methods have been brought down to this Planet in order to prepare mankind for another way of experiencing this world. These methods are working within the frequency (vibration) of the brain and lead very often to projection. One of the most well known results is the dopamine or aspirin-effect.

  The actual physical body produces chemicals, regulated by the interference of the left and the right brain-frequency (vibration) producing a neurotransmitter that takes care of this chemical reaction building a state of well being through inner-body chemical substances.

A firm belief in your own attitude is the fundamental idea connected to this and done consciously or instinctively. The present spiritual health-service works with this basic idea and has given it a scientific foundation. Then there are other ways of healing, existing already a long time, like regulating energy-flow of the body, or working with herbs, discovered and rediscovered by our present society.

These methods originate from various civilisations, before our time, and are to some extent capable of healing in our present time. The major part of these methods belong to the so-called New Age stream (but actually to the Old Age), like Shiat-Su, Tai-Chi and not to forget the various ways of the Yoga-range, Reiki and many others.

  They fit into the frequency (vibration) that is called the astral or paranormal world, and even astrology (although accepted in many lives) is in the same category.

  b. Spiritual health or “soul-health”. In our present days there are a lot of activities with regard to our former lives, like regression, psychic healing, rebirthing, and other methods that involve contacting other so-called Lightbeings. A favourite method is channelling on own initiative. There is another way of channelling based upon a not expected feature through an “esp”-experience with a Lightbeing of Oneness. This is very unique and happens occasionally.


2. Universal or Cosmic-therapy

  Universal or cosmic-therapy through prayer in devotion  

The concept as such in the beginning, was developed by manifestations of

Lightbeings on Planet Earth, and were the starting point for the known world-religions, like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and others. These Lightbeings preached Oneness but the result was separation because of differences in cultures and thinking-patterns.

Now should be the time to realise that there can only be Oneness in the Name of God, which cannot be polluted by human-interpretations of separation. Work should be done to avoid pollution of our Planet, but the main thing would be to transform our spiritual pollution that all people represent in their being. If we transform this spiritual pollution in collaboration with the Lightbeings of Oneness, also the physical pollution will also stop. The other way around will not work by fighting the symptoms of our thinking patterns.

In the present time there are many organisations that try to fight these symptoms but there will be no solution as long as this contamination is not considered to be the result of the way we are, being on Planet Earth. The result will only be that disasters will happen on a different spot or in another way. To fight these happenings should not be done because of fear of our own well-being, but on basis of putting our destiny in the Hands of God. This will not be because of a kind of fulfilment and contentment, but of the realisation that we are here on Planet Earth to work for Wholeness. This will have to come out of free will and not because of any pressure whatever. The human being will commit himself to bring forces to our world, from the Ultimate Source through the Planetary Hierarchy by being an acupuncture needle in Their Hands.

  The duty of the human being would be - considering the Law of Action-Reaction – to act as an instrument for the incoming force through a non-emotional prayer. These powers will indeed be able to come into our frequency (vibration) and thus contribute to the Force that will transform Planet Earth, when the time is there. This should be no goal, but will be the result of just living in His Name. It must be clear now that this kind of behaviour is totally different of psychotherapy.

Here the result is always the magnetic power and not trusting His Wisdom and Power to judge and act, when the appropriate time is there. 


Even though there are many similarities between the two methods, the fundamental intention is very different. The words are similar but used in these two concepts on basis of a total different thinking-pattern. To comprehend this will take time for many individuals because working for Oneness only will surpass the definition of life that these individuals can understand and aim at, putting themselves at the first place. Since the dawn of time, the choice for personal happiness comes first and has led the world into the result we have now. In our time the choice for Oneness is more crucial than ever before, but we just must leave it up to the individual what the choice will be, without any pressure whatsoever.

That the aspects of Oneness engage the contents of this book will be clear.

A whole new way of praying is introduced dealing with the DNA of Creation. 

Psychotherapy is not bad but in fact leads away from the true reason why we are on Planet Earth. It is also the course why reincarnations are taking place or have taken place. Because in psychotherapy, we think that we know what the meaning is of our Creation. In submissive devotion at Gods Mercy, only one life is necessary without any time-restrictions. All Lightbeings of Oneness always stated accordingly and proved it to be the actual truth. The mission of Jesus is the most well-known. When He joined together Earth (body) and Heaven (soul) into One Lightbody, it was His Task to show this to the people. 

This manifestation has never been understood in the context of what actually was accomplished.


The intent of the book is to give you an idea of the ways and results through which the contents of this book have come to me. I have travelled the world many, many years, first as a business-manager and after 1986 as a spiritual investigator with a group of people or alone.

In many countries in and outside Europe I have given  introductions and seminars about my experiences and informed about the Lightprayers. I feel the time has come now to put everything in writing.

It is not the idea to establish a kind of eternal truth that certainly will become dogmatic in due course, but just to give an insight in my experiences.

Everything is change and that must be respected and observed. The seed is planted and will start to grow according to the Law of Course and Effect on basis of the availability of energy. The Law of Cause and Effect is applied if there is an arousing force or action due to which a conforming reaction is the result.

Both are subject to availability of Energy and Time, depending upon the Spirit of time.

The time in which we live is exceptional. About three thousand years before the Birth of Christ, something special happened.

Melchisedeck as a stimulus gave an impulse of spiritual power in Salem for our time to come.

To this impulse, which is a frequency (vibration), a certain resonance of life is connected. This has been laid down in the DNA of Our Creation (men, animals and plants). The process of consciousness on our Planet has developed accordingly. 

Certain things are possible for everybody and not only for the “so-called” chosen ones. It will be within the reach of everybody and this book will give you very clearly the way, how to do it. The key role the human being will have to play will become clearer and clearer. Man will realise that he is not the centre of the Universe but a part of Creation, to which he is responsible. A breakthrough in consciousness to be compared with the discovery of Galileo who found out that the Earth is turning around the Sun, and not the other way around. In our mind (brain) we have absorbed this but not in our emotional feelings. We still think we are the only ones who can dictate our way on Planet Earth and we live and handle accordingly. Man is manipulating the Key of Creation being The DNA, and is inspired by an uncontrollable desire for a long and happy life with almost unlimited possibilities.


Almost all means are used to achieve this goal and other living creatures are mistreated and manipulated without any respect and restraint to realise this goal.

In our memories there is a feeling that this has happened before and thoughts of the destruction of Atlantis are coming into our minds. Very deeply hidden within us, there is a blockade and in our rapidly evolving world it becomes clear that something is terribly wrong. Scientists are getting deeper and deeper involved in the mystery of the Key of Creation, DNA based upon the motivation to help the suffering humanity. 

What is the original function of DNA and how it is accomplished, is of no interest. The mechanical way is followed, part of the mystery solved (?) and the codes are opened and applied.

Successful outcomes are achieved, we might be able to live longer and we go for it without any restraint. The way of fighting symptoms within our body seems a fantastic success. There are predictions that humans might become 120 years or older. That DNA is the result of some process is overruled, hardly thought about. 

The radiation of energy on matter shapes a pattern, and one can say, the DNA of every person is different, because the soul-radiation of everybody is different. By changing the result, it will also effect - on some level - the radiation of the person. A consequence, science is not considering. On some level this knowledge is known and accepted, like cutting forests will change the surroundings and the result will be that the climate changes on long term. To manipulate our DNA and that of the other living creatures (animals and plants) will definitely have consequences, but we are blinded by our greed for happiness and long life. When will these actions be stopped? Is this perception (that almost inaudible bell within us) outvoted by our desires and lusts? I do not think so and certainly do not hope so, because there is some growing resistance, and till the last moment there is always the possibility of repentance. 

Not by turning away from the society that we all helped to create. Not fleeing away into the last natural surroundings that Mother Earth has left and disturbing the existing eco-systems there. A breakout only possible for people with money, possibly destroying these last resources. When six billion people would flee into nature there would not be any nature left. Also fleeing into old ways, both in worldly and spiritual patterns of thinking, will not bring any solution on long term.

First of all, these ways are outdated and of relatively small effect. Every day, many thousands of emotional prayers are sent to God, Allah or Jahweh to be helped. Help for family-members, for people we have a certain connection or affection with, and of course for ourselves and other loved-ones.

The Lord knows, but the human being knows better. In the name of self-love and self-esteem, the human being thinks he should be heard and his requests met. If not, discussions whether God loves the human being and even His Non-Existence, are favourable subjects for debate. 

Time has arrived to come to another form of praying, a type of praying in total surrender and devotion in which our own desires and needs are hardly playing a role. A prayer in which the human being is active as an arousing voice for the Total of Creation and acts for everything that is alive, visible and invisible.

Playing an active role in the Hands of the Planetary Hierarchy, like an acupuncture needle, regulating the energy-flow on Mother Earth. To realise that judging right and wrong is only within the human limits of thinking, illusion and connected to Zeitgeist. Wholeness means, positive and negative are inseparably interconnected, enshrined in Creation. 

Unfortunately, on basis of the restricted insight in Creation, the human being still goes on behaving like some god, and continues to divide. The effect, continuously there will be groups of people who think they are the better ones. When they have grown very strong, they will start to dominate and try to enslave other smaller groups, who also think they are the better ones. 

You can wait till time is there that the ultimate result is a conflict that leads to physical combat, war. Praying, within your own limits, for peace is useless, unless done in total surrender to Gods Mercy. Our understanding of War is physical combat and will never be excluded from Planet Earth, because our genes are dualistic. The only way peace can be achieved is by accepting the circumstances as they are, in total surrender to Wholeness. Stressing the fact that he who thinks is right must also realise that he is wrong. Decisions are subject to interpretation and evolution. When we want to change we have to pray unconditionally and accept the results being radiated into our being. 

The Law of Reincarnation is penetrating more and more the thinking patterns of the human beings in the West. Many healers are using this idea to cure people of instabilities and diseases in this lifetime by bringing the person concerned back to a “so-called” past-life manifestation. This is not possible then by sheer chance; because our present attitude (zeitgeist) is very different of the one that was ruling, say a hundred years or a thousand years ago. We can only interpret the obvious details within our present existence, which might create a very big lie. 

It is very hard to distinguish a lie relatively close to the real truth. It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that reincarnation exists. If we take into consideration that we are just energy in earth-matter. It is very likely to be reborn on Mother Earth in different circumstances. If this thought is soaked into our consciousness it will change the way we are thinking about the difference of life and death. 

In our society, life and death are separated, life is heaven and death is hell. That is the way we are looking at it. May be there is no death or life as such, being just a representation of our fear, a view that we have created like being in prison. May be what we call death is just another type of life in another reality, another stage of consciousness and beyond our comprehension. If we are prepared to reconsider this point of view, another perspective might be the result. 

This might possibly lead to a better understanding of what Creation is all about. Energy and Spirit is embracing everything in accordance with the laws of nature. We can just comprehend part of it. We are depending upon the progress we made. Evolution might be very different for everybody.

All human beings are having equal rights, but they are not equivalent (this shows the DNA-structure).

All humanly developed thinking patterns are manifested in energy-fields, the so-called fields of morphicresonance or morphogenetic fields. We feel this mostly in nationalism or religion mixed with culture and nationalism. 

Mother Earth is a very divided Planet because of these very different thinking-patterns mostly originating from the past. Everyday, new ones are in the making, and the human being is the main creator. It is now time to start a confrontation and a discussion, because apparently there are signs that things are about to happen.

Up till now, the human has been in charge on Planet Earth, with or without Guidance of The Lightbeings of Oneness, at least we act like this. The free will is inviolable but common sense will prevail, this is the lesson that we have to learn

It cannot be far away. The Planetary Hierarchy will take over (may be not in the way we interpret this, but in a not-humanlike way) and human beings can become co-worker or collaborator (being instrument), but not organiser. The “train of our reality”, economic-growth is racing along with incredible speed. Increasing quantities of raw materials are used to continue and support this speed. Nobody can get off this train, although some do by fleeing away into the small natural surroundings we have on this planet. Because of this, these become also polluted. 

Money plays the important factor and the individuals who are controlling the stream of this money-flow, are determining the fate of the Planet. This is not any more done on a traditional nationalistic basis, but done by financial institutions without any face, supranational.

There seems to be no solution to end this, there is no fleeing possible. We must realise why we have come to this planet. We came to surrender at The Mercy of the Lord and live our lives in harmony with the other living creatures. To cooperate with the Spiritual Leaders of this Planet (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness) or any other Name which represents the Lightbeings of Oneness in the original concept, The Planetary Hierarchy. These Names are mostly connected to institutions founded by human beings in East and West. They have nowadays only a very rudimentary meaning. 

The Spiritual Leaders of Planet Earth are waiting for individuals who want to cooperate with them, without striving for any human-result. Individuals who do not look for own advantage, but at the same time know that this striving is laid down into the gene-structure. 

Who are willing and prepared to help transforming this? Being available in action, by doing in silence these Lightprayers. The responsible reaction will come from the Planetary Hierarchy and will bring the necessary Force to Planet Earth to build an energy-field of morphicresonance of Wholeness.

This will transform the Planet and bring Wholeness when the time is there. Slow is a human interpretation, because transformation happens with the speed of light, now or in a hundred or a thousand years. Time is a human invention; there is only the rhythm of breathing-in and breathing-out, The Being of Eternal Life. It will happen what many Messengers have prophesied and it will be overpowering. 

This book will spell out in detail how you can help by doing the 64 Lightprayers composing of a mixture of breathing (spiritually and physically), Light (in all known and unknown colours) coming from the Ultimate Source, sound and movement, being all the ingredients of a different frequency (vibration) of the astral world we live in. The human being that will accept his responsibility of the task to be done on Mother Earth shall see the indivisible Creation of which he is participating as an instrument.

He will commit himself to work in silent cooperation with The Planetary Hierarchy. 

They radiated these Lightprayers in the thirties to Mother Earth through Olive Pixley, an English Lady. Wholeness would have to benefit when the time would be there (after The Harmonic Convergence).


Experience of the author.  

Out of experiences I know that people are very often interested to hear why I am doing what I do and how I acquired the inside knowledge that is given in the book. Before and after 1986 I had some incredible experiences and “meetings” that made me come to this decision: 

"If that is what life is all about, what am I doing now? At the time I was a business-manager and subsequently I set start on this quest out of free will and “opened up” myself as much as possible for new experiences. Very slowly a total new world and insight was given to me that surpasses death. I am aware of the maya-effect, (illusion-effect which manifests part-reality) and all the time I urge myself to be practical and critical, which does not mean that I do reject the experiences. I analyse these happenings that are surpassing the brain-restrictions on basis of “inner-intuitive thinking”. After many lectures and seminars in many countries, the time is there to put my views and in sights to writing, realising that you have the full right to reject these."  

The only real important thing is to do the Lightprayers.



© 2002
Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)