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About the Sword


The meaning of the Sword

In human history the meaning of the sword always represented a force to fight and during this history this sword has actually done accordingly. In our "physical" memory there do exist many mythical stories in which the sword plays a dominant role. These manifestations are to be classified in two ways: 

The physical sword that is used to cut physical restrictions in any way, like Alexander The Great did, but also many knights and other noble and less noble warriors in order to achieve a human goal. Mostly these goals were connected to "so-called" nobler mythical quests. 

In the Middle Ages there are many famous stories about heroic deeds that the mythical sword achieved in defence of the weaker ones. King Arthur's sword is a well-known characteristic feature but also the sword of Michael beating the dragon plays an important factor as such.


Freedom of Thought

In our present time, we talk about the sword of Damocles (dating back to the Old Grecian Days) when unpleasant things might happen to somebody, the sword that is hanging above your head. Jesus did not come to Earth to bring peace, but the sword. Throughout all times, fanatics have used this to establish "law and order" in the Name of God. Even in Christianity, the sword plays an important part. 

The "hidden" meaning of Jesus words in the above-mentioned saying - similar to that of Michael's sword - is that the (light)sword is used to cut literally the dogmatic interpretations of human beings. Freedom of thought will be able to flow into our world that will stop oppressive doctrines of religion and other restrictive patterns of thinking, very often hidden in the way the various cultures present themselves in our world. But also the way certain so-called saints or chosen ones behave, will be shattered by this light-sword. 


Get to see the Wholeness of our Creation

The deeper meaning of the Shield of Light, a method of Lightprayers brought to Mother Earth through the Planetary Hierarchy, is embedded in this. After the Harmonic Convergence, Planet Earth would come into another higher energy-frequency (vibration) for which these Lightprayers are formulated. People would - in due time - recognise these and it would enable them to exercise these Lightprayers without any restriction by any institution or person. There will be a total different attitude towards The Creator, and mankind will slowly starting to see the Wholeness of our Creation in reality.


Human instrument

The human being that will accept his responsibility of the task to be done on Mother Earth shall see the indivisible Creation of which he is participating as an instrument. He will commit himself to work in silent cooperation with The Planetary Hierarchy.


Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)